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Matts and davidson our services


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Matts & Davidson takes to the time to define your marketing goals and your audience. The structure of your site's content, intuitive navigation, and visually inviting design elements, all combine to create a winning web design.

Please contact Matts & Davidson Inc. at 1-800-353-8867 and visit for more details.

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Matts and davidson our services

  1. 1. Matts & Davidson Services Matts & Davidson, Inc. 3 Rye Ridge Plaza, Rye Brook, Westchester, New York 10573 Tel. 1-800-353-8867, Tel. 1-914-220-6576 Fax 1-914-372-7860
  2. 2. Web Design SearchPortals Our Engine Services Optimization Mobile Applications Tel. 1-800-353-8867 Tel. 1-914-220-6576 Fax 1-914-372-7860
  3. 3. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Web DesignThe design of your web site has everythingto do with how you want your businessrepresented.• Site Design• Graphic Design• Content Build
  4. 4. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Web Design1.Site Design:• Build content matrix• Define site content structure• Define navigational design• Identify server requirements
  5. 5. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Web Design2.Graphic Design:• Graphical interface design• Graphical mock-up creation• Tier 2 graphical design
  6. 6. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Web Design3.Content Build:• Use graphical image mock-ups to build web page structures• Build sub-site templates• Populate templates with copy and objects• Edit images, graphs, and charts
  7. 7. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Search Engine OptimizationThe Matts & Davidson Search EngineOptimization difference:• Complete optimization of every page• Link building• Formatting text• Adding SEO friendly content
  8. 8. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Mobile Applications1. IPhone Applications2. Android Applications3. Windows 8 Phone Applications4. Other Applications.
  9. 9. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients PortalsA web portal is a web site that bringsinformation from diverse sources in aunified way allowing the differentinformation and service providingdepartments to update their owninformation.
  10. 10. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Portals1.Portal Development:Our Portal Development service focuses onconceiving, developing and client-focusbespoke web portal solutions for small tolarge sized business. The portals developedby us increases your competitiveness andefficiency as well as ensures that it plays amajor role in brand building and businessexpansion.
  11. 11. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Portals2.Technology Support:We offer portals based on wide range oftechnologies. Please enquire with us toknow more about our competence in anyparticular technology you are interested.
  12. 12. Our Services To Matts & Davidson Clients Portals3.Rich Repository Of Portals:We have delivered portals to several types ofclients and industries including:1.Corporate web portals2.Law3.Manufacturing4. Many more…
  13. 13. Address:777 Westchester Avenue, Suite 101White Plains, N.Y., 10604Call Us At:Tel. 1-800-353-8867Tel. 1-914-220-6576Fax 1-914-372-7859