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This presentation "Selling Fashion Online" gives a detailed information about Facts & Figures of Indian Fashion & Apparel Industry and the importance of adopting eCommerce as a business channel. Also, tells you how to benefit your business by empowering it with MartJack, India's No.1 Digital commerce platform.

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Selling Fashion & Apparel Online

  1. 1. Selling Fashion & Apparel OnlineAre you followingThe Stream?2011
  2. 2. Indian Fashion & Apparel Industry Facts & Figures
  3. 3. Indian Fashion Industry An Overview• The Indian fashion industry is pegged at Rs.1000 crores and is growing at a whopping rate of 30 per cent• The domestic fashion business is anticipated to become a Rs. 1500 Crore industry by 2013• It seems that traditional marketplace of the fashion industry is being steadily replaced by the virtual e- marketplace.
  4. 4. Indian Fashion Industry An Overview• About 60 per cent of men shoppers and 72 per cent of women shoppers prefer designer wear• About 46 per cent of men and 38 per cent women go for exclusive brand showrooms• The youngsters are among the top spenders on fashion wear as also women in the 41-50 years age group
  5. 5. Indian Apparel Industry An Overview• The impressive growth rate expected for the Indian fashion retail sector offers an investment opportunity of over Rs.30,000 crore annually across the textile retail value chain• The size of the textile retail industry is estimated to increase from its current size of Rs.3,15,000 crore to Rs.9,90,000 crore by 2020• Womens wear is growing faster at 12 per cent and is expected to have 43 per cent share by 2020 from the current 37 per cent
  6. 6. Indian Apparel Industry An Overview• Menswear segment has a major share in the apparel market with 43 per cent and is rising at 9 per cent• Kids wear segment is on the rise with high growth rate in girls wear at 11 per cent and boys wear is growing at 10 per cent• Home textile market is expected to grow 9 per cent move up from Rs 15,570 crores in 2009 to Rs 40,000 crores by 2020
  7. 7. How is growing Internet usage in India encouraging eCommerce?
  8. 8. Internet Penetration in India• India is the third-largest country in terms of number of Internet users, after China and the U.S.• As per industry insiders, In the next two years, India will be reaching to a mark of 20 crore internet users• India has about 8 crore Internet users, out of which around 80% are “active” users of internet• Indian consumers are greatly getting comfortable with online shopping
  9. 9. eCommerce in India• With a 28% year-over-year growth in the number of Internet users in the country, e-commerce is gaining wide acceptance• eCommerce market is growing at a 70% rate annually• India will be among one of the top 10 e- commerce hubs in the world by 2015• The online retail industry in India is likely to be worth Rs 7,000 crore in the next couple of years• The net e-commerce market is expected to touch Rs 50,000 crore very soon Therefore, eCommerce is a business channel one can no longer afford to ignore.
  10. 10. Consumer Behaviour vague, but vigorous • Consumers have started logging on to online discount portals retailing high-end fashion wear • Younger demographics, higher education levels, global cultural awareness and increasing affordability have changed the spending behaviour of Indian consumers• Consumers are quick enough to register themselves on online shopping portals that offer merchandise at marked-down rates• The current generation likes to enjoy the convenience of shopping from home and get a home delivery rather than driving to a crowded mall or navigate through the entire mall to buy just a T-shirt.
  11. 11. Indian Online Apparel Industry An Overview• The „Online Apparel‟ is one of the high performing categories in e-commerce encouraged by Gen Z populace who already number 7.4 million• In the last two years, the Rs 650 crores garment e-retailing business on the internet has attracted investments worth $7 crore• Apparel e-tailing platform is reaching its threshold point• Moreover, 3G and 2G facilities have enabled consumers an easy internet access.
  12. 12. The Digital Advantage for a Retailer• As websites don‟t have to bear any overheads associated with brick-and-mortar set-ups, e-commerce players can offer consumers heavy discounts to attract them• Need not necessarily have inventory & infrastructure of their own and can, thus, work profitably on leaner profit margins• To start an e-commerce store, an investment of about Rs 50,000 per year is all what is needed and to get the website running for an year• Designers can showcase their collections directly to customers and they can save spending on advertising• Retailers can offer a comfortable shopping experience to their customers
  13. 13. The Most Happening Place Where Fashion Sells An E-commerce Site Do you have an Online Store?If not, rush to be there totap the opportunity!
  14. 14. So, waiting for what? Take an Action. Start Your eCommerce Business.
  15. 15. But, Hold a While…
  16. 16. What are The Challenges Ahead in Establishing an eCommerce Business?
  17. 17. Challenges Ahead for e-tailing• It is all about being accepted, trust to be built - Trust will play a critical role in e-commerce as consumers warm up to this mode of making purchases.• You need to have an excellent order fulfillment mechanism in place that can not just deliver, but also service products.• Demand generation and customer acquisition should be ongoing for upholding the business• Even then, sustainability in heated competition is a big challenge.• Supporting your business with reliable infrastructure is another
  18. 18. So, how do you deal with all of them effectively? Is The Preferred Solution That Takes Care of Your eCommerce Business
  19. 19. What does MartJack offer you?• MartJack, India’s #1 ecommerce platform delivered on SaaS model, is designed to cater to the needs of manufacturers, retailers and single store retailers• MartJack is a complete solution to build & manage your online store• You can leverage ready-to-use product repository with product content that includes information of over 110000 products• Provide a rich shopping experience to consumers with images, videos and product information• The MartJack Eco-system helps businesses go online effectively & easily• MartJack supports online retail businesses with Payment Gateways and Logistics
  20. 20. What does MartJack Exchange offer?MartJack Exchange, an add-on to MartJack, makes e-commerce easier for MartJack merchants by simplifying demand generation, customer acquisition.Here is how it works for MartJack retailers:• Retailer establishes himself as a Supplier of MartJack Exchange• Supplier lists his products along with rich content – zoom images, product descriptions & videos• Supplier gets connectivity with Power Publishers who have large customer base and thereby grows his business reach and brand awareness• Supplier can announce great deals and discounts to attract more customers• Supplier can make use of integrated payment gateways and logistics – offers his customers safe & secure shopping experience & 24/7 customer support• Supplier receives payments from MartJack Exchange
  21. 21. Ready to Take a call to Fly Your Business High? Contact Us on our Toll free number 1800 425 2968 www.MartjackExchange.comDisclaimer: This presentation is a consolidated report based on the information collected from various online sources.
  22. 22. Compiled by: Sridevi Prekke Manager, Corporate Communications & Madhu Kiran. T Asst. Internet Marketing ManagerReasoning Global eApplications Ltd., Hyderabad