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Mapa research brochure-uk-internetbanking-dashboard

  1. 1. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comOur Dashboards give you information about yourcompetitors that no one else in the market can giveyou..The Competitor “Dashboard”- UK Internet Banking
  2. 2. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comTimely and relevant alertsQuick turn around for internal reports or presentationsDirect access to consultants and expertsFace to face time with the right peopleSupport, guidance and advice when you need it12345At Mapa, we realise that you have projects todeliver, business cases to write and people toeducate internally. Thats why we do the "keepingup to date for you". Well monitor the market andkeep you up to date, well let you know whatyour competitors are doing and well give youadvice on what we think you should be doing.See us as an extension of your existingknowledge and expertise.The Competitor Dashboard is not just anotherdelivered report or research service. Its arelationship. And its aimed at giving you theinformation and support when you need it andfor whatever you are working on.A Competitor Dashboard makes your job easier
  3. 3. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comScreenshotsVisual stimulus acrosslogged in areas, security,applications processes,email marketing and moreMini reportsVital snippets of “on-demand” information onwho is doing what whenyou most need itPersonal emails directlyto youWe alert you to changes inthe market that havehappened that dayQuarterly changesummary reportAn insight into the changesand developments in themarket over the quarterFace timeOur senior people spendtime with you, talk throughideas, discuss the marketand suggest developmentsOnline FeaturesComparison matrixSee how your features andfunctionality compare tothat of your competitorsA Dashboard subscription will enable you to:• Continuously monitor your competitors froma single source• Stay in line with market developments as theDashboard changes to suit your needs• Track departmental or individualperformance against internal targets• Opportunity to benchmark selected parts ofyour offerings against other providers in yourmarket• Get an understanding of what best practicefeatures behind logged in areas actually looklikeA relationship that means something- With the people and processes we have on board you are guaranteed to make theright decisions
  4. 4. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comThe UK Internet Banking Dashboard service in detailBanks we monitor:We manage the online access to these accounts,manage payments, transfers, receive the emailmarketing and act like the customer. On our UKInternet Banking Dashboard we access andmonitor the following institutions:BarclaysCo-operative bankFirst DirectHalifaxHSBCIntelligent FinanceLloyds TSBMarks & SpencerMetro BankNationwideNatWestRBSSantanderSmileTescoHow do our customers use a Dashboard?Our Dashboards are central to operations inmarketing, strategic, ecommerce and marketresearch departments in many institutions. Theyallow clients to:•Identify development opportunities•Compare features against key competitors•Learn from a detailed independent insight•Create influential presentations and reportsFor each competitor we monitor:•Sales and marketing•Log in approaches•Payments and transfers in the secure area•Cross selling•Service and support including SMS•Social marketing
  5. 5. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comOur Clients
  6. 6. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comWhat makes us different?Ultimately, it is about people!At Mapa we are all passionate about helping ourcustomers gain a real competitive advantage inthe digital and mobile worlds. Understanding theproblems they face, delivering implementablesolutions and supporting them on an ongoingbasis.Putting that package on the table we dontbelieve there is anyone better placed to provideyou with local and international insights.We run real accountsOver the past 10 years Mapa have built aportfolio of real bank accounts that we manage.This gives our clients an insight that cannot berivaled.We only work in financial servicesWe have successfully delivered multinational /multi language consultancy projects for manyyears and our research includes banking ondesktops, mobile and tablets.We’re independentAcross our breadth of international clients ourcompetitor intelligence methodologies areaccepted as “the standard”. Our approachesreflect the best practices in current thinking.
  7. 7. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comDid you miss the French coming?- Make sure that you follow the news we share across social media, our Linked In group andour own websiteSubscribe to our news RSS what we are saying on our Linked In Group:Digital Banking InnovationLook at what we are reading at our best way to get in touch:Edward Chatham, Managing +44(0)20 7727 3130Mapa specialise in digital and mobile retailFinancial Services research. We have a globalreach and are experts in our field. Competitor Analysis Competitor Dashboards Consultancy Services Insight Reports Workshops