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Francis J. Quirk Oil Painting Image Library


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Catalog of oil paintings attributed to master painter Francis Quirk who was wan numerous awards and was active in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Maine. He was a Tiffany Foundation Fellow and has works in several Museums including the Natonal Portrait Gallery.

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Francis J. Quirk Oil Painting Image Library

  1. 1. The Oil Paintings of Francis J. Quirk Rhode Island School of Design Professor of Fine Arts Lehigh University Tiffany Fellow Ossabaw Island Foundation Grantee Maine, Pennsylvania and Arizona Paintings in National Portrait Gallery Canton Ohio Museum of Art Notre Dame Snite Museum of Art Lehigh University Art Museum Colby College Georgia Museum of Art
  2. 2. Introduction In seeking to bring this lost master back into the light, I have begun building an image library of his work. This slideshow contains just the oil paintings that I have been able to find as of December 17, 2016. It includes many unfinished works and studies that were sold as part of an estate sale in September 2016. These were included as they can provide insights as to his working methods. Where possible I have included some additional commentary to provide basic information. To learn more visit the blog about him at If you have images to share, please contact me at
  3. 3. Francis J. Quirk- Self Portrait
  4. 4. National Portrait Gallery Edgar Lee Masters
  5. 5. National Portrait Gallery Francis J. Quirk Self Portrait (with Edgar Lee Masters)
  6. 6. Wife Anna (?) with Infant
  7. 7. Quirk with Wife Anna Exhibited at the Pennsylvania Acadenmy of Fine Arts
  8. 8. Ossabaw Island Work
  9. 9. Ossabaw Island Work
  10. 10. Ossabaw Island Work
  11. 11. Impossible Art Exhibition
  12. 12. Impossible Art Exhibition
  13. 13. Impossible Art Exhibition
  14. 14. Portrait of Wife Anna?
  15. 15. Canton Museum of Art
  16. 16. Study for Portrait Commission of Carl Sandburg
  17. 17. The Summer Pastor
  18. 18. Queenie Williams Georgia Museum of Art
  19. 19. Colby College President Robert Strider
  20. 20. Lehigh University
  21. 21. Lehigh University
  22. 22. Lehigh University
  23. 23. Lehigh University
  24. 24. Lehigh University
  25. 25. Lehigh University
  26. 26. Lehigh University
  27. 27. Lehigh University
  28. 28. Lehigh University
  29. 29. Lehigh University