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Corporate Package 1

  1. 1.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Exceeding Expectation We’re kubik and we design and build experiences for some of the world’s most preeminent companies. Over two decades, we’ve honed our expertise, originality and style to become an industry leader in providing integrated design build solutions. As a true global entity, with offices in Amsterdam, Toronto, and New Jersey we are focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations through creativity, enthusiasm, respect, commitment and the drive to succeed. kubik is recognized for exceptional work in building captivating trade show exhibits, compelling environments and outstanding events around the globe showcasing the world’s leading brands and corporate identities, providing our customers with the most extraordinary experiences in the world. We are a full-service corporation with in-house expertise in design, fabrication and installation, housing full-time craftspeople and a roster of on-call specialists. Our facilities in North America and Europe give us the flexibility to respond to the most challenging demands quickly. We’ve proven time and time again, no matter how big the dream…We can design it. We can build it. So think big. Think kubik. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  3. 3. Our vision: To create the most extraordinary experiences in the world Building experiences: (exhibits + enviroments + events = experiences) Our promise: Imaginative thinking © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  4. 4. THE SPECIFICATIONS ☐ Global Reach: we have an outstanding team of skilled professionals working in Asia, Our locations North America and Europe. kubik North America kubik Europe ☐ Multi-disciplinary Approach: our team includes strategists, designers, planners, Toronto Amsterdam project managers, craftspeople and fabrication specialists. 1680 Mattawa Avenue Plotterstraat1, 1033 RX Mississauga, Ontario Amsterdam, The Netherlands ☐ Comprehensive Offering: we develop, create and build experiences: events, L4X 3A5, Canada T 31 20 581 3030 Toll Free 1.877.252.2818 museums, exhibits, graphics, retail, and corporate environments. T 905.272.2818 F 905.272.2120 ☐ Flexibility: as the scope of the project changes, our team adapts to fit our clients’ needs. New Jersey ☐ Trust: our clients know our solutions are creative, technically sound, and fiscally 708 Fellowship Road responsible. Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054-1004, USA ☐ Turnkey Solutions: we take projects from the initial creative idea, through Toll Free 1.877.625.8243 architectural and engineering development to cost-effective fabrication, site T 856.234.0052 F 856.234.0760 management, logistics, installation and finally, to storage. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  5. 5. RANGE OF SERVICES Throughout the production cycle, we keep key design/project Graphic Design and Production Production management services in-house and on-call, allowing us to kubik has demonstrated proficiency in understanding and kubik has a new 135,000 square foot world-class maintain our reputation for superior delivery standards. interpreting our clients’ brands. We have full in-house manufacturing facility, offering CNC, plastics, high-end graphics production capabilities and produce all graphics spray paint finishing, metal, millwork and cabinet making. Ideation and Conceptual Design based on the finished layouts and artwork on approval by our All of our shop personnel possess years of technical and It starts with an idea, a challenge and a brief. Your brand clients. production knowledge. becomes the focus in the ideation process. At kubik it's all about providing imaginative solutions. Project Management Logistics The role of kubik's Project Manager is imperative to the kubik has over 170,000 square feet of climate controlled Our designers excel at creating three-dimensional experiences successful execution of every project. Budget development, warehouse space complete with full logistics management on – right from the conceptual stage. Our fully rendered quality assurance and production status updates, are just site. Our warehouses in Toronto, New Jersey, Edmonton, Las environments bring our designs to life in an interactive some of the responsibilities our PM team is tasked with. Vegas and Amsterdam are positioned to service your needs. format using fly-through videos and prototype simulations. Paramount to all of this, is open, timely, effective Our mandate is to provide the highest degree of expediency We’re always watching the trends to bring you the most communication with the client, throughout every phase of and efficiency. We only partner with logistic companies that extraordinary environmental experiences. the project, ensuring that the client needs are always met, and provide direct shipments, handle tight turnarounds and exceeding expectations. enable up-to-the-minute tracking. Engineering Our detail engineers produce full working drawings using the Event Management Installation and Dismantle latest AutoCAD software, working closely with the lead We have a team of dedicated Event Coordinators with Our personnel are trained to manage large crews under project designers. Every detail is outlined, reviewed and expertise in the design and execution of Corporate Event difficult deadlines and can work anywhere in the world. We finalized with our clients prior to reaching the shop floor. programs. Handling Product Launches, Sponsorship provide all site equipment and schedule down to the last Activations, Sales Meetings, Special and Sporting Events. Our detail. kubik has access to worldwide resources for team can offer support where you need it: Event planning, subcontracting labor and show services. Presentation Scripting, Graphics Design, Staging, Registration, and of course the full installation and dismantle of the event. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  6. 6. DELIVERING THE BOTTOM LINE WORKING WITH kubik Trust Commitment Budgeting and Itemized Accounting What can you expect when you work with us? First: service and execution! We tackle cost accounting on a per project basis. Our up-to-the-minute Your satisfaction is paramount to each of us. We work alongside you tracking methods, combined with a computerized docket system, help us throughout the process to resolve challenges and deliver confidence that to determine the financial status of any given project at a glance. We can your project is running smoothly and successfully. kubik is your partner. anticipate final billing amounts, including documented pre-approved additions and/or deletions. This attention to detail keeps the project Our role is to interpret, design and construct world-class exhibits, events running smoothly and the budget on track. and environments that convey the theme and meet the project’s objectives. We are not afraid to offer you imaginative design options to Cost Control assist with the decision-making process. From managing the minute kubik employs an extensive network of suppliers and professionals. We details to unveiling the final picture, you’ll find that we are a friendly, also constantly research cost- effective and efficient production methods highly professional group who pride ourselves in flawless execution. At and mutually beneficial joint ventures. All outside requirements are multi kubik, we measure our success by the quality of your results. tendered to ensure fair market value. When requested, we will supply detailed estimates for supplier services based on our experience in the marketplace. Estimates are submitted to the client for approval prior to commencement of actual production. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  8. 8. Created as a traveling event, the Heineken PET Bar had to have enough impact and excitement to properly introduce the new plastic bottle at major outdoor events and concerts. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  9. 9. kubik designed a complete on-site marketing package for this event, including a hospitality pavilion that installed in 7 major ports from Rotterdam to Rio deJaneiro. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  10. 10. EXHIBITS
  11. 11. The cosmetics department in a major retail store is rife with distractions. The L’Oréal Group, one of the world’s largest cosmetics manufacturers, asked kubik to come up with a series of pop-up retail fixtures that would grab the customer’s attention, and hang on to it. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  12. 12. kubik designed an environment that blended the old with the new, showcasing that, while Grolsch is one of the oldest breweries in the world, its beers still have true modern appeal. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  13. 13. kubik helped set Caterpillar apart from its competitors by steering away from the expected. What’s more, in a sea of predictable presentations, Caterpillar was lifted above the pack with a solidly branded message. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  15. 15. Whether in New York, Boston, London or Berlin, Niketown stores have become tourist destinations that showcase innovative Nike products. kubik coordinated various different display areas, graphic programs and interactive installations
  16. 16. kubik's design for Heineken’s headquarters is an architectural statement that reflects the renewed spirit of the brand. New materials, new engineering ideas and fresh transparency echo the firm’s corporate values.
  18. 18. This traveling exhibit is a showcase for memorabilia, personal possessions, letters and film footage related to Princess Diana’s childhood and public life. kubik managed the project and oversaw the handling of over 200 artifacts in the production of this event.
  19. 19. An amazingly lifelike installation was created in this “Touch-Me” environment that transports visitors to the main street of 18th century Port Royal, Jamaica and the age of Pirates.
  20. 20. Extraordinary clients. Extraordinary creations. A client list that speaks volumes about our work.