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The Big Data Explosion - Are You Ready?


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Published on Sep 16, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to impact every aspect of our lives. We now do almost everything using our mobile devices – from turning on a coffee pot to counting our daily steps, even turning off the lights and locking the doors of our homes. The digital and physical universes are merging, and creating massive amounts of data. It isn't just IoT, IDC predicts that by 2020, we’ll create 44 trillion gigabytes of data, much of which will be unstructured.

We’re all aware that the dramatic increase in unstructured data will have an impact. But do you really know how to set-up your business and your team for success? Are you really future proofed or just hoping the patches will hold?

In order to successfully manage the big data deluge, companies must adopt strategic approaches to ensure they can not only manage, but benefit from and even monetize big data. Data is becoming a board level discussion. NoSQL is emerging as a real game changer for organisations looking to leverage their data for business competitive advantage, move away from existing complicated, expensive and even out-dated technologies. But for many NoSQL is still untested and untried and requires a leap of faith for enterprise business few find un-challenging to take.

The decision you make on your data strategy are becoming both your greatest challenge and your greatest opportunity. Come discover business critical insight into how to take advantage of emerging technologies for maximum business impact.

I discuss how big data will affect enterprises, including its benefits and challenges, as well as steps organizations can take to manage the big data deluge. This talk is designed to break down the true situation, uncover the true facts and implications of both your existing and future technology stacks. Demystify the challenge and provide the insight you need.

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The Big Data Explosion - Are You Ready?

  1. 1. THE BIG DATA EXPLOSION Are you ready? MANU MARCHAL Managing Director EMEA
  3. 3. 80 MILLION PEOPLE 1300 MESSAGES A SECOND  24 Hours a Day / 365 Days a Year  Information is requested and amended more than 2.6 BILLION times a year  Has enabled over 42 MILLION Summary Care Records to be created and stored  Has transmitted over 1.3 BILLION prescription messages. 1800 messages/s  £21m savings in first year. 700hrs saved every day NHS Data Spine
  4. 4. Smart Thermostat Market is expected to grow from $146.9 million in revenue in 2014 to $2.3 billion by 2023. -Navigant THE CONNECTED HOME  Store historical date for analytics  Store User Schedules  Sessions Storage for Connected Users
  5. 5. 1.5 TRILLION RECORDS PER DAY 400% Year Over Year Increase  Ability to Monitor entire IT environment from Single Portal  Array of Real-Time Statistics and Insight  Centralize & Correlate Events, Alerts, and Notifications
  6. 6. Cloud-based management tools and data analytics usually only accessible to larger companies. Millions of transactions each day. POS FOR OVER 20K SMALL BUSINESSES  Quick Service  Retail  Restaurant & Bar
  7. 7. 20 TERABYTES OF DATA PER DAY BILLIONS OF MOBILE DEVICES  10 BILLION data transactions a day – 150,000 a second – Apple  Forecasting 2.8 BILLION locations around the world  Generates 4GB OF DATA every second We’re focusing on helping people make better decisions with the weather.
  8. 8. WEATHER FORECAST PREDICTS WALMART’S SALES Ideal BERRY weather turns out to be low wind with temperatures below 28C. People are more likely to eat STEAK when it's warm out with higher winds but no rain, but not if it gets too hot.
  9. 9. WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS? Enterprises must choose: Modernize or Sink! • Adopt technologies to successfully manage data generated by new data sources and consumed by users accessing complex data types from around the world, 24 hours a day. • Organizations must make plans to handle data ingestion, data storage, and analytics in order to bring value to the business. • Increasingly look to distributed systems to help manage the influx of traffic, and ease current operational challenges.
  10. 10. DISTRIBUTED WORKLOADS App App App App Virtualization Server App Aggregation Server Server Server Server Client-Server Era: SMALL APPS BIG SERVERS ONE LOCATION Cloud Era: BIG APPS SMALL SERVERS MANY LOCATIONS
  11. 11. Everything works at small scale What happens when something goes wrong The customer experience matters WHY DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS? Scale out, up and down predictably and linearly Survive server, network or data center failures Data locality enables data operations close to end-users DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS DEVELOPERS OPERATIONS CUSTOMERS SALES
  12. 12. The growing hype surrounding data lakes is causing substantial confusion in the information management space Gartner Challenge 1 – Isolation of Data
  13. 13. Challenge 2 – Consistency of Data To Be or Not To Be Consistent? Understand the question… C A P X The CAP Theorem Dr Eric Brewer Describes the trade-offs involved in distributed systems
  14. 14. Challenge 3 – Data Gravity Apps Services Lower Latency & Higher Bandwidth Growth Over Time Data
  15. 15. “Perhaps the biggest challenge is that the IoT has the potential to generate orders of magnitude more data than any other source in existence today. So, in the world of the IoT we will test the limits of ‘big.’” Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer for Teradata Putting Challenges In Perspective
  16. 16. Get open source riak from