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Sir Richard Branson Surpasses 1 Million LinkedIn Followers


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Today, Sir Richard Branson set a new record at LinkedIn, becoming the first LinkedIn Influencer to cross the 1 million follower mark. Branson, the founder of Virgin, was one of the charter contributors in Influencer, a program we launched six weeks ago that gives a select group of thought leaders the ability to write long-form content on LinkedIn and have their words and sharing activity be followed by our 187 million members.
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Sir Richard Branson Surpasses 1 Million LinkedIn Followers

  1. Sir Richard Branson, 1 Million Followers, and MoreNovember 30, 2012
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  4. Who are his 1 Million Followers? Top Ten Industries 1. IT and Services 2. Marketing and AdvertisingTop Ten Countries 3. Financial Services 4. Management Consulting1. US 5. Computer Software2. UK 6. Defense & Space Top Ten Job Functions3. Canada 7. Real Estate4. Australia 8. Telecommunications 1. Entrepreneur5. India 9. Construction 2. Sales6. Netherlands 10. Internet 3. Operations7. China 4. Consulting8. Brazil 5. Marketing9. New Zealand 6. Media and Communications10. Italy 7. Information Technology 8. Engineering 9. Arts and Design 10. HR
  5. LinkedIn Influencers by the NumbersTotal number of Influencers: 170Total people follows: More than 6 MTotal comments: More than 80kTotal original posts: More than 1kTotal views of original posts: More than 11M 5
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