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8. Survey Issues. Are there any survey issues that you are aware of, such as      encroachments, easements or building set...
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6 seller questions revised- print double sided


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6 seller questions revised- print double sided

  1. 1. Re/Max One Realty 100 Lynn Road Raleigh, NC 27609 Phone: (919)781-9883 Fax (919)785-3171 Seller Specific DisclosureProperty Address: _______________________________________________________Sellers: ________________________________________________________________Real Estate Firm: Re/Max One Realty – The Marti Hampton TeamNothing is worse than thinking you have sold and closed a home, and then have a legalmatter interfere with your plans to move forward. To prevent this, we are asking you toreview some of the top reasons law suits can occur with regard to real estate transactions. 1. Aluminum Wiring. May be found in some homes from the mid 1960’s to the early 1970’s and is a potential fire hazard. Problems due to expansion can cause overheating at connections between the wire and devices (switches & outlets) or at splices. For more information, go to Do you know of any Aluminum Wiring in your home? ________________________ 2. Outer Loop/Highway Development or Road Widening. We recommend you contact a qualified source for information on potential and proposed Highway improvements or construction to determine the possible impact on the property. Have you received notice of any new roads or widening of existing roads within 5 miles of your property? ______________________________________________ 2. Zoning Change. Have you received notice of a pending zoning change that affects your property? _______________________________________________ 3. Mold, Polybutylene Piping, Lead Paint, Synthetic Stucco. Does your home contain mold, polybutylene piping (common in homes built from 1980-1995), lead paint (common in homes built before 1978), synthetic stucco (EIFS – possibility of moisture damage to exterior as well as structural members exists. An inspection of the exterior and interior by a qualified inspector is strongly recommended) or asbestos (may be found in older homes)? __________________ 4. Private Roads/Road Maintenance Agreements. Do you know of any? _______ 5. Permitted Additions. Have all areas of your home that are counted as heated square footage been permitted? Have all new additions or prior additions, such as a sunroom, bonus room, walk up attic, screened porch or deck, been permitted? MLS data will only reflect permitted heated square footage. _________________ 6. Septic Tank. If you have a septic tank, how many bedrooms are supported by the septic tank approved by permitting? ____________________________________ 7. Defective Systems. Are there any material facts about the property itself, such as a structural defect or defective mechanical systems? _______________________
  2. 2. 8. Survey Issues. Are there any survey issues that you are aware of, such as encroachments, easements or building set back violations? _________________ 9. Radon. Are you aware of any radon levels in your home? ___________________ 10. RDU Airport. The Raleigh Durham Airport Authority has designated certain bands or areas that are subject to air traffic noise as Noise Abatement Areas and requires homeowners to disclose they are within that designated Area. Is your home affected by aircraft noise from the Raleigh/Durham International Airport? _________________________________________________________________ 11. USTS. If an underground storage tank exists and it is no longer being used, it is recommended an inspection be done to be sure it complies with state and federal regulations regarding hazardous waste. Is there an underground fuel storage tank (USTS) located on your property? _________________________________________________________________ 12. Schools. Have you been notified that your home is located in an area that is soon to be redistricted for base schools? ____________ What are the base schools currently districted for your home? _____________________________________ 13. HOA. Are you aware of any potential or pending assessments from your homeowner’s association? Is the association being sued? Have you been notified by the association of any changes to the community or your home that could effect the sale of your home? _______________________________________________________________ 14. Odor/Noise. Are there any industrial or commercial businesses near your home that emanate an odor or noise that a potential buyer should know about? _______ 15. Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant. Located in Southern Wake County. Are you within 10 miles of the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant? ____________________________ 16. Siding. Many homes in our area may be finished with one of the siding materials listed below. Class action lawsuis have been filed due to problems related to one or more of these products. Do you know if your home was built with… a. Louisiana Pacific _______ b. Georgia Pacific _______ c. Masonite Omni Wood _______ d. Masonite hardboard _______Reviewed and Acknowledged:_________________________________________ _____________________ Seller Date_________________________________________ _____________________ Seller Date