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Evolution in memory games


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The memory game evolution has started. Recently a new type of memory game came up on the scene: "Floating Memory". After 500 years, THE CARDS ARE FINALY MOVING!
This simple addition creates a fantastic new experience. First available for iPhone & iPod touch....

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Evolution in memory games

  1. 1. For iPhone and iPod touch
  2. 2. A revolutionary memory game! Developed by DEVART
  3. 3. Match the moving cards
  4. 4. 7 levels in 3 difficulty modes
  5. 5. Floating Memory..... * Offers an extra memory challenge. * Improve your short term memory skills and attention span. * Three difficulty modes of 7 levels each * Beautiful sea creatures and animation. * Challenging for all ages. * Plays with iPod (you can listen to your own music while playing)
  6. 6. Links App store link URL video HQ URL YouTube