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Alpha Partners. Start-up Practice Desk


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Alpha Partners. Start-up Practice Desk

  1. 1. Alpha Partners
  3. 3. Startup Practice Desk,Why?• Start ups have specific needs– Cost– Response– Handholding– Partnership• Recent all round encouragement toentrepreneurs• Wide experience dealing withinvestors
  4. 4. Focus on Client’s needsAlpha group caters to the needs of a startup in any stage of its business:Assistance in setting up of a business; Assistance in day to day operations; Assistance in business strategies; Transactional assistance; Assistance in Dispute resolution; Assistance in closure, exit and/or sale ofbusiness.
  5. 5. SETTING UPChoosing the right kind ofentity typeTax advise related to choiceof an entity formIncorporation/formation of anentityAssistance in seeking allnecessary registrations,approvals and licenses requiredunder lawAssistance in seekingregistrations required from astrategic view point
  6. 6. DAY TO DAY OPERATIONS Taxation and accounting advisory Corporate secretarial assistance Employee related advisory Sector specific compliances requiredon a regular basis Drafting, negotiation of agreementsrequired for day to day operations Intellectual property filings andprosecution in normal course ofbusiness, IP policies Opinion memo on business specificissues General legal advisory
  7. 7. ADVICE ON BUSINESS STRATEGIES Corporate and tax advice on choiceof investment - loan, equity etc. Drafting agreements and other legaldocuments related to proposedstrategies Advise related to legal and taximplications of a proposed new lineof business Intellectual property strategies, IPpolicies, filing, prosecution, adviseon IP litigation strategies Compliance management related toproposed business strategies
  8. 8. Contd.Advice on raising funds – domestic andinternational – loan or equityAdvice on litigation strategiesAdvise on foreign investment into andoutside India and structuringTax Planning and managementRestructuring and insolvency strategicadvisory
  9. 9. TRANSACTIONAL ASSISTANCE End to end legal, tax andsecretarial assistance in corporatetransactions such as M&A, jointventures and collaborations,investments, project finance, PE/VCfunding etc. Due diligence – tax, corporate,legal, secretarial and intellectualproperty Drafting, negotiating, finalising and
  10. 10. Contd..Complete secretarial and tax supportLegal and tax structuring advisoryCompliance management before, duringand after a particular transactions,securing approvals, registrations,filings as requiredGeneral transaction advisory, draftingand structuring
  11. 11. DISPUTE RESOLUTION Competence in Civil, Corporate, intellectualproperty and tax litigation and limited criminalcases Assistance in drafting and finalising pleadings,plaints, written statements and other documentsrequired in litigation and arbitrations Appearing before courts, tribunals and otherjudicial and quasi-judicial authorities Briefing senior counsels and coordinating withthem Assistance in conducting third partyinvestigations, evidence collection and detectiveservices with help from Settlement of disputes and related compliances Compliance management related to disputeresolution
  12. 12. CLOSURE AND EXIT Legal and tax structuring of closure and exit andrelated advice End to end services in winding up of branch/liaisonoffices, companies, society and other incorporatedentities under various laws Legal structuring for exit of investors and facilitatingremittance of proceeds Drafting and closing agreements, documents and otherinstruments required for exit or closure Assistance in sale of business/entity to give an exit tothe existing owners – drafting agreements, legal andtax advisory and related compliances End to end compliance management for any kind of
  13. 13. Cost Structure• Fixed Cost based fee quotes for startups (except transactions);• Initial discussion session notchargeable;
  14. 14. ABOUT ALPHA
  15. 15. Alpha Partners• Corporate law firm providing legal advise andsupport to clients.• Focus is on making the legal functionunderstandable, affordable, value adding and abusiness function for the clients.
  16. 16. Industrial Focus• Construction and real estate• Education• Entrepreneurs and SME• Health Care and Drugs• Hospitality• Information technology, E-Commerce• Power & infrastructure• Telecom and Media• Science and Technology
  17. 17. Thank YouAlpha PartnersE-156, LGF, Sector 20NOIDA – NCR of