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Mario prisciandaro Lake mary fl


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Tax Deed is a legal document that grants possession of a property to the government when the property owner fails to pay the amount owed. It authorizes the government to sell the property to accumulate the delinquent taxes and transfer property to the investor.

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Mario prisciandaro Lake mary fl

  1. 1. by Tax Deed Expert Mario Prisciandaro from Lake Mary, Florida An Overview of Tax Deeds – Florida
  2. 2. Tax Deed sales are a public auction in which property is sold to recover delinquent property taxes. In Florida, the failure to pay property or real estate taxes and the buildup of resulting debts can have severe penalties. One such consequence is the sale of the property to recover the payable amount. This type of auction is legally held in the country where the property is located and is known as Tax Deed Sale.
  3. 3. Tax Deed Sales occur after the Tax collector issues tax certificates for non-payment of yearly property taxes. Tax Deeds are issued by the clerk of the circuit & county court to the highest bidder, and the property owner then losses all rights by default.
  4. 4. Tax Deed Sales serve as a great opportunity for investors to invest in properties. It acts as the biggest way of earning for investors. Tax Deed Sales gives the government the authority to sell the property to collect the delinquent taxes and at the same time transfer the property to the investor. Tax Deed Sales are conducted or held generally at auctions.
  5. 5. Basic Steps to Invest in Tax Deeds  Pick your Strategy- Choose one –Tax Liens & Tax Deeds as your investment strategy.  Learn the System- Different countries have a different set of rules for Tax Deed Sales. You need to understand how you will be needed to pay for a winning auction bid. Some countries demand immediate payment while others require same-day payment.  Choose your State- Decide on your investment location as it happens to be a reward-based decision.
  6. 6. Basic Steps to Invest in Tax Deed continued  Refine your Investment Zone- After you have chosen the investment state, start speaking to the local realtors to get information & statistics to define your investment zone.  Find Tax Sale Listings- Make a list of all countries that come in your investment zone. Then call the country tax department & know the process to request a tax lien or deed sale list.  Bid on your First Investment- Now that you have received the tax lien or deed list, organize it and do research then bid on your first investment.
  7. 7. Mario Prisciandaro from Lake Mary, Florida is a Tax Deed Expert & has a vast knowledge on intricacies of Tax Deed Sales. The content on the same has helped a multitude of investors’ secure valuable investment throughout Florida. Follow the creative expert to gain knowledge on different aspects of Tax Liens & Tax Deeds Investing.