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Business Blog Work #2


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Motivating Workers

Published in: Business
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Business Blog Work #2

  1. 1. Business Blog Work #2 –Motivating Workers Paper 1 1 a) Paying a worker “by piece rate” is paying a worker according to the quantity of production that he/she has produced or made in a specific time. b) Joe could give to his employees discounts on the firm’s products or generous expense accounts. c) Because maybe there aren’t good working conditions so they don’t like to spend their time where they can get hurt or ill, or because they don’t get well motivated with enough fringe benefits or rewards so they don’t feel like working without being recognized or well-congratulated anymore. d) Joe can give his workers more recognition for their good work by any mean or higher their wage or salary. e) On the one hand, this could motivate the worker in the operations department to produce more and faster, but maybe they get too focused on producing a lot and fast and they ignore the quality. On the other hand, this could not be very useful for the ones working at the offices. They could be paid by time rate because they are nor producing something specific. 2 a) A bonus is an additional payment as a reward for good job. b) People work for money, for being able to buy the basic needs plus luxurious things; and for job satisfaction, the achievement of the feeling that a person has done a good job. c) Hotel workers experience esteem needs, when they are congratulated for a good job and social needs, they make friends at work and talk and help each other. d) If the workers are well motivated they would work more effectively because they could get a bonus or another type of reward and also it could lower levels of absenteeism as the employees are happy with their working lives. e) There is no “best way”. It is just a way. But also they could get bonuses or fringe benefits such as health care paid for, a company vehicle, generous expense accounts, etcetera. But yes, it is a good way of motivating them