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Mapa research brochure-mobilebanking-dashboard


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Mapa research brochure-mobilebanking-dashboard

  1. 1. Mapa Mobile Banking Dashboard Mapa Research reveal exclusive independent competitor insight
  2. 2. The Mapa Mobile Banking Dashboard compares a list of 200+ account features across 41 service providers from around the globe. Mapa Dashboards provide unrivalled insight into offerings from public and secure sites. Mapa Mobile Banking Dashboard Why subscribe to Mapa Dashboards? Mapa Dashboards are central to operations in marketing, strategic, ecommerce and market research departments in many institutions. They allow you to:  Identify development opportunities  Benchmark selected features against key providers  Monitor your competitors from a single source of detailed independent insight  Create influential presentations and reports We show you the customer experience of your competitors Areas monitored:  Sales and marketing  Log in approaches & security  Online application facility  Online servicing (secure area)  Payments and transfers (secure area)  Customer support (secure area)  PFM tools (secure area)  Social media © Mapa Research March 2015
  3. 3. © Mapa Research March 2015 What is included in the Mapa Mobile Banking Dashboard?  Quarterly updates in a pdf format, with visualisation of new updates and innovations  Mobile Banking matrix  Consultant-led presentations of each update at clients’ offices  News alerts to keep you informed in between updates Get your competitor insight from a single source Banks we monitor:
  4. 4. © Mapa Research March 2015 What makes Mapa Research different? With the support of our Mapa people and processes you are guaranteed to make the right decisions Real World Data Over the past 10 years Mapa Research have built a portfolio of 200+ real international bank accounts that we manage and use as if we are real customers of each bank. This gives our clients a unique view of their competitors total customer experience. Digital Money Specialists Mapa Research only conduct research in Financial Markets, and are independently owned. Our clients are assured of the most in depth, reliable and unbiased insights to help support decision making, understand best practice and avoid being blind-sided by latest industry developments. Global Viewpoint of Best Practices Mapa Research have offices in London, Edinburgh, Stockholm and Melbourne that serve clients from around the world. Our work ranges from comparing local banks to benchmarking financial institutions in international markets from the UK to Australia.
  5. 5. © Mapa Research March 2015 Other Subscription Services Mapa Insight Series Mapa Insight Series provides commentary and screenshots to show global innovations in digital money, on both public sites and secure sites in over 15 countries. Mapa Dashboards Mapa Dashboards provide an ongoing relationship that delivers insight on your specific area of interest.  Credit Cards (UK)  Current Account Brochureware (UK)  Investments (SWE)  Digital Banking  Internet Banking (AU)  Internet Banking (SWE)  Internet Banking (UK)  Mobile Banking  Mobile Banking (AU)  Mobile Banking (SWE)  Mortgages (UK)  Personal Loans (UK)  Savings (UK)  SME Banking (UK)  Tablet Banking Report Schedule 2015 1. Tablet Banking Series: A Deep Dive Into Five Standout Initiatives 2. SME Banking: How to win share through successful differentiation 3. Mobile Banking Series: State Of The Market 2015 – Part 1 4. Under Attack: Assessing The Disruptive Threat In Retail Banking 5. Building A PFM With Mass Market Appeal 6. Mobile Banking Series: State Of The Market 2015 – Part 2 7. The Digitization Of The Branch 8. The Promise Of Wearables: An Internet Of Things In Banking 9. An Engagement Banking Master Class 10. Digital Banking Security Insight Series, 4th Edition 11. Ten Things Digital Teams Should Do In 2016
  6. 6. © Mapa Research March 2015 Customised Services Mapa Workshops Become the customer with Mapa Workshops. We will bring the handsets and allow you to navigate around the secure areas of your competitors and market disruptors. Mapa Consultancy Tailored research with actionable recommendations that allow you to increase acquisition and retention. We can respond to briefs or work with clients to help define what the goals and objectives should be. Mapa Consultancy projects cover a wide variety of topics. Examples of projects completed include:  Online customer communities  Paperless services & incentives  Initiatives to engage account holders  Global best-in-class research  International payment journeys  Online tool offerings  Online and mobile security solutions  Digital registration & authentications
  7. 7. © Mapa Research March 2015 Management Mark Pavan Managing Director Clare Warren Research and Operations Director Ross Methven Director of Consultancy Mapa Research HQ 4th floor 101-102 Turnmill street London EC1M 5QP Tel: +44 207 566 3940 Mapa Consultancy and Subscription Enquiries Ross Methven Director of Consultancy Meaghan Johnson Associate Director, Consultancy Alexander Hertzell Senior Consultant (Nordics) Mark Donohue Regional Director (APAC) International Offices Asia Pacific Mark Donohue Regional Director Tel: +61 419 132 492 Nordic Gustavslundsvägen 143 5tr 167 51 Stockholm Sweden Tel: +46 (0)8 509 074 05 UK Offices The Watchtower St Cuthbert's Churchyard 7A Lothian Road Edinburgh EH1 2EP Tel: +44 (0)7710 305 112 Contact Details
  8. 8. © Mapa Research March 2015 OUR CLIENTS Use our social media resources to keep ahead of the game Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow what we are saying on Twitter Join our LinkedIn Groups: Digital Banking Innovation Digital Banking Innovation – Nordic Countries Subscribe to our free e-newsletter – Mapa Market Monitor Like us on Facebook! Or just see what is new in Mapa Research @ About Mapa