Hollow earth & life in universe – a vedic view


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Shoot for the moon and if you miss you'll land among the stars...

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Hollow earth & life in universe – a vedic view

  1. 1. Report of The Lecture Program Organized by WAVES – India Er. Rakesh Maniktala, Hollow Earth Researcher and Manager (Business Excellence) BHEL, Haridwar was invited by WAVES to give a power point presentation on ‘Life in Universe – A Vedic View’ on 6th March, 2009 at Arya Samaj, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. The program of special lecture was chaired by Mr. Rohit Chauhan, cofounder and trustee, Global Synergy Foundation, Scottsdale , AZ , USA . The program started with Vedic invocation performed by students of University of Delhi . After which Dr. Shashi Tiwari, Secretary, WAVES introduced the guests and Mr Rajiv Arya, President, Arya Samaj, Punjabi Bagh formally welcomed all the participants present in the hall.. Mr Rakesh Maniktala gave an illustrative and informative presentation, summary of which is given here: Introduction: The past 2000 years have seen a steady and systematic growth in our perception and knowledge regarding the nature of universe. Ptolemy considered the Earth to be the centre of the universe, with all other planets, the sun, moon and stars revolving around it in concentric circles. Fifteen hundred years later, Copernicus shifted the position of Earth from the centre of the universe to the third planet around the sun which he thought to be at the centre of the universe. Now we know, as modern astronomy has shown our solar system to be "just another one" in one of the side arms of our Milky Way galaxy, which in turn is just one of the millions of galaxies in this vast and expanding universe. Then for hundreds of years our Earth was considered a "flat plane", until Galileo and Magellan proved it to be spherical in shape.. Advent of time and progress of science has broken many such myths. Now is the time for breaking of some more myths. Myth 1 - Our Earth is Hollow: Our Earth is HOLLOW inside, with a small SUN at its centre, and two holes in its crust at the locations of the north and south poles. Most other planets and the moon are also hollow. For a planet, the outside or the inside surface may be suitable for life. For our Earth both the surfaces support life - in fact, the interior is more suitable for life as it is protected from outside natural calamities and the climatic changes. We know that the diameter of Earth is around 12,800 kilometers. The hollow Earth's crust thickness is roughly 1400 kilometers, leaving an
  2. 2. inside diameter of around 10,000 kilometers, which is about three times the diameter of moon. And considering that the inner ocean area is much less compared to the inner landmass, we have more land to live on the "inside" than we have on the "outside". The small sun at the centre gives off a soft and pleasant sunlight and warmth, making the inside surface highly conducive to growth of vegetation and human life, with only a long-long day and no nights. Bhagwat Purana refers to the hollow portion of earth as “Madhyatah”. The wording and story line of the narration about the avatar Parasurama getting rid of the “Prithvim” and Madhyatah of “kshatriyas” is directly indicative of the Hollow Earth Theory. Human culture is prospering in the inside for tens of thousands of years. They are peace-loving beings, highly advanced spiritually and scientifically. The inner kingdom is also referred to as AGARTHA and its biggest city Shambhala has its intergalactic spaceship centre teeming with what we call as UFO's. Pataal Lokas: There are also huge caverns in the crust of our hollow earth, which are referred to as Pataal Lokas. There are over 120 subterranean cities located within the Earth’s crust. These Cities of Light are not far beneath the Earth’s surface. As a grouping, these cities are called the Agartha Network. The beings of inner earth and Pataal lokas are highly evolved beings. They are mostly ascended souls who have chosen to continue their evolution in the Earth’s inner recesses because of the perfection of conditions existing there. Myth 2 - We are alone in this universe: Human race on our planet Earth, and its scientific advancement, are much older than our history textbooks tell us. In ancient history, there have been times when our culture was highly advanced – scientifically as well as spiritually. There were environment friendly and unlimited resources of energy. People travelled to farthest stars and solar systems in sophisticated “Vimanas”, and by astral travelling. They had mastered anti-gravity, and had contacts with other advanced civilizations of the universe. But human culture and its development always follow a sine wave. People leave the middle path tilting more towards materialism, and knowledge decays. There were natural calamities due to toying with environment, and nuclear wars, resulting in total destruction. Radioactivity mutated human genes and so there were primitive Neanderthal men. Documentary evidence for this is not available today, but information in symbolic or parable form, as well as from some ancient cave paintings
  3. 3. and monuments is still available in some ancient civilizations like Maya, Inca, Meso America , India and Tibet . Our Puranas also contain a lot of such information. Finally, they are trying to contact us: But if there are intelligent people living inside, why are they hiding from us - why not just come out and meet us? Long ago, we were all the "same"….. at par maybe. But after the destruction of Mu and Atlantis 12000 years ago, and later the Mahabharata war 5000 years ago, which were both nuclear wars resulting in massive destruction; we got cut off from the inner world. It was our "fall from grace" which resulted in them leaving us like this. Also, our Milky Way Galaxy is divided into 12 sectors. Our solar system is located in Sector Nine, and this sector contains hundreds of other solar systems. The Ashtar Command, also known as the Galactic Command, is composed of millions of starships and volunteers from many star systems and dimensions in our galaxy. Vedic culture prospers on many star systems; especially star Vega, the “Abhijeet Nakshatra”. Now, some people from the inner civilizations are telepathically communicating with some on earth. And the time for their re-emergence and our unification is not far away, provided we mend some of our ways - abolish wars, and embrace peace. Many questions, queries and comments from the learned audience were raised after the presentation under discussion session. Mr. H.L. Kohli asked- Can it be considered the reason of global worming? Dr Ganesh Dutt Sharma supported some of the views of the lecture quoting Vedic verses. Dr. S. C. Goswami questioned about the status of sun inside hallow earth. Shri Sobodh Kumar, Mr. S. K. Kochar, Mr. Durga, Mr. Chand Bhardwaj and some other scholars also expressed their views on the lecture. Shri Rohit Chauhan, Chairman commented minutely on the discussion and finally gave his remarks : Going beyond the controversy of hollow earth, it is clear that superior sixth sensory communication skills are a requirement for humanity to take the next leap forward. Practical assistance for implementation of Vedic values in daily life would help. Perhaps WAVES can contribute at the desired fundamental level, in addition to usual scholarly pursuits for the scholars.
  4. 4. A large number of Vedic scholars, scientists and academicians were present on this occasion. Concluding the program Mr. Rajiv Arya proposed a vote of thanks. - Report by Dr. S. Tiwari, General Secretary, WAVES