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3D Graphical UI Presentation


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As a Professional Software OEM in Taiwan, Brogent provides the intelligent Graphical UI solution with not only "Graphical" but superior capability in Integration and supports multiple platforms for Handheld devices.

Take advantage of our knowledge and dependability and let Brogent guide you to that shining point in the future you’re envision now.

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3D Graphical UI Presentation

  2. 4. WWW.BROGENT.COM Overview Company Founded: 2001 Management & R/D Team Chairman : Ph.D Johnny Huang CEO : C.H. Oyang Employees : 80 HQ / Innovation Center : Kaohsiung, Taiwan Marketing / Sales : Taipei, Taiwan
  3. 5. WWW.BROGENT.COM Patent : Mini BGL® - Brogent 3D Graphic Engine Award : 2006 Industrial Innovation Achievement 2007 Awarded by MOEA Product Focus: Embedded Multimedia Software Solutions 3D Software Solutions Global Partners:
  4. 7. WWW.BROGENT.COM 3D Graphical Solutions Multimedia SW Solutions Architecture 3D MMI (3D Custom UI) 3D Mobile Games 3D Widget 3D Photo Creator 3D Photo Slide Show 3D Media Player Camera Application Photo Editing Suite DirectShow Plug-In Equalizer Plug-In Video Telephony 3D MMI Framework / Audio & Video SW Codecs Mini BGL® / Image Processing Engine
  5. 8. Mini BGL ® Brogent’s Mini BGL® is a software-rendering 3D graphic engine with compact file size, optimized rendering power and fixed-point calculation, Mini BGL® can run on any portable handsets. Features Fully compliant to OpenGL® ES & JSR-184 Frame Rate : 7.5 -15 fps (up to the CPU performance) Real-time Rendering 30,000 polygons / second on ARM7 300,000 polygons / second on ARM9 Compact File Size : About 160K bytes CPU JSRs API for J2ME 3D Games 3D MMI 3D APs Mini BGL® DSP OS OpenGL® ES
  6. 9. WWW.BROGENT.COM MMI Framework Brogent’s MMI Framework is tool kit for developers to achieve advanced UI experience in future mobile handsets, it provides quick access to create User Interfaces with the unrivalled graphical capabilities. Features Customizability Customized User Interface is the key for Your Brand to lead the market Slashing your Time To Market Come to Brogent for fast, intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces produced with our exclusive process that gets you to market fast. Cost Effective Brogent let you save money in one hand and have high quality performance in the other. Effect Example Come to us for more astonishing graphical effects
  7. 10. WWW.BROGENT.COM 3D MMI Brogent’s 3D MMI is based on MMI Framework and driven by Mini BGL® that provides infinite graphical effects within a highly interactive 3D environment. In Brogent’s Design Team, we have wide range of designers with competence of Graphical Design, Interactive Design and Multimedia & Visual Design. Features UI Concepts & Flows We invent and explore new UI Concepts based on the potentiality of your products. Intuitive & Interaction We have competence to improve the user experience that people use today on portable devices. Implementation We provides implementation service with powerful tracking management, reduce your development cost.
  8. 11. WWW.BROGENT.COM 3D Games Based on Mini BGL® , Brogent creates a series of fun exciting and less power-consumption games for portable devices. The Hottest Sports & Race The Smart Action Puzzle
  9. 12. 3D SW Applications Brogent provides a variety of Software Application with the fast, flexible and superior quality based on the kernel technology of Graphical and Multimedia effects to feature the Portable device simply with 3D. 3D Widget (Weather, World Clock, Stock….) 3D Photo Creator 3D Photo Slide Show (3D Photo River) 3D Media Player WWW.BROGENT.COM
  10. 13. WWW.BROGENT.COM Multimedia SW Solutions Brogent’s Multimedia SW Solutions are built upon the most innovative multimedia technologies that follow the wide-adapted international standards and formats. Your products will be instantly improved and value-added with the inclusion of Multimedia SW Solution of Brogent. Camera Application Photo Editing Suite DirectShow Plug-In Equalizer Plug-In Video Telephony
  11. 15. Computing WWW.BROGENT.COM
  12. 16. © 2009 Brogent Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved [email_address] http:// Contact +886-2-66018869