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How are firms coping with Liquid Coverage Requirements (LCR)?


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Lombard Risk online poll results from our recent online regulatory update on PRA and European Liquidity Regime (

The online briefing took place on the 28th July 2015 and was attended by over 350 business representativs from financial services institutions, mainly European-based.

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How are firms coping with Liquid Coverage Requirements (LCR)?

  1. 1. How are firms coping with LCR? Project—wise, is your EU LCR work done, or not? Answered by over 13 7°/ o Done, we have this all under control and are in parallel ready for the live reporling THIS 76%: On track to be done so that we can run LCR from October 1 60/, ’ We are not in a Ierrihly good place, I mean wtial are summer holidays for, if not regulatory projects. . . ? . The majority of firms under CRD IV are on track with Liquidily Coverage C°“‘“'5'°“- Requirement from October We think the PRA interim LCR requirement will run for. .. Answered by over 128 firms '_'i% 16% 3 months. till end 4 or 5 monms till December JanIFeb 2016 149% 3 0°/ u Will slip by quaners. Frankly, later — could be so and March 2016 June’: b the time AMM and LCR XB L is all sorted out. and EU J0. and Greece, and fishing quotas etc etc CONCLUSION: ;’IJ;1n; asjo; itg( 30; Iaglfisi/ e the PRA interim period will run until March or Leverage Ratio changes. .. Answered be over 10!: firms We have already Will have very little impact Well to be honest we'd dealt with these on us, we will deal with at not noticed there were changes in parallel the time when the going to be changes to reporting changes the Leverage Ratio reporting requirement . The majority 01 firms slated Leverage Ralio will be dealt with when the CONCLUSION. repomngchanges SOURCES: Lombard Risk online poll results from 011 recent onliie regulatory ipdate on: PRA and European Regime. The online briefiig took place on 2am July 2015 and was aiiemeu by business representatives Iiom finandal services iminly European-based. Lombard Risk