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Building & Leading High Performing Teams


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Is everyone in your team responsible for their job roles?
Are people in your company or organization perform their best?
Are people in your company or organization work well with each other as a team?
Do you know what are the invisible force why people do what they are doing?

We invite you to join our next program "Building and Leading High Performing Teams - The 3-in-1 Solution for Improving Your Productivity and Profitability" Call 023 6364 966 / email: visit our website:

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Building & Leading High Performing Teams

  1. 1. You may be facing a productivity problem within your company or organization. This problem can be caused by individual under-performance, team under-performance or leadership under- performance. You may have tried single solution to either one of the problems above and you may still face the same problem. You are not alone, there are countless companies and organizations have this same problem. To help you solving the above productivity problem we have put three formulas into our program “Building & Leading High Performing Teams – The 3-in-1 Formula That Will Increase Your Productivity and Profitability” It is our honor to you and your team to experience our program all together and you will amaze how this will improve your working environment for the better. TRAINING OBJECTIVES o To inspire and develop High Performing Managers  To identify the invisible force why people do what they do.  To identify the desired competence of winners and the charracteristic of a high performing managers.  To inspire, motivate and nurture High Performing Managers o To understand the development processes of a High Performing Team  To understand the stages of team growth and how to get the most from every team member  To build a loving and friendship working environment and long lasting working relationship. o To lead and inspire a High Performing Team  To understand and apply the Situational Leadership Style for a High Performing Team [Managers as Leaders]  To discover the leadership secrets of High Performing Teams from Good to Great companies
  2. 2. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Managers, Brand Managers, and Sub-Brand Managers, Supervisors, New appointed managers and supervisors and those whose goal is to be great managers and supervisors. TRAINING METHODS Accelerate learning methodology will be used for this training. This includes:  Presentations;  reflection activities  group discussion and sharing;  peer discussion and sharing;  case studies;  videos,  games Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) will be used during the program. NLP is a study of the relationship between how people behave, how people talk / speak and how they act. This technique is widely used for improving brain performance and physical performance. WHO IS THE TRAINER? Piseth Kham (MBA) is the founder and president of PM Leadership, Official Partner of Success Resources, the world’s largest seminar organizer. Piseth is currently acting as Networking Education Coordinator for Business Network International (BNI) CEO Chapter. Piseth worked as management advisor to local organizations under the support of German Development Service (DED). He also served as advisor to Abilis Foundation. He was the Program Manager of Cambodian Disabled People‘s Organization. Piseth has conducted many leadership and teamwork trainings both customized and public programs. His clients including CRDT, Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, Virtust Group, Marist Mission Cambodia, Cam-Freight Service, Sisters Clothing and Tailoring, Village Development Association, etc. Piseth is often working with International and Word-Class trainers to improve himself so he better help you and your team. WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT THIS PROGRAM & PISETH KHAM kmµviFIenH Cafñall¥eq<aHeTArkCIvitl¥RbesIr. Mr. Nguon Sopheap, CEO Voraksatya Co., Ltd kardwknaMCacMnucd¾sMxan;sRmab;shRKas GaCIvkmµ RbFanEpñkepSg². dUecñHRbsinebIGñk Bi)akdwknaMRkumkargar enATIkEnøgrbs;Gñk sUmTMnak;TMng PM Leadership edIm,ICYysRmbsRmYl bBaðaRbQmrbs;Gñk. ´)andk BiesaFn_edayxøÜn´pÞal; ´TTYl)an RbsiT§iPaBedIm,IEklm¥kardwknaM nigEkkgVHxatrbs;´. Ms Mom Mona, Managing Director, Sisters Clothing & Tailoring "Piseth Kham strives to improve as a leader...and is also striving to develop leaders. He has a positive outlook towards the future and sends posts designed to teach, encourage, and inspire all
  3. 3. of us to become better and achieve more." David Dean, author of “Now is Your Time to Win” and President of David Dean and Associates Inc, USA. "Piseth knows that every moment in life is pregnant with possibility" Britt Baillie, PhD, Cambridge University, UK. “PM Leadership inspires me to have higher commitment in order to have more success in life and be a better leader” Mr. Say Run, Credit Officer, ACLEDA BANK Learning about leadership is important for social work for both in the present and in the future because everyone needs this knowledge. After this training we will apply what we have learned to improve our work and to serve the society. Mr. Dy Sam Art, Deputy Director of Department of Fisheries "If you want to be a better leader and be a master of yourself you need to join training by PM Leadership." Ms Sen Raskmey, Brand Manager, Pachemdental Clinic "PM Leadership is a great place for people to learn and set clear goals in life." Mr. Sok Ann, Procurement Manager, Care International Contact PM Leadership Call: 023 6364 966 E-mail: visit us: Admission Fee: USD 156 / person (10% Off for more than 2 registrations) o This includes: Certificate of Successful Participation o 2 Lunch Venue & Date  Venue: Frangipani Living Art Hotel, Toul Tompoung I  Date: 23rd -24th November 2013 – From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm