Senior living options texas- lone star college


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Senior living options texas- lone star college

  1. 1. Senior Living Options - Texas Presented by: Sue Davis, LNFA, PGCM Texas Senior Solutions
  2. 2. CCRC’s • Retirement Living Complexes, Communities Buy In Communities: (ie. Bayou Manor, Holly Hall, The Buckingham) Initial Large Financial Deposit. Monthly Maintenance Fee. Application process often includes passing health and medical requirements. Residents typically desire lifelong plan to stay.
  3. 3. Retirement Living - Rentals • Monthly Rental Agreements- ie. The Forum, Parkway Place (Annual or Month to Month Lease) Community Fee. Annual, sometimes more, rate increases(5%-10%). On Site Courtesy Officer. Not Licensed – no on-site care provided 24/hr. Contract with Home Health agencies – private pay. “Step-Living” (ie, Assisted Living, Nursing, Memory Care). “Al A Carte” billing for certain services, such as parking.
  4. 4. Assisted Living Licensed by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services – “DADS” Type A – Resident must be able to evacuate self. Type B - Resident requires assistance evacuating. (most common) Staff awake and on duty 24 hours. Life Safety Codes – Sprinklers, Fire Walls, etc. Inspected Annually. There are other “Types” of licensure, but we are focusing on Senior Living. (ie, Group Homes).
  5. 5. Assisted Living…cont’d. Assisted Living – Small (16 or fewer beds). Assisted Living – Large (over 16 beds). Residential Care Homes – AKA “Personal Care Homes”. 4 beds or fewer have Type C licensure. Residential setting in neighborhoods. Most people aware of Type B – Chain Facilities. (ie. Colonial Oaks, Emeritus, Elmcroft, etc.). Often included in “Step-Living” Retirement Communities.
  6. 6. Alzheimer’s – Memory Care DADS Requires “Alzheimer’s Certification” for any facility advertising it provides specialized care for Alzheimer’s Dementia residents. The certification is an extra certification for a Type B facility and extra “layer” of regulations the facility must follow while providing such care, both operations and Life Safety Code. Not everyone who needs Memory Care has Alzheimer’s, (ie. Vascular Dementia). Adopted into state regulations in 2000. Alzheimer’s Disclosure Statement to be used by providers to outline services and staffing.
  7. 7. Home Health 2 Different Kinds of HH!! Skilled Home Health: Licensed personnel provides care. (ie. PT, OT, SLP, Wound Care). Doctor writes order. Usually covered under Part B (80%). Nurse oversees care plan and sometimes one day a week care attendant, (aid) is assigned.
  8. 8. Home Health – cont’d. Home Health – Non-Skilled. Companion care provided through agencies that are licensed by DADS to provide home health services. (ie. Home Instead, Visiting Angels) Assistance with ADL’s – Activities of Daily Living. Companionship, Supervision of Medications, Light Housekeeping, Errands, “Sitters”. Some use within facilities as an extra layer of assistance. (sitter policies apply).
  9. 9. Nursing Nursing Homes: Medicare and/or Medicaid Certified Skilled Nursing: Medicare Certified Rehab, G-Tube, Wound Care after 3 midnight hospitalization and ordered by physician. Traditional Medicare with Medicare Supplemental Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans, policies vary, review plan summary. Long-term, convalescent care: Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid.
  10. 10. Hospice For terminally ill patients, usually 6 months or left life expectancy. Must be ordered by physician. Part A Medicare beneficiaries. Palliative care, does not treat to cure, just comfort. Will treat other conditions not related to morbid diagnoses, (ie, burn treatment). In a facility or in the home. Family and spiritual dynamics included in care plan.
  11. 11. Bowel Movements Three old men are talking about their aches, pains and bodily functions. One seventy year old man says, "I have this problem. I wake up every morning at seven and it takes me twenty minutes to pee.“ An eighty year old man says, "My case is worse. I get up at eight and I sit there and grunt and groan for half an hour before I finally have a bowel movement.“ The ninety year old man says, "At seven I pee like a horse, at eight I crap like a cow." "So what's your problem?" asked the others. "I don't wake up until nine." source:
  12. 12. Centenarians Roughly 1 person in every 6,000 reach their 100th birthday today. Fifty years ago, only 1 person in every 67,000 reached the century mark. See more at: es/Articles/ ml#sthash.QPO4fNUi.dpuf
  13. 13. Quotes • “It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.” ― Jules Renard • “Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.” ― George Burns • “Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.” ― Aristotle • “The good thing about being old is not being young.” ― Stephen Richards • “Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you're aboard there's nothing you can do.” ― Golda Meir • “If you see me running, do me a favor, shoot what’s behind me!“ ― Sue Davis
  14. 14. Centenarians The oldest human to ever live (one whose date of birth can be fully documented) was Jeanne Louise Calment from Arles, France. She died in 1997 at the age of 122 years 166 days. In many ways, she was a remarkable person. She is the only person to have ever been confirmed beyond a doubt to have reached the age of 120 years. Although she died 14 years ago, nobody else has managed to live that long. An interesting side question is how Jeanne Louise Calment managed to achieve such an advanced age? She smoked until the age of 117 and reportedly ate a couple of pounds of chocolate a week. She also rode her bike until the age of 100 and lived on her own until 110. Go figure.
  15. 15. TTexas S Senior S Solutions Sue Davis Texas Senior Solutions 3214 W. Rangecrest Sugar Land, TX 77479 Cell: 713-557-1811 Fax: 281-980-5661 Email: Call Us or Contact Us Today! We're here to help you"