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  1. 1. VICTORIAN TEA TIME BY. Maya Wasileski
  2. 2. Victorian drinks tea, and coffee were drinks for very rich people, they were very expensive
  3. 3. Victorian tea time foods Victorian meals consisted of as many as nine courses They ate foods such as Cheese Straws
  4. 4. crumpets They also had crumpets They wereNormallyEaten withjam
  5. 5. Jubilee cake Many special dishes were created in Queen Victorias honor during her 64-year reign. Among them were Cherries Jubilee, which was invented for her Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1897
  6. 6. Ginger lemonade The ginger lemonade was a sweet and tangy drink
  7. 7. Vinegar cookies A cookie for the poor made with vinegar to add flavor
  8. 8. Hickory nut drops A yummy cookie made fromhickory nut It is a drop cookie
  9. 9. THANKS FORWATCHINGENJOY THE YUMMYTREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!