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Scratch cards online


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Scratch cards online

  1. 1. Scratch Cards OnlineThe Gaining popularity of Online Scratch cards
  2. 2. First industry steps∗ When Scratch cards first emerged to the online world, back around 2004, many people in the industry expressed their doubts about the success of such a game in a virtual format
  3. 3. First industry steps∗ The objections to this online game varied from a disbelief that anyone would enjoy engaging in scratching a card over a screen to technical aspects around the winning odds that would need to be profitable to both online scratch cards providers and the players
  4. 4. Audience acceptance ∗ Contrary to the common opinion, online scratch cards have not only managed to become a played game on the net, but also became one of the most popular games online.Among the most popularscratch card brands:
  5. 5. Branding∗ From the very beginning the publishers of online scratch cards knew that they wanted to distinguish this game from classical online casino games. A new category was created with a more casual sense to it – Soft Gaming
  6. 6. Scratch card Trends∗ Google trends shows a distinct rise in the search volume of scratch cards. But of course, not all of these were looking to play scratch cards on the web
  7. 7. Scratch cards Trends∗ In fact, the phrase ‘online scratch cards’ was starting to show presence only at mid 2006, about 2.5 years after its first launch
  8. 8. Branded Games∗ The publishers of the games were aware of the fast growth of the game’s popularity and of course were interested to explore new ways to help it grow even more. One of the ways to do this was using branded games, very similarly to online slot games with their Spiderman and Batman themes
  9. 9. Branded Games∗ New scratch card gams such as Monopoly scratch cards or the Bold and the Beautiful scratch cards were launched and promoted
  10. 10. Branded Games∗ It is still too early to see if these types of games will bring those publishers the desired outcome of a much broader spread. Buy judging by the effect those brands had, and still have, on online slot games, we can predict a good outcome here too
  11. 11. Online Scratch Cards∗ When it comes to the prediction of online games, it’s not an exact science. However, in the meantime it is fairly safe to say that online scratch cards are here to stay