mmCHANNEL - Advergaming 3 D Football Program


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mmCHANNEL offers a compelling new service that provides animated world football goals from the top European Leagues to the mobile handset creating a great opportunity for local branding campaigns.

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mmCHANNEL - Advergaming 3 D Football Program

  1. 1. mmCHANNEL     Mul,media  Mobile  Channel   “Building  Through  Interac2on”   Building  the  mobile  soccer  content  scene  towards   2010  –  3D  Goals,  advergaming,  premium  mobile   games  and  more   July  2009   May  you  require  more  informaDon,  please  refer  to  :   Marc  Ian  Rose,   Chief  Commercial  Officer   Mobile  +34  659  269  142    marc.rose@mmCHANNEL  .com  
  2. 2. The opportunity: •  Football is one of the biggest drivers of mobile content •  The world cup 2010 will also drive large amount of advertisement towards football in the upcoming 12 months
  3. 3. The  program   mmCHANNEL  together  with  its  content  and  technology  partners  can  help  service   providers  develop  an  impressive  football  program  through  2009-­‐2010   •  Service  delivery  pla?orm  capable  of  integra,ng  of  the   most  op,mally  way  with  the  service  provider  and  its   current  sports  offering   •   3D  Goals  service  for  both  WEB  and  WAP  delivering  first   the  main  European  leagues,  then  Champion  league  and   building  up  to  the  World  Cup   •  3D  goals  iPhone  applica,on     •  Top  class  premium  games  around  football  with  an   exclusive  3D  World  Cup  games  deliver  star,ng  in  Q4  09   •  Sports  oriented  Advergames  (adver,sing  on  the  fly)   •  An  the  possibili,es  of  adding  promo,onal  and  interac,ve   components  as  the  year  progress  (rankings,  community,.)   Confiden,al  Document   Page  3  
  4. 4. The  program   Delivering  a  number  of  set  iniDaDves  towards  the  year  building  up  towards  the  world   cup  (plus  many  others  that  could  be  defined  in  the  coming  months)   Q3/Q4 Q1 10 Q2 10 3D Goals European Leagues Advergames and premium games World Cup Premium 3D Mobile game Program (sponsored or paid) Competitions and rankings 3D Goals World Cup Confiden,al  Document   Page  4  
  5. 5. Service  Delivery  PlaAorm  &  Value  Proposi2on   In  mmCHANNEL,  we  conDnue  focusing  on  promoDng  all  type  of  new  iniDaDves  and   products  with  an  end2end  orientaDon  towards  our  customers   “The  Technology”     Digital  entertainment   service  delivery   “The  evolu2on  and   solu,on   revenue  enhancer”   Marke,ng  and   Advanced  mobile  &   advisory  services   online  front  ends   “The  WOW  and  usability   Content  acquisi,on  &   factor”   service  management   “The  back  end  and  everyday  work”   Confiden,al  Document   Page    5  
  6. 6. 3D  Goals  for  Web  and  Mobile   3D  Goals   All  the  interna,onal  leagues  decisive  ac,ons  are  now   CONCEPT   available  on  mul,-­‐screens  gathered  as:   TV  ac,on     Right  free  3D  Video  clips;  perfect  reproduc,ons  of   snapshot.   the  ho]est  ac,ons.     Video   clips   gathering   audio   comments,   stadium   ambient   sounds   and   wri]en   descrip,on   of   the   ac,on.     Video   clips   including   various   viewpoints   such   as   bird  view,  player  view,  ball  view...  etc   Real  screen  captures  as  seen  on  a  Nokia  N95   Confiden,al  Document   Page    6  
  7. 7. COVERAGE   3D Goals for all screens AND  CHANNELS   The  3D  soccer  live  service  cover  all  the  soccer  events  (  na,onal  leagues,   championships...)  and  is  ready  to  launch.   3D  soccer  live  covers  all  the  European  leagues  such  as:  La  Liga  /  Premiere  league  /   Calcio  /  Bundesliga...   Also   available   for   Champions   League   and   2010   World  Cup   3D   soccer   live   comments   are   available   in   English,   Spanish  and  other  languages  on  demand.   The  service  can  be  provided  through  mobile  by:   •   Via  mms  alert   •   Via  WAP  complete  download  sec,on   and  WEB:   •   Free  consulta,on  and  streaming  downloads   Confiden,al  Document   Page    7  
  8. 8. 3D  Soccer  (for  all  screens)     Including  an  iPHONE  applica,on  to  deliver  the  service     Confiden,al  Document   Page    8  
  9. 9. Delivery  formats   PRODUCT   Each   ac,on   is   perfectly   reproduced   thanks   to   advanced   FEATURES   technologies.     ArDficial   intelligence,   allowing   the   automa,c   reproduc,on   of   the   team   strategic  movements  in  a  record  ,me.     Visual  Engine/cu^ng  edge  technology  ,  gathering  an  amazing  image  quality,   and  level  of  details.     A  huge  3D  animaDon  library,  containing  real  player's   mo,on   captures,   such   as   scissors,   kicks,   shoots   etc...   moreover   the   physical   features   of   the   players   (skin   colour,  hair  style...)  are  respected.   2G   3G   Web   10  seconds   30  seconds   30  seconds   100Kb   600Kb   6Mb   176x144  pixels   176x144  pixels   352x288  pixels   1  camera  view   3  camera  views     3  camera  views     Includes  slow  mo2on   Includes  slow  mo2on   Confiden,al  Document   Page    9  
  10. 10. 3D  Goals   Just  click  to  get  a  feeling  of  this  amazing  product!!!   Confiden,al  Document   Page  10  
  11. 11. 3D  Goals   3DSoccer  is  currently  delivered  by  key  Spanish  sport  /news  media  partners  &  it   is  ready  for  internaDonal  distribuDon  for  the  2009/2010  season  and  world  cup  . BRANDING  EXAMPLES   Confiden,al  Document   Page    11  
  12. 12. 3D  Premium  games   Confiden,al  Document   Page  12  
  13. 13. 3D  Premium  games   Confiden,al  Document   Page  13  
  14. 14. 3D  Premium  games   Types  of  games   Confiden,al  Document   Page  14  
  15. 15. 3D  Premium  games   LFP  09  (2010  available  soon)   With  LFP  09  you  can  manage  the  finances,  buy,   sale  players,  create  training  programs  and   make  management  decisions  that  will  be  key  to   take  your  team  to  the  top  of  the  league     Confiden,al  Document   Page  15  
  16. 16. 3D  Premium  games   Penalty (LFP 09 java version & World Cup 10 iPHONE version) Play  a  penalty  shoot  out  as  a  player  and  a  goalkeeper   for  your  team.  Pressure  on  both  sides!!!   You  will  have  to  perfectly  adjust  the  direc,on,   strength,  impact  point  to  the  ball    if  you  want  to  win   Confiden,al  Document   Page  16  
  17. 17. Advergaming     The  user  experience  is  simple,  adracDve  and  interesDng  both  from  the  user   point  of  view  and  for  the  potenDal  adverDsers   2 ssibili,e s.   4 Add  po Banne rs   3   3 Pre-­‐Roll   ls   1 Inters,,a 5 In-­‐Game   Post-­‐Roll   Confiden,al  Document   Page  17  
  18. 18. 3D  GOALS  SPONSORS   AND    BRANDING   3D  soccer  live  is  the  perfect  value  added  content  ,  as  it  enables  your  partners   Branding  can  be  applied  to:   and  brands  to  adver,se  and  reach  their  target  audience.   •   TV  bug  on  screen  corner   The  videos  can  be  fully  adapted  and  integrated  with  brands  colors,  logo.   •   As  a  watermark  in  the  field   •   On  the  sidelines   adver,sment   3DSoccer  Euro   •   Splash  screen  before  video   2008  goals   playback   delivered  by   •   On  screen  banner m  and  sponsored   by  NIKE.   Confiden,al  Document   Page    18  
  19. 19. Advergaming  –  Premium  games     Capable  of    making  the  premium  games  also  sponsoring  oriented   Confiden,al  Document   Page  19  
  20. 20. Advergaminge–  Easy  Football  Games   Nike     xample:  items  available  from  skinning…   Nike  examples  applied  to  our  “ Total  Soccer2  game  (I)   Confiden,al  Document   Page  20  
  21. 21. Advergaming  –  Easy  Football  Games   Nike  examples  applied  to  our  “ Total  Soccer2  game  (II)   Confiden,al  Document   Page  21  
  22. 22. Community,  interac2on,  promo2on   Rankings  and  promoDons     fect for Rank ings are per tions ro mo prizes an d p ll year a an d create actions an d r ro un d intep towards the building u World Cup Confiden,al  Document   Page    22  
  23. 23. Service  Architecture   mmCHANNEL’s  Rapid  Deployment  model  allows  non-­‐intrusive  service  provision  to  a   Service  Provider’s  infrastruture  within  a  maUer  of  weeks;  not  months.   SMS   mmPLAY Download   Service   Content   Subscrip,on   Provider   forwarded   management   www.   Ac,ve   subscribers   •  User  will  subscribe  using  differed  methods   Goals  content   W&MSISDN   •  Both  subscrip,on  ac,va,on  and  cancella,on  are   communicated  to  mmPLAY  along  with  MSISDN   •  mmPLAY  maintains  list  of  ac,ve  subscribers   •  Recep,on  of  new  content  (new  goal)  triggers  content  forward   process   •  A  unique  download  URL  is  send  to  each  ac,ve  subscribers   when  a  goal  occurs   •  The  users  clicks  the  URL  and  downloads   Confiden,al  Document   Page    23  
  24. 24. Business  Model  and  next  steps   Week - 1 Project 6 Including  commercial  negoDaDons  program  can  be  ready  to  start  at  the   beginning  of  the  European  leagues  (September)   Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Designs and specs ready and agreed FTP and delivery integration Sites and content preparation Ad-server and placements ready Testing Confiden,al  Document   Page  24  
  25. 25. Business  Model  and  next  steps   And  now  what  next       Receive  feedback  from  this  presenta,on  and  its   content  (mainly  campaign  concept  and  defining  final   business  model     Service  Provider  to  defined  Receive  some  more   clarifica,on  over  the  pending  ques,ons  and   assump,on  of  roles  over  the  technical  integra,on       Finalize  the  campaign/pla?orm  offer  and  proposal     Proposal  acceptance  and  agree  on  the  planning  for   the  campaign  launch     Confiden,al  Document   Page  25  
  26. 26. A  Partnership  for  Innova,on  and  Profit   Confiden,al  Document   Page  26