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Maladie cardio


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Do not try to hoodwink yourself and get carried away by the pleasure full and unhealthy means. Understanding your body requires a great amount of effective research as only this could help you live long.

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Maladie cardio

  1. 1. BY:Lisa BrunCardiovascular disease is a dangerous disease and it is the common causeof death of both men and women in all parts of the world. The generalcardiac symptoms (In French cardiaque symptome) include shortness ofbreath [dypsnea], nausea, and crushing or acute chest pain. The pumpingaction of the heart becomes weakened which hinders the free flow of bloodinto the blood vessels and in this heart condition the person experiencesthe above said symptoms. We all know that heart is a vital organ and thatits function is very much vital for proper functioning of our daily activities.A good understanding of the cardiovascular disease has enabled themedical world to create different programmes which actually helps peopleto know more about this disease and in turn many ignorant people get toknow more about the myths pertaining to the cardiac symptoms.Cardiaque symptome is dangerous?Firstly there is a popular myth that Marathon runners do not get heartattack which is absolutely false .It is true that one would be fit in body andproper in diet intake to become a Marathon runner but in case their arterialwalls are blocked by the fat cells then surely such people with such aatherosclerosis’ heart condition are more prone to death than those withless/no blockage in their arterial walls.Much exercise makes you prone to maladie cardioSecondly there is a myth that if one exercises much they are prone to heartdisease which is also untrue. Yes, too much of exercise would lead to quickexhaustion and indeed too much of anything is not good for the body. It isgood to do exercise and the help of a professional trainer would be verymuch helpful to save one from dreadful exhaustions whilst exercising butthat does not mean that one can stop exercising and sit in a couch all day.Running, jogging and keeping oneself active by few exercises would lead toa healthy hearts proper functioning level and prevent one from the cardiacsymptoms(In French maladie cardio).
  2. 2. Attaque cardiaque is it Dangerous?Thirdly many believe that after a massive heart attack that persons daysare numbered and that the affected person would never be able to livemore days after the heart attack. This is also a false myth because inrecent medical fields advancements there are many people who aftermassive strokes have followed their physicians advice and lived a goodnumber of years.Apart from the above myths there are people who consider chest pain assomething not so important and these people also take for granted theirdiet. This should be avoided and proper diet and exercise regime should befollowed by every individual to lead a happy stress free heart-healthy life.The most common disease of all is the cardiac arrests. The number ofpeople getting attacked by it is only increasing. The industrialization,exposure, globalization, inclination towards easier means and lesserexercises, more of eating junks etc have lead to the modern generation toget compiled with these diseases since the younger ages itself. Thecardiovascular disease is seriously jeopardizing if not taken preventivemeasures. Do not try to hoodwink yourself and get carried away by thepleasure full and unhealthy means. Understanding your body requires agreat amount of effective research as only this could help you live long.Symptoms for the Cardiac disease:Certain peculiar symptoms for the cardiac disease inception can beshortness of breathe which can be easily caught when you either run forsome distance or just climb your stairs. If you find difficulty in inhaling theair then you better watch out! Then if you are a prey to somnolence i.e. ifyou get fatigued even in the daytime when your body should be active atthe most then the heart problems may have just gathered around you.Another related cardiac symptom (In French cardiaque symptome) is thenarcolepsy where you suddenly get asleep in midst of rest and you are noteven aware of it. Dizziness and lightheadedness are some other very
  3. 3. detectable forms to get you checked for the heart disease. Amongst othersare palpitations, where the heart beats fast or slows down unusually,regular chest pains, headache, weight loss skipped beats and many others.Any of them in an immense stage can prove you to be a victim of the mostattacked disease.Routine change can definitely help:The regular routine change can definitely help you out. The lifestyle thatyou had adopted should be thrown away. Start with cardiac symptoms (InFrench maladie cardio) yoga which gives the maximum guarantee of ahealthy body apart from the diet you implement. Have the regular habit ofkeeping a check on your sugar level, and the cholesterol levels as they mayhappen to alter due to heart problems. Eat the food which is not chips,snacks and wafers but more of veggies, fruits and fish. Avoid having transand saturated foods which will give you a tough times digesting them as itgives more pressure on the heart to pump your blood due to high levels offat and lipid contents. If you just had an attack then a bed rest is what isappropriate. Reduction is stress is another handy tool for reducing thechances of getting cardiac arrests. Also the foremost of all is avoidingeating out frequently especially for ones who work or study in foreigncountries. For more information visit