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Amia 2011: Using OpenSocial to Leverage a Community of Developers


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Amia 2011: Using OpenSocial to Leverage a Community of Developers

  1. 1. Eric Meeks (UCSF)Leslie Yuan (UCSF)Griffin Weber (Harvard)Mini Kahlon (UCSF)Using OpenSocial to Leverage aCommunity of Developers•*Profiles Research Networking Software
  2. 2. What is OpenSocial?• An Open Standard API for running applications on social web platforms.What’s a social web platform?• LinkedIn, Facebook, UCSF Profiles, Nature NetworkSlideShare, WordPress Blogs, Farmville andFaculty Mentoring are examples of webapplications or gadgets that run on theseplatforms
  3. 3. Why make our Research Networking Tools Web Platforms?• Platforms rock. As a platform you can leverage a community of developers to build applications for your system independently and simultaneously.• Delivering more features more quickly to our researchers will accelerate science.
  4. 4. Is OpenSocial a Good Way to Become a Web Platform?“Don’t believe the hype” – Flavor Flav
  5. 5. Why OpenSocial is a Great ChoiceApache Shindig!
  6. 6. An Open Community for Application SharingUCSF Harvard LinkedIn iGoogle Stanford VIVOProfiles Profiles OpenSocial Gadget Library
  7. 7. Ned: Steve, are we allowed in here?Steve: Its a scientific community, man.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Next Steps• Convince the enterprise community (which believes in OpenSocial) that RDF is a good thing.• Convince the medical informatics community (which believes in RDF) that OpenSocial is a good thing.• Grow the Open Research Networking Gadgets Community (ORNG)!
  10. 10. Thanks!• Harvard Catalyst• Andy Bowline (Wake Forest Medical Center)• The Apache Shindig Team• Andy Smith (IBM), Mark Weitzel (IBM) and the OpenSocial Foundation• MIT & The Simile Project