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Office 2010 Training


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Титульная презентация моего нового тренинга по Office 2010, сделанная в стиле Metro UI. Остальные презентации загружу чуть позже.

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Office 2010 Training

  1. 1. Office 2010 Training Death by PPT Introduction Useful Add-Ons By Alexander Babich What’s new? New formats How do I… IntroDiagramming? That’s easy!How to analyze your dataAutomate your actionsRestrict access to your docsSummary Book Software Add 2011
  2. 2. Word 2010 Word 1 What’s Changed? 2 New File Formats 3 How do I…
  3. 3. Excel 2010 Excel 1 Diagramming? That’s Easy! 2 How to Analyze Your Data 3 Automate Your Actions 4 Restricting Access to Docs
  4. 4. PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint 1 Introduction 2 Useful Add-ons 3 Death by PowerPoint
  5. 5. Add folder Software
  6. 6. Add Add folder Books Guides Migration Reference Video Add-ons