Rapid prototyping with solr - By Erik Hatcher


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See conference video - http://www.lucidimagination.com/devzone/events/conferences/revolution/2011

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Rapid prototyping with solr - By Erik Hatcher

  1. 1. Rapid Prototyping with Solr Erik Hatcher, Lucid Imaginationerik.hatcher @ lucidimagination.com, May 25, 2011
  2. 2. Abstract§  Got data? Lets make it searchable! This interactive presentation will demonstrate getting documents into Solr quickly, will provide some tips in adjusting Solrs schema to match your needs better, and finally will discuss how showcase your data in a flexible search user interface. Well see how to rapidly leverage faceting, highlighting, spell checking, and debugging. Even after all that, there will be enough time left to outline the next steps in developing your search application and taking it to production. 3
  3. 3. My Background§  Erik Hatcher •  Lucid Imagination §  Technical Staff •  Co-author §  Java Development with Ant / Ant in Action (Manning) §  Lucene in Action (Manning) •  Apache Software Foundation §  Committer – Lucene / Solr §  PMC – Lucene TLP §  Member 4
  4. 4. Why prototype?§  Demonstrate Solr can handle your data and searching needs; mitigate risk, learn the unknown§  It’s quick and easy, with very little time investment§  Immediate functional user interface impresses decision makers and target users; get buy-in •  The user interface IS the app 5
  5. 5. Prior Art§  Hoss’ amazing ISFDB work •  http://www.lucidimagination.com/blog/tag/isfdb/§  Previous “Rapid Prototyping with Solr” presentations •  Data.gov Catalog on Solr: http://www.lucidimagination.com/blog/2010/11/05/data-gov- on-solr/ •  Rich text files on Solr: http://www.lucidimagination.com/Community/Hear-from- the-Experts/Podcasts-and-Videos/Rapid-Prototyping- Search-Applications-Solr •  CSV (conference attendee data) on Solr: http://www.slideshare.net/erikhatcher/rapid-prototyping- with-solr-4312681 6
  6. 6. Rapid Prototyping using CSV§  Fired up Solr’s example configuration§  /update/csv •  http://localhost:8983/solr/update/csv? commit=true&stream.file=EuroCon2010.csv&fieldnames=fi rst,last,company,title,country&header=true&f.country.map =Great+Britain:United+Kingdom§  Tweak configuration •  schema: domain-centric field names •  solrconfig: /browse request handler •  Template adjustments§  Instant classic search results view, tree map visualization of facet data, and random selection of contest winners 7
  7. 7. CSV results 8
  8. 8. … using rich text files§  curl "http://localhost:8983 /solr/update/extract? stream.file=/docs/file.pdf &literal.id=/docs/file.pdf 9
  9. 9. … using Data.Gov catalog data§  /update/csv – again! 10
  10. 10. Explaining 11
  11. 11. Suggest 12
  12. 12. Venn Viz 13
  13. 13. E-commerce data§  http://bbyopen.com/§  Product data, via easy HTTP JSON API 14
  14. 14. Ingesting the datarequire solr’!#...!1.upto(max_pages) do |page|! puts "Processing page #{page}"! json = fetch_page(page)! ! response = JSON.parse(json, :symbolize_names=>true)! puts "Total products: #{response[:total]}" if page == 1!! mapping = {! :id => :sku,! :name_t => :name,! :thumbnail_s => :thumbnailImage,! :url_s => :url,! :type_s => :type,! :category_s => Proc.new {|prod| ! prod[:categoryPath].collect {|cat| cat[:name]}.join( >> )},! :department_s => :department,! :class_s => :class,! :subclass_s => :subclass,! :sale_price_f => :salePrice! }!! Solr::Indexer.new(response[:products], mapping, ! {:debug => debug, :buffer_docs => 500}).index!end! 15
  15. 15. solr-ruby’s secret power§  Solr::Indexer.new( source, mapping, options ).index§  “Quacks like a duck”§  source simply #each’s§  mapping simply #[]’s 16
  16. 16. … on Prism 17
  17. 17. What is Prism?§  Yet another opinionated brainstorm from Erik§  https://github.com/lucidimagination/Prism§  Under the covers •  Ruby §  because it’s beautiful •  Sinatra §  to be lightweight and have elegant flexible routing •  Velocity §  because it is easy to learn and use, and has powerful features, facilitates edit/refresh work§  Separate from Solr, Rack-savvy, allows easy coding of new routes and capabilities§  Designed to work with any arbitrary Solr instance, and already has some basic LucidWorks Enterprise capability§  Totally a proof-of-concept at this point – just a quick hack 18
  18. 18. … on Solritas 19
  19. 19. Solritas?§  Pronounced: so-LAIR-uh-toss§  Celeritas is a Latin word, translated as "swiftness" or "speed". It is often given as the origin of the symbol c, the universal notation for the speed of light - http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celeritas§  Technically it’s the VelocityResponseWriter (wt=velocity) •  simply passes the Solr response through the Apache Velocity templating engine§  http://wiki.apache.org/solr/VelocityResponseWriter§  Built into Solr, available instantly out of the box at: http://localhost:8983/solr/browse 20
  20. 20. … on Blacklight 21
  21. 21. Blacklight?§  http://projectblacklight.org/§  Blacklight is a free and open source Ruby on Rails based discovery interface (a.k.a. “next-generation catalog”) especially optimized for heterogeneous collections. You can use it as a library catalog, as a front end for a digital repository, or as a single-search interface to aggregate digital content that would otherwise be siloed.§  Production sites: •  http://search.lib.virginia.edu/ •  http://searchworks.stanford.edu/§  Features: •  Authentication •  Saved searches •  Bookmarks – saved result items •  Selected items – for exporting to 3rd party systems •  Customizable / extensible UI 22
  22. 22. Prototyping Tips and Tools§  Get data into Solr in the simplest possible way •  CSV – if it fits, it’s really nice§  Schema adjusting •  <dynamicField name="*" type="string" multiValued="true"/> •  <copyField source="*" dest="text"/>§  Data analysis •  Understand what Solr is doing with your fields •  Solr’s Schema Browser and /admin/luke request handler§  UI •  /browse – easy tweaking of <solr-home>/conf/velocity/*.vm templates 23
  23. 23. Now what?§  Script the indexing process: full and incremental/delta§  Work with real users on real needs§  Integrate into production systems§  Iterate on schema enhancements and configuration tweaks§  Deploy to staging/production environments and work at scale: collection size, real queries and volume, hardware and JVM settings 24
  24. 24. Test§  Performance§  Scalability§  Relevance§  Automate all of the above, start baselines, avoid regressions 25
  25. 25. Thanks! 26