Medical assistant thank you letter after interview


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Medical assistant thank you letter after interview

  1. 1. Medical Assistant thank you letter afterinterview• During the duration of the job application process, including applications for a position of a medical assistant, professionalism must be upheld at all times. This includes your medical assistant cover letter, resume and if you’re lucky, the medical assistant thank you letter after interview.
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  3. 3. • Prior to writing your medical assistant thank you letter after interview, it would be ideal to gather your thoughts by reflecting on the interview. Write down whom you met and talked with, the main agenda of the interview AKA job description, the job requirements that you were able to meet adequately, the job expectations that you were not able to fully address, aspects of the interview that went well and not so well, and the parting message conveyed by the interviewer. • Once you have the content on hand, compose a personalized medical assistant thank you letter after interview. Generic thank you letters may harm your chances of getting one step closer to the prize. Address your letter to the individual or individuals who did the actual interviewing, making sure to mention their names specifically, and more importantly, accurately. If you’re unsure, you can verify with the secretary on your way out or ask for their business cards.
  4. 4. • The first part of the letter should signify your appreciation for the time your interviewer spent interviewing you. • Follow this up with a concise recap of your skills, abilities and experiences that match up to all or some of the requirements of the job in question, while reiterating your sincere enthusiasm for the job and admiration for the company. • Rectify or compensate for the negative aspects of the interview by mentioning specific ways you can overcome identified disadvantages. • Be honest about your limitations but sell your ability to meet the different challenges associated with the job with genuine confidence. As much as possible, make use of terms and phrases that the interviewer actually used to show that you really listened and understood points that he or she tried to get across. Finally, underscore your interest by explicitly asking for the post.
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