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Presentation from SNW in Orlando on April 4, 2013


Industry Perspective:
Manage and Recover Data and Applications with Hybrid Cloud: When Minutes Matter Most

Larry Lang, CEO, Quorum

Did you know that business downtime can cost an Small to mid-sized business an average of $1,230 dollars per minute? So what happens when a disaster strikes a business? In this day and age it's only a matter of when-¦not if. Whether it's a hurricane or a server misconfiguration, companies need to have a disaster recovery solution in place in order to continue to operate, while their internal IT departments resolve the problem.

Quorum's CEO, Larry Lang, will focus his session on the importance of going beyond traditional backup methods to implement a disaster recovery and management plan that enables business continuity and prevents costly downtime.

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  • 130404 SNW Quorum

    1. 1. Disaster Recovery with Hybrid Cloud When Minutes Matter Most Larry Lang President and CEO Quorum
    2. 2. It’s a digital world and businesses aremore dependent than ever on their IT systems
    3. 3. Downtime tolerance decreases as business moves IT closer to customersDowntime costs a Onlymid-sized company of companies with fewer than 25 an average of servers said they could withstand only one hour or less of downtime before losing revenue of SMBs have tested their an hour. or suffering other significant backup plan. adversities. ESG Research Report Symantec SMB Disaster Preparedness Aberdeen Group Survey 2010 2012 2011
    4. 4. Case Study: False Security in New Orleans • October 25, 2010 – Five years after Hurricane Katrina • Parish of Orleans Civil District Court mortgage and conveyance database crashes – Index of thousands of mortgage records, filling two floors • Cloud backup service stopped receiving good updates in July, older records purged to save money – No testing to reveal problem • New Orleans with no real estate records or transactions for over 3 months – About 179,000 paper records manually re-entered • Clerk of Court Dale Atkins still employed – Acting CTO Tynia Landry is not
    5. 5. Success Story: Hot or Not? at Midwestern Bank • September 13, 2011 • Blade server firmware upgrade introduces bug – False positive temperature readings cause intermittent processor blade shutdowns • Prevented processing of checks and deposits – Diagnosis, fix, and testing required about 4 weeks • Fortunately, One-Click Backup, Recovery and Continuity allowed continued operations
    6. 6. Lessons Learned: Business IT Disaster Recovery Top 4 Types • Natural disasters grab headlines, but mundane problems more common of Disasters Facilities (fire, plumbing...) Hardware (disk failure, board burnout...) Software (BSOD, update gone rogue...) Human Error (deletion regret...) Hardware Failure • Small to mid-sized businesses are at 55% risk of losing revenue, customers, and reputation Typical recovery takes 30 hours with average losses of $74k per hour Human • Big gap between “ought to work” Natural Error and “known to work” Disasters 22% Frequent testing only way 5% to bridge this gap Software • Backups automated, yet most Failure recovery still manual 18% It’s not about backup, but how fast you’re back up Quorum Disaster Recovery Report, Q1 2013
    7. 7. Issues with current options for protecting servers, applications and data Traditional Backup Replicated Data Center Cloud Backup (Storage) • Lengthy restore—hours or • Costs more than double • Longer restore because of days • Complex to integrate limited download • Infrequent, inconvenient and maintain multiple • Waiting for media shipments testing components • Unwieldy, unsecure offsite media Was all data written? Can it be read? How to be sure? 7 vendor products 230 manual pages >700 lines of scripts 3 TB download“More than 50% of the time, a full recovery attempt >6 months @ 1.5 Mbps from tape will result in failure.” >3 days @ 100 Mbps Hurwitz and Associates
    8. 8. Traditional Backup Obsolete• Assumed that disaster recovery involved replacing destroyed physical computers with new equipment• Hours or days to purchase, rack, power, connect network, update operating system, install applications, restore data• Testing involved similar costs and effort, and thus infrequent (quarterly in best practice)
    9. 9. Quorum Converged Infrastructure for Backup and Recovery Backup Deduplication RepositoryVirtualization Secure Access Hybrid Cloud Migration vSwitch (P2V&V2V) Automation Monitoring
    10. 10. Typical Business IT EnvironmentPlus One-Click Recoveryand Continuity One-Click Recovery Offsite/Cloud One-Click Recovery Onsite Appliance
    11. 11. Failure or Disaster Disrupts Business Applications
    12. 12. One-Click Recovery Restores Business In Minutes Onsite for High Availability
    13. 13. One-Click Recovery Restores Business In Minutes Offsite for Disaster Recovery
    14. 14. Success Story: Learning from Local Disaster • April 24, 2011 – Devastating thunderstorms and tornadoes claim lives, flatten homes, and ruin businesses around Tuscaloosa, AL • Reno Refractories Morris, AL – Leader in metal foundry industry, offering full line of quality refractory products and custom-designed precast shapes • Nearby disaster prompts review of recovery plans – Symantec Backup Exec disk-to-disk-to-tape – Tapes in local bank safe deposit box, too close for comfort – Insufficient testing • Fortunately, One-Click Backup, Recovery, and Continuity provided instant recovery – Hybrid cloud combining onsite appliance and offsite data center – Geographic diversity – Automated daily testing
    15. 15. Success Story: Prepared for Super Storm Sandy • October 29-November 3, 2012 – Super Storm Sandy • 24 Seven International – International staffing company for creative industries • Payroll and personnel records in Manhattan office – Lost power for almost a week • Recovery system allowed rapid shift of operations to Los Angeles office – “We tested each recovery node to make sure it would come up OK, and we tested the synchronization between offices. During the storm, everything came up right away, according to plan. Working with the staff in LA, we were able to bring everything up within an hour.“ — Doug Feltman, director of systems and applications
    16. 16. Disaster Recovery with Hybrid Cloud When Minutes Matter Most• Business IT systems more important than ever – Even small- to medium-sized business demand recovery in minutes, not hours or days – Prepare for major natural disasters and mundane problems with hardware, software, and errors• New technology makes one-click recovery possible – Hybrid cloud services – Virtualization – Source deduplication – Automation• Dependable, easy and affordable – Recovery in moments – Restoration at your convenience – Daily automated testing now state of the art
    17. 17. One-Click Backup, Recovery and Continuity Hybrid Cloud and Appliances Larry Lang President and CEO larry.lang@quorum.net www.quorum.net