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Big league-raffle


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Big league-raffle

  1. 1. Confidentiality/Non-DisclosureUntimely and inappropriate exposure of this information could causeirreparable harm to its owner, Breeze Promotional Concepts Pvt. Ltd.It is understood and agreed that the viewer of this information willtreat it confidentially, and shall use it only for the purposes ofevaluating a potential business relationship with Breeze PromotionalConcepts Pvt. Ltd. Viewer shall not attempt to use any of theinformation to plan, direct, guide, or pursue business or fundraisingopportunities outside of such relationship.Viewer shall limit disclosure of this confidential information to onlythose people having a need to know in helping viewer evaluate apotential business relationship with Breeze Promotional Concepts Pvt.Ltd. Viewer agrees to not disclose this information to any third partywithout the prior written consent of BPCPL.
  2. 2. Breeze Promotional Concepts Pvt. Ltd.Big League Raffle 2013One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  3. 3. Mission StatementTo enhance and simplify thedelivery of promotionalproducts, printing services,business documents andeCommerce solutions… to bebigger, better, faster andsmarter… and to provideowners, suppliers andcustomers with more control,improved productivity andincreased profitabilityOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  4. 4. Our VisionTo keep inventing new conceptsin gifting and event managementthat match the new business andlifestyle trends.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  5. 5. Market Summary• Last three decades in India have seen a great shift in standardsof living, fashion, food habits, education, social behavior,attitude and acceptance towards gadgets and technology andmost importantly thought process about households.• In order to maintain customer awareness and stimulate interest,Breeze Promotional Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is to introduce a BIGLEAGUE RAFFLE 2013 Promotion Program• To measure the success of its raffles and identify areas forimprovement BPCPL conducted a survey of 100,000 Consumer.“We decided to conduct surveys before taking any major action inintroducing our promotional or operational structure in order to getthe feel of our customers’ requirements and preferences,” – C.E.OOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  6. 6. Market Summary• We have to constantly review and revamp the concept in order tokeep our customers interest and maximize our partners profitability.• Some interesting statistics have come out of the research, includingthe fact that almost 60% of customers had a high level of awarenessregarding the RAFFLE. Of those who were not aware of the raffle, 13%were informed by advertising at the Retail Outlets and 27% said theyheard about it from a friend.“The Overseas popularity of the raffle over the years is a mark of its success,”One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  7. 7. Opportunities• The BIG LEAGUE RAFFLE 2013 Promotional Campaign isdesign to Help Businesses to make a much greater impact onCustomers. BPCPL has got the opportunity to become a leaderin bringing such revolutionary, highly benefitting to consumerand Participating Businesses, for simple transactions in theform of service usage or product consumption.• The market shifts have forced consumers to always look forbetter options. The regular telecom, digital technology,internet or utility services consumption should fetch extraordinary benefit. This thought process has given anopportunity to BPCPL for coming out with a concept orpromotion called BIG LEAGUE RAFFLE 2013.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  8. 8. Competition• BPCPL is an organization which appreciates perfect businesscompetition as it helps in achieving new heights for businessexcellence and strategize everything involved with utmost care.Results, for every project handled, obviously speak volumes aboutbusiness development, strategies adopted and overall managementexpertise we gained over a period of time.• The word ‘RAFFLES’ itself is quiet new for Indian Companies whoare eligible to run such campaigns. This information actually BPCPLallows monopoly for this Business Aspect in India but similaractivities with variations were always part of e-Commerce in India.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  9. 9. Competition• BPCPL’s competition is BPCPL itself right now. Every campaign weimagine or create , design, implement and prove our mantle is achallenge for further improvements in upcoming campaigns.• BPCPL’s competitive advantage is the uniqueness of its campaignsand the results. Every time, its “Customer’s Delight” what wetarget. There is no question of any compromise on quality,branding, positive approach on expectations, long term relationshipthrough satisfactory services and more over the most economicalapproach to event management, promotions, e-Commerce makesBPCPL the company it is now.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  10. 10. Business Concept• RAFFLE is actually a term originating from the Middle-East region wherein lotof campaigns and events are held with Department of tourism & economicdevelopment, for geographical awareness and cultural participation as maininitiatives.• BPCPL Raffle is a unique concept presented in India for the first time. Acrossthe World, we find Raffles designed to benefit the participants in several wayspossible. Few of them benefit participants in the form of money, hence called‘MONEY RAFFLES’. Similarly, there are Electronic Raffles, Car Raffles, TravelRaffles, Gift Certificate Raffles etc.,One Source. Infinite Resources.®Raffle Promotions has been running for over 13 years in UAEDSF’s month-long event plays a vital role in Dubais tourism industry. It is segregated into manymajor attractions all with one purpose, to have as many ways of entertaining the guests in thecity, and catering to each and every visitor segment arriving from around the world. DSF has had asignificant impact on the growth of Dubai, with the expenditure snowballing year on year fromAED 2.15 billion and 1.6 million visitors in 1996 to the tune of AED 9.8 billion and 3.5 millionvisitors in 2009.
  11. 11. Business Concept• BPCPL’s Raffle is unique in many ways as it’s a combination of electronic raffle, carraffle, travel raffle, gifts raffle and much more where in the participants in the raffle arebenefited in several ways. No doubt, the participants would become a part of this Rafflethrough a coupon purchase worth INR 300/- but the catch is that the participant isgetting most of the money back instantly through one of the services they utilize asnecessity today.• HYDERABAD has the status of technological and software development hub in recentyears and now its time that it stands on par with international communities, targetingoverall development of state on the basis of trade participation, cultural developmentand improvement in standards of living, many folds.• Keeping all the facts intact, BPCPL has designed a campaign perfectly tailored forHyderabad City and its residents. First of all, the campaign has a COUPON designed asthe Initiator of whole campaign. A perforated coupon with Promotion/Campaignparticipant details, scratch area, coupon no, gifts and awards offered, discount coupondetails, terms and conditions etc.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  12. 12. Business Concept• This BPCPL’s Raffle, would no doubt, open several doors ofopportunities for the participants but also help the people involvedin introducing a totally befitting concept. Once Raffle reaches thefinal ‘REVEAL DAY’ stage, the total number of beneficiaries wouldbe delightful for the participants.• An assurance that the participants would surely love the gifts andprizes offered in the Raffle, maximum participation is expectedalong with probability of winning a prize or a gift going up to greatextent. For sure, the Raffle is going to be a bench-mark raffle, notonly for BPCPL but also for other companies and organizations tofollow the ‘benefitting practices’ for the participants in near future.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  13. 13. What are the Prizes?150000 in totalOne Mega Grand PrizeFamily Car Worth G 600,000 (Approx)100 Grand Prizeseach worth G 39,999 (current legal limit) and1,49,800 Additional PrizesCash Back of G 222/- On Every Coupon PurchaseDiscount Coupons Booklet Worth G 5000/- (Approx)One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  14. 14. Mega Grand Prize2010 Car Of The Year Hyundai i10! Winner’s & Road Tax Applicable  Free RegistrationOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  15. 15. Grand Prize A15 Days 14 Nights of Umrah Pilgrimage Including Visa + Coupon  Accommodation in Star HotelOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  16. 16. 4 Days 3 Nights of Free Vacation of a Luxury Trip in Malaysia! Including Visa + Coupon  Accommodation in Star HotelGrand Prize BOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  17. 17. What Does A Raffle Coupon Cost? Single Raffle Coupon: D 300 Bundle of Three Coupons: D 900Odds of winning depend on actual number of Coupons soldExpected odds of winning a Grand Prize: 10 in 40,000Expected odds of winning a prize: 73 in 100One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  18. 18. WHAT ARE THE RAFFLE RULES?• Must be 18 to purchase a Coupon or win a prize• No purchase other than raffle Coupon required to enter• Cash only—No cheque, credit or debit cards are allowed• Not mandatory to be present at the time of Revealing winner• Independent source to conduct Reveal the Winners• Revealing to be done from a container that holds all entries andprovides an equal chance to win for all entries• Should the raffle be cancelled for any reason, Coupon purchaserswill be notified (by mail and/or e-mail) and given instructions onhow to obtain a refundOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  19. 19. Revealing Of Winner(s)• Big League Raffle Promotions is consist of 10 Reveal days andevery reveal day 10 winners for International Holiday Packagewill be announced, on 10th Reveal day the winner of Grandprize will be announced.• The winners will be Reveal on every 12th Day of RafflePromotion.One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  20. 20. What’s In It for SPONSOR?Major Exposure• Prominent attention from highly targeted market segments• Major media play (print and broadcast at local, State and national levels)• Name/logo on 200,000 raffle Coupon to be sold throughout the PromotionPeriod• Brand exposure to over 10,00,000 people (Malls of Hyderabad,Secunderabad and other major shopping locations)Good Will• From individuals Customer• From the local Businesses who will likely spread the wordOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  21. 21. What’s In It for SPONSOR?INTERNET DIRECT MARKETING & MEDIA USEDWebsite established to promote and support the raffle– Links to Primary Website and Sponsor’s websites (as well as business sponsor sites)– Updates on progress of Coupon sales by each participating Outlets– Able to check out prize details and look up current odds of winning raffles• E-mail/SMS blasts used to induce interest and market raffleacross the Promotion Area• Story promoted to local and national media (broadcast and print)One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  22. 22. WHEN WOULD RAFFLE TAKE PLACE?July 05, 2013: Coupon sales commenceSeptember 10, 2013: Coupon sales EndLocation of Revealing the Winners:Revealing Winners takes place (date, timeand location to be determined prior to July08, 2013)One Source. Infinite Resources.®
  23. 23. AGENDA FOR REVEAL DAYIts Obviously A Celebration Day for Raffle Winners. It deserves to be aday remembered for a long, long time to come.1. ‘START’ with BPCPL intro. and raffle know how2. ‘RAMP WALK’/‘PRODUCT LAUNCH’ – Special ‘REVEAL DAY’ attraction3. Announcements about the FIRST LOT OF WINNERS4. Performance by STAND-UP COMEDIAN5. Announcements about SECOND LOT OF RAFFLE WINNERS6. ‘RAMP WALK’/‘PRODUCT LAUNCH’ – Special ‘REVEAL DAY’ attraction7. Announcements about THIRD LOT OF RAFFLE WINNERS8. FINAL performance by STAND-UP COMEDIAN for the day9. Announcements and vote of thanks on behalf of BPCPLOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  24. 24. •A BOLDER APPROACHOne Source. Infinite Resources.®
  25. 25. 306-C Third Floor, Meridian PlazaBeside Lal Bungalow, AmeerpetHyderabad 500016 APPh: 040- 3259 3535Url: www.breezeshows.comEmail: Promotional Concepts Pvt. Ltd.One Source. Infinite Resources.®