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Imaginary presents REHABILITY

  1. Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation through Games Lucia Pannese, CEO March 2017
  2. REHABILITY is the suite of serious games for physical and cognitive rehabilitation of neurological patients (studied for stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, >6 yrs multi-disciplinary research). REHABILITY was designed with specialists AND PATIENTS! REHABILITY allows patients to follow the rehabilitation therapy from home with continuous remote medical support. Objectives and background
  3. Benefits • Shift of therapy from hospital to home. • Reducing cost of care. • Patients are more motivated • Complain less of pain and fatigue • Adhere better to the therapy • Supports medical staff keeping patients engaged in therapy.
  4. REHABILITY wins 1st prize in AboutPharma Digital Awards (Oct 2015) for the category “reorganization of the NHS” and is in the top 3 nominations in the category of “Tech for Patients”.
  5. Outreach 410 PATIENTS 14 INSTITUTIONS 7 NATIONS Partner
  6. Morgan Innovation & Technology for UK to develop next version with haptic glove. Ongoing Research and Developments Considering the high interest and success in pediatric field, a children’s version is under development.
  7. Patients have improved. It is important to have a tool like this. Dr. Stefas Eleftherios, Scientific Director of the EVEXIA Rehabilitation Centre - Greece. Soft outcomes - specialists comment We have been using REHABILITY […] in our centre for the last couple of years with good results. The persons are motivated to play and the system offers an excellent opportunity to train functional movements in a familiar virtual environment. Dr. Johanna Jonsdottir, Senior Researcher, Fondazione Don Gnocchi Onlus IRCCS, Milan - Italy
  8. The installation of the new games offers new possibilities and we are excited to be able to use them with our patients. We're very happy with the games, and what is more important, so are our patients!. Jelena Hodak, Research Assistant, Department of Research and Teaching, Rab Psychiatric Hospital, Rab, Croatia We are honoured and excited about the introduction of REHABILITY, a proven gamification platform, to our centre. This is an important first step towards our development of “virtual” Health Oriented Ageing (HOA) to augment our “real” HOA programme. Jin Kiat, O’Joy Care Services, Singapore
  9. Patients comment I would like to do another 40 sessions of game, if I could. REHABILITY has helped me a lot! Don Gnocchi patient - Italy. Therapists at CCPP Dezza Milano report that patients using REHABILITY complain less of fatigue and pain. An association in Italy reports the satisfaction of patients who – feeling as “losers” in their lives - are able to “win” again”!
  10. Preliminary data shows significant tendencies for - increasing of motivation - patient engagement - rehabilitation progress in patients. 2 randomized clinical trials: - European one closed - Italy + SE Asia running Several scientific publications issued. Hard outcomes
  11. imaginary • >13 years experience in serious games and enabling technologies • Combine enabling technologies with games psychology and mechanics • Aims at influencing motivation, understanding and behavioural change • 3 markets: eHealth, Smart Cities, Training & Education • Awarded over 25 EU research projects • Multi-disciplinary team imaginary is one of the best practices chosen by the European Commission for the sector Silver Economy: innovation-observatory/case-studies/index_en.htm
  12. What we are looking for • Distributors • Partnerships • Investment for further research
  13. Lucia Pannese CEO lpannese imaginary.italy imaginarysrl imaginary_italy piazza Caiazzo, 3 20124 Milano PH. +39 02 89458.576 FAX +39 02 89458.695