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Pregnancy four


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Pregnancy four

  1. 1. Four
  2. 2. Welcome back to 100 Pregnancy Challenge a.k.a Herbal Medicine. Cause every challenge need a catchy theme. Flora Solei is a single mom recently moved to Laguna Isla and she accepted the challenge in exchange of waiving her fees. Last chapter her third pregnancy resulted in a beautiful baby girl named Eucalyptus. Euca is Flora’s fifth child and third girl, her father is the genie.
  3. 3. Flora looked into Euca’s eyes as she settled her newest daughter in the crib. She watched her baby in stunned disbelief, a genie was her father, Flora’s had even known it was possible. She gently stroked Euca’s cheek with her thumb. She would have to figure out a way to tell her when Euca got old enough.
  4. 4. Arnica, Borage and Chamomile came home from their first day of school right as Euca got settled in her crib. They were tired from the long day, but excited too.
  5. 5. Another little boy came off the bus after Flora’s three ran into the house. Arnica had asked Orion Starr over. He was the only other kid in school that lived on the island, the rest of the kids were from neighboring towns.
  6. 6. “We should be best friends forever!” Arnica exclaimed excitedly. “I don’t know.” Orion shuffled his feet on the carpet. “Why not?” “You might give me cooties, Borage said you had them.” “I don’t have cooties, only babies have cooties.” “I guess we can be friends then.” Orion smiled shyly.
  7. 7. “Hey Ben.” Flora said, “I’m surprised to see you again so soon.” “Yeah, umm how do I say this, Armando told me about the challenge you were doing and I wanted to know if you needed help.” “Really?” Flora was dumbstruck, Avri and Derek both had needed convincing to help out. “Yes, I think you’re nice enough, and good with your kids. I don’t want anything long lasting, I don’t think we’re a good match, but it would be nice to have a kid. I’ll pay child support.” “You don’t have to do that, come inside, we’ll talk more when I get the kids in bed.”
  8. 8. Flora and Ben talked, while she supervised the kids, making sure each did their homework and got ready for bed. Dill and Euca were already both settled for the night.
  9. 9. At last the kids were asleep. Flora took Ben up on his offer, it was nice of him in an odd way. She did convince him that he didn’t have to pay child support as long as he was around for his child like Derek was for Dill.
  10. 10. Euca’s crying woke her up the next morning. She didn’t feel pregnant, after three pregnancies she knew how it felt. She soothed her youngest she would have to tell him they needed to try again.
  11. 11. “Good morning Flora!” Ben said cheerfully after the older kids had left for school. “Good morning.” She replied with a weak smile, “Um, last night didn’t work.” “What do you mean?” “I didn’t get pregnant. We need to try again.” “I have to go to work in an hour, Flora.” “I know, please Ben?”
  12. 12. “Alright. We’ll try again.” “Thank you Ben.”
  13. 13. Ben left for work while Flora took care of Euca. Her stomach was already upset. “Thank Boolprop.” She told her tiny daughter who cooed in response, “Ben’s nice enough, but a bit strange.”
  14. 14. Arnica, Borage and Chamomile came home from school the straight As. Flora was talking with Amin, another man from Bluewater exploring Laguna Isle. Flora clapped and cheered for each child and then sent inside to do their homework.
  15. 15. “You might as well stay for dinner, Amin.” She said turning back to the man. “Thank you, I’ll be glad to.” Amin chuckled, “Usually I just get takeout, it’ll be nice to have something cooked for once.”
  16. 16. Flora whipped up some grilled cheese. Her stomach growled audibly, she was craving the greasy goodness. But she had to save some room for cake, Dill and Euca both had birthday’s tonight.
  17. 17. Euca was up first, Derek couldn’t make it to see Dill until later in the evening.
  18. 18. Euca had a good blend of both her parents. Like her siblings she wasn’t very neat, but very playful and sweet tempered.
  19. 19. “Finally you’re here, I was beginning to worry.” Flora said greeting Derek. “Sorry, had to stay at work late.” “Come inside, everything’s all ready.”
  20. 20. Flora woke Dill up from is nap and carried him to the birthday cake. Her kids were growing up so fast.
  21. 21. Dill squatted down and then jumped up with all his might. His dad and siblings cheering on behind him.
  22. 22. “Dill, hug your dad then up to bed with you.” Momma said after he finished his birthday cake. His sisters and brother were already in bed. “I love you Dad.” He said giving his dad a quick hug and then he ran upstairs. He was gonna get to sleep in Momma’s big bed all by himself.
  23. 23. “You okay Derek?” Flora asked as she cleaned up the mess from dinner and the birthdays. “I’m fine, Flora.” He said wiping his eyes, “We had a fine boy together that’s all.” “Yes we did, Dill’s a good boy.”
  24. 24. Dill heard his parents talking downstairs and smiled to himself. It was nice having his dad around all the time and always coming to his birthday. He wonder briefly about his older siblings’ father. He had never seen him, but he could share his dad a little. If they were nice to him.
  25. 25. “Yay! It’s raining!” Chamomile cheered looking out the window, “Maybe Momma won’t make us go to school!” “She won’t care if we get wet.” Borage grumbled, “She makes us take showers.” “Yeah, Chamomile, their not going to close school just ‘cause it rained.” Arnica said sticking out her tongue. Chamomile stuck out her tongue back, there was nothing wrong with hoping they got to miss school.
  26. 26. She definitely was pregnant now all doubts removed. “Momma play toilet.” Euca cooed happily playing in the weeds that always seemed to dominate the bathroom. “Momma’s going to have another baby Euca.” “Hehe ‘nother Euca!”
  27. 27. Flora started on Euca’s skills as quickly as she could. She was feeling good but her pregnancy would all too soon start to drain all her energy.
  28. 28. Luckily Euca was a quiet child, once she settled down for a nap; Flora was able to make a quick bite to eat.
  29. 29. She had scarcely finished her meal when her latest child decided to make itself known.
  30. 30. “Race you to the door!” Arnica shouted to her siblings still getting off the bus. “Not fair!” Borage whined, “You got a head start!”
  31. 31. “Momma, Momma! I got an A+!” “Great Borage! Go play while Momma’s busy with Euca.” “Okay! Chamomile I got an A+!” Borage shouted running off.
  32. 32. “Momma I’m confused what does it matter that Susan has oranges and Tom had apples?” “Well. . . Dill let’s see what you got.” Flora did her best to help her kids with homework. Math was never her best subjects. But she managed to get her kids through.
  33. 33. “I want to join the school sumo team!” Borage said excitedly. “You’re too skinny Borage you’ll get squished.” Chamomile pointed out. “I know I’ll eat Arnica’s helping too and then I’ll get nice and big!” “No Borage, leave your sister’s plate alone. You’re the perfect size for a boy your age.” Flora smiled.
  34. 34. Dill got up early the next morning. He hadn’t noticed the trees out back until just now. “Don’t worry trees.” He told them as he spray the bugs off them. “I’ll take care of you now.”
  35. 35. Flora slept through the older kids getting up and going to school. The baby woke her up kicking her stomach fiercely. “Only one more day and then I get a little bit of a break.” She told herself. She hadn’t done any looking for the father of her next baby. She should probably get on that, but it would be nice having a little break from being pregnant.
  36. 36. As luck would have it , there was a gentleman she had never seen before walking on the sidewalk. “Hi!’ She said brightly, “I’m Flora Solei I haven’t seen you around here before.” “Amin Chin.” He replied shaking her offered hand, “I don’t come over very often. I’m an architect, I was hired to look for a place to build a playground.” “Really? My kids would love that.” She smiled, if she ever felt up to taking them to a park.
  37. 37. “I’ll admit I’ve never designed a playground before.” Amin admitted, “You have kids?” “Five with another on the way.” She said rubbing her belly. “Is there a mister Solei?” “Not at the moment.” She said softly, taking his hand in hers.
  38. 38. Amin left after a short date, it was getting late and he still had a lot of ground to survey. Flora getting mind too much her hands were about to be full as the kids came home from school.
  39. 39. The girls were all up early the next morning. The older girls enjoyed a little time with their youngest sister. Euca babbled and talked constantly often about nothing in particular.
  40. 40. After the kids left for school, Flora spent the day playing with Euca and teaching her the last little bit. Of course getting her to stop talking enough to teach her to walk was a bit of a challenge.
  41. 41. She settled Euca for a nap and went to get the paper. Her contractions started abruptly as she bent down.
  42. 42. At the same moment the school bus pulled up and the kids began getting off. Including their friend Orion. “Look Arnica Momma’s having another baby” Chamomile pointed out nonchalantly.
  43. 43. Another little girl, “Hi there Foxglove.” Flora smiled, Foxglove had brown hair like Ben with Flora’s eyes. “Say hi to your siblings.”
  44. 44. That’s it for this chapter. Nothing too exciting. Ben’s a bit of an odd one, but I guess it takes all kinds right? The older kids bring Orion Starr home almost everyday they’re all becoming very close friends which is nice to see. His sisters are going to be joining him in school so we’re bound to see more playmates coming home. Arnica, Borage and Chamomile become teens next chapter thankfully. It’s very hard for Flora to manage on her own. My sister Treesaretasty picked out the name this round. I wanted Flax or Fennel, but there’s always another baby right? Foxglove is mainly used to treat heart failure and other heart problems. And it’s pinkish purple which is cool.