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Understanding the potential of the Facebook Open Graph and Graph API


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Facebook's Open Graph may be the most radical marketing innovation to date.

Here are some examples of how Facebook technology is "taking over the web" and the opportunities it presents to marketers.

Presentation made to students at NYU, 02.24.2011.

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Understanding the potential of the Facebook Open Graph and Graph API

  1. 1. Understanding the Open Graph and Graph API NYU – Feb, 24, 2011 By Vidar Brekke Product Lead, Open Audience Manager @social_vidar
  2. 2. A brief history of internet marketing Most groundbreaking is Facebook’s Open Graph, through which Internet users automatically identify themselves wherever Facebook’s Like button appears
  3. 3. Facebook is re-indexing the web around people Every month, more than 10,000 new websites connect their content and visitors to the Open Graph via the Like button
  4. 4. Open Graph and Graph API potential •  Helps marketers: –  Get visitors to indentify themselves online –  Create personalized and socialized experiences everywhere •  Helps Facebook: –  Become the primary identity provider across the web –  Replace current core communications channels –  Become the the worlds largest and most powerful behavioral ad network –  Become the THE search engine
  5. 5. Get visitors to identify themselves online …via the Like button
  6. 6. Liking your web page triggers a Viral traffic loop New traffic generates new “Likes” as the viral loop continues The update is pushed to hundreds of friends’ Facebook newsfeeds, generating clicks Visitors click “Like” which generates a back to your web pages. Facebook newsfeed message
  7. 7. Become the primary identity provider across the web
  8. 8. Create personalized and socialized experiences
  9. 9. Create personalized and socialized experiences
  10. 10. Why Etsy made the specific recommendations: …they had access to my friend Laurie’s Likes (via me!)
  11. 11. Replacing current core communications channels•  It’s all about the FLOW •  Additionally. Facebook offers 3rd party services to bring the Facebook ‘way’ to Facebook is not just a social their own properties network, but a communications company where Facebook messages, Chat, Status updates and SMS, are all part of the same stream-based communications flow. ps. Watch out for the Facebook phone Facebook enabled Chat while on Hotmail.
  12. 12. Become the the worlds largest and most powerfulbehavioral ad network •  600MM members have fed Facebook their biographical information as well as their every interest and desire •  It’s all opt-in. Regulators, please walk away…nothing controversial here… Oh dear Facebook, how did you know!
  13. 13. Become THE search engine
  14. 14. The key to all of this is the Like button 65 Million Users Click Facebook’s Like Buttons Everyday
  15. 15. Facebook wants Like buttons everywhere! … but are websites doing much more than passing off all their customers to Facebook? Why should Facebook have better data on customer’s Likes, preferences and demographics than the website owners, including the ability to market to their visitors?
  16. 16. Before experimenting with Like buttons… … make sure you have the tools to: Track how many new Friends you’re making across your web pages Collect basic demographic data on Friends of your pages Communicate relevant offers to Friends of your various web pages
  17. 17. A web application that sitsbetween your website andFacebook as a manager ofyour Open Graph objectsKey benefits:- Gauge your Facebook “Like”growth across your web pages- Analyze demographic dataon every page’s or product’sFriends- Retarget Facebook Friendsbased on the unique contentor products they’ve Liked
  18. 18. The “PAGE VIEW”inventories a marketer’sOpen Graph objects intoproduct categories, sitesections, etc. Object actions include metadata editing, object publishing and analytics
  19. 19. Open Audience Manageralso includes anengagement module Preview
  20. 20. Publishes to newsfeed Message Fans/audience of your web page Drives traffic back to your site.
  21. 21. Analyze marketing performance and page demographics •  User engagement, virality and conversions from your messaging •  Demographic insights for each page allows you to refine your messaging
  22. 22. Contact Us Vidar Brekke Business & Product Lead, Open Audience Manager (office) 732.483.2157 (twitter) @social_vidar Learn more at