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Getting started with Facebook OpenGraph API

  1. 1. Open Graph for Developers @LynnLangit
  2. 2. What and Why Open Graph?• A Facebook API to share information  From your application  To Facebook• Ex. Pinterest
  3. 3. First LookOpen Graph by Example
  4. 4. DemoOpen Graph Word Press plug in
  5. 5. Open Graph in 30 minutes Wordpress Plug-in
  6. 6. Understanding more…• Look at Open Graph for Facebook application development o Beyond the ‘Like’ button o Adding more information – noun / verb, i.e. “I cooked this recipe”• Understand how to get started coding using a single API• Learn concepts - User / Action / Object / Aggregation
  7. 7. Displaying Open Graph InfoUse a single APIEnable Open Graph actionsTo appear on Social Channel-- Newsfeed-- Ticker-- Timeline
  8. 8. User->Action->ObjectActions and objects are the building blocks of Open Graph
  9. 9. Planning for Open GraphStudent Teaching Kids Programming After a student codes and builds a recipe (lesson), then: 1) Post a story to their timeline 2) Post their name 3) Post a picture of the output (screenshot) 4) Post the name of recipe 5) The timeline story should read as follows: “Lynn built the TKP SQUARE recipe today using Java”
  10. 10. DemoSetting up an Open Graph application
  11. 11. Objects, Actions, Aggregations for TKP
  12. 12. Working with Open Graph• Core Concepts o Objects are nouns o Actions are verbs (and must be approved) by Facebook staff o Aggregations are views on Timeline, Newsfeed or Ticker• Wire up Open Graph Objects to web pages with <meta> tags o Tags in the <head> section of the page o Tags describe the type of the object, the name of the object and other key information
  13. 13. Using Open Graph ADD new or TEST yourCREATE your USE default CUSTOMIZE application WIRE up your Facebook ACTIONS and existing Open using Tools application to Application OBJECTS to Graph items: • Graph API your Open w/a your Open • Objects Explorer Graphnamespace Graph • Actions • Facebook Activity Log • Aggregations
  14. 14. Using the Samples Gallery From the samples gallery - here
  15. 15. Try it out• Build an app which uses Open Graph API• Put your on app center
  16. 16. Learn More

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