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One graph to rule them all - Facebook

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One graph to rule them all - Facebook

  1. One Graph to rule them all Integrating your application with
  2. Cristian Planas CTO of Follow me on Twitter: @cristianplanas
  3. ¿How to publish actions in the Open Graph?
  4. 1. Get a wrapper gem install koala
  5. 2. Get access to the user’s graph graph =
  6. 3. Publish your action! graph.put_connections("me", ”my action name", :my_object=> my_object_url)
  7. Not so fast!
  8. ¿What is the Open Graph?
  9. Elements of the Open Graph
  10. The User
  11. Asking for permissions: publish_actions
  12. Merging with publish_stream publish_stream permits you to write in the user’s wall. Now publish_actions include “basic” capabilities of publish_stream. Facebook is trying to simplify its permission system.
  13. The Object
  14. Define the object with metatags og:url og:title og:description og:image og:type
  15. Using the object URL as a landing
  16. A typical issue: caching Facebook caches the URL of the objects. Facebook Debugger cleans the cache. Use it!
  17. The Action
  18. The easy way: built-in Actions Follow Like Listen Read Watch
  19. Better create your own!
  20. Publishing your actions Client-side: Facebook Javascript SDK Server-side: Choose your wrapper! Server-side & Background: Sidekiq, Resque...
  21. Meanwhile, in Ruby…
  22. Surviving Facebook Review
  23. Translating your action
  24. ¿Why the Open Graph?
  25. Alternatives
  26. Scores Pretty good choice in simple, “closed” games.
  27. Achievements Every achievement has points associated. A game has 1000 points to distribute across all the achievements. The visibility of the achievement depends of the points.
  28. Publishing in the wall
  29. Things to remember Open Graph is really simple to use. Just adapt your application to Facebook way of life. Greatly improves your visibility.
  30. Now it’s true.

Editor's Notes

  • Grammar issues: you can play a game, but not play in an event