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Social Contagion


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To understand how anti-social behaviours such as cyber bullying spread across young people’s social networks and how young people could spread pro-social behaviours across their networks.
To help young people understand these network dynamics and how they can use these to address concerns their local communities have about social behaviour.

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Social Contagion

  1. 1. Going viral Using social networking analysis to influence behaviours FRSA Noel Hatch @noelito
  2. 2. Social networks by design… friends communities groups …by default neighbours family classmates
  3. 3. Understand Support Influence
  4. 4. Understand the context Observe the interactions Analyse the influences Train people to influence behaviours
  5. 5. Understand the context Teacher Analyst Trainer Young people Neighbourhood
  6. 6. Experience of social networks & anti social behaviour
  7. 7. Observe the interactions
  8. 8. Train people to influence behaviours Storyboard Uncover Analyse Share
  9. 9. Help people better understand their behaviours Empathy Reconciliation Collaboration