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Project poems


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Project poems

  1. 1. Project 1. My planet changes Cold or warm I don’t know Today the water drops fall down Tomorrow rays of fire My planet changes Rivers and seas will overflow But in other places The ground fries off My planet changes And we change all Our mind Our desires With a green world With a planet in peace 2. A child they play with the clouds It squeezes them loudly Leaving them without winter And as a sponge It fills them again With the idea Of a green world to create Without thinking sometimes That can flood it 3. The moisture in the air It was drawing the perfect scenery Filling with fresh air The scene of that forest Meanwhile the wind It was adding small details And the water was putting new color This entire scene A memory is alone Of a beautiful morning That a having got up I knew that one day Everything would change
  2. 2. 4. Rain, oh rain As kids by then Catch butterflies This night, my dreams come My sleep song My games And my jokes Rain, rain My memoirs return With your presence 5. I don’t want my children to see the Earth sick, Without birds fly and without fish swim. With no water to drink and no air for breathing, When the land die for a global conditions. The nature is dying together with us, We must prevent nature say: “I hope never see you again” All because the human activities have made the earth A big ball of waste. To show our children the beauty of life; To help the animals survive; Let’s not hesitate to help the planet