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Want a Free Macbook? Find out how to get a Free Macbook Air Now!

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Free macbook

  1. 1. Free Macbook | Get One TodayI guess we would all have a free macbook over any other laptop or pc given the choice.Macbooks are widely recognised as simply THE best laptops on the market being not onlypleasing on the eye but also giving excellent performance. Apple have introduced many newfeatures to their machines such as long battery life, multi-touch trackpad, flash storage & ahigher pixel display density. All of these features are provided despite the fact that apple havemade these machines lighter.Free Macbook | Get One TodayThe quality of the build is second to none, made from aluminium is doesnt bend or shear.There are 2 USB ports which is an improvement on previous machines which only had 1. Themacbook air keyboard is of the same design as the macbook pro series & is of great quality,however as I mentioned previously we are puzzled as to why Apple have removed thebacklight. With a resolution of 1366×768 (11.6″) and 1440×900 (13.3″), the MacBook Airdisplays are in fact better than the MacBook Pro line up. Whilst other cheaper laptops canboast similar resolutions the Apple has the advantage of being able to be viewed from manyangles without loss of picture quality. Free Macbook AirFree Macbook | Get One TodayThe trackpad is another aspect of apple pcs that are superior to their rivals & again they arethe same design as the macbook pros. The speakers are also of great quality so can can enjoymovies or music on your free macbook. It is very easy to work on these machines & they fitcomfortably on your lap. Due to the reduction in weight these machines are a breeze to carryso you can comfortably take your work with you wherever you go be it locally or abroad. Thegraphics processor is again the same as those used on macbook pros so is excellent & can beused for gaming which is surprising for such small machines. If you are a gamer howeverthere are better machines around with better grapics more suited to gaming.Free Macbook | SummaryTo sum up the macbook air is undoubtedly a quailty machine which will give you hours ofpleasure whether you are using it for work or play. The superb build quality, great picture &lightweight design make it unbeatable as laptops go. Given that we are giving you theopportunity to get a free macbook what are you waiting for? Click on any of the links here onthe blog for your chance to get your hands on this superb piece of kit.