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SC11 Science Gateway Group Overview


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Given at IU booth at SC11 in Seattle, WA, November 14-18th, 2011

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SC11 Science Gateway Group Overview

  1. 1. The Indiana University Science Gateway Group: Advancing Web-based scientific research• The IU Science Gateway Group supports gateway development activities at IU and world-wide. • Marlon Pierce: Group Lead • Suresh Marru: Principal Software Architect • Raminder Singh, Chathura Herath, Yu Ma, Lahiru Gunathilake: Senior team members • Six interns and research assistants• More Info & Contact • • Marlon Pierce: • Suresh Marru: 1
  2. 2. Group Activities• Research & development of scientific portal interfaces and frameworks; distributed application and workflows; messaging and gateway development tools & API’s.• Fostering e-Science software sustainability through Apache Software Foundation • Open community, not just open source • Apache Airavata: software for scientific workflows • • Apache Rave: Web and Social Networking mashup engine •• We work with gateways across the nation • Lead the Open Gateway Computing Environments: NSF funded partnership • Lead the XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Services’ gateway support activities. 1
  3. 3. CollaborationsCollaborating Team Scientific FieldGridChem (Sudhakar Computational ChemistryPamidighantam, NCSA)ParamChem (Alex Mackerell, Sudhakar Molecular SciencesPamidighantam, Micheal Sheetz et. al)WIYN Consortium One Degree Imager (Pat AstronomyKnezek, NOAO)OLAM (Craig Mattocks, University of Atmospheric and Environmental ModelingMiami)UltraScan (Borries Demeler, University of Experimental BiophysicsTexas Health Science Center)LCCI (James Vary, Iowa State) Computational Nuclear PhysicsDark Energy Survey Simulation Working Astrophysics, AstronomyGroup (August Evrard et. al) 1
  4. 4. Apache Airavata• Science Gateway software framework to: – compose, manage, execute, and monitor computational workflows – web service abstractions to legacy command line scientific applications – support for computational resources ranging from local resources to computational grids and clouds – modular software framework to use as individual components or as an integrates solution.
  5. 5. Apache Airavata High Level Overview
  6. 6. Interoperable Workflow Architecture
  7. 7. Apache Rave: Open Community Software for Social Networking,Shareable Web Components, and Science Gateways• Rave is an Apache Software Foundation incubator project. • Software for managing OpenSocial Gadgets and W3C Widgets• Founding members: • Mitre Software • SURFnet • Hippo Software • Indiana University• More information • Project Website: • Mailing List: 1
  8. 8. What is Rave?• Rave is a downloadable Web portal • Written in Java, JavaScript • Based on Spring MVC framework • Builds on Apache OpenSocial spec for social networking Web gadgets, REST services• Rave is a development platform • Developers program to Rave APIs and implementations as JARS, WAR overlays • Developers can change, extend, or exclude only the code without touching the source tree • “Sandbox” examples. 1
  9. 9. The Apache Way and Gateways• Apache places community above code – Open source isn’t enough – You need a diverse community of developers and inter-project collaboration• Governance – Apache incubators are mentored to teach good project management practices – Source code management, public mailing lists, open decision making, peer-reviewed formal releases• Sustainability – Apache incubators must demonstrate developer diversity – Count diversity of contributors, not downloads. – Reward projects for collaborating with each other. 1
  10. 10. Prologue to Software Sustainability
  11. 11. Rave in action!
  12. 12. Airavata in action!Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 6.10.50 PM