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  1. 1. I. Company Profile Universal Robina Corporation (URC) traces its beginnings all the way backto 1954. John Gokongwei was doing very well then as a trader/importer. Hehad learned the trade when his father died before the war, and had workedhard through the war and post war years to prosper. However, while hethrived, he took a long hard look at his company, and correctly predictedthat trading would remain a low-margin business. While the businesses became more diversified, the companies were slowlyintegrated in order to streamline and minimize costs. In 2005, the presentstructure of the group was completed. All the different companies are noworganized under the Universal Robina Corporation umbrella, divided into 3focused groups:- The Branded Consumer Food Group, comprised of BCFG Domestic (includingpackaging) and International - The Agro-Industrial group, comprised of Universal Corn Products,RobinaFarms, and Robichem - And the Commodities group, with the Sugar and Flour divisions
  2. 2. URC Mission / Vision Statement *Mission* URC is the customers’ first choice in fun snacks. We are the dominant market leader in the Philippine snack foods industry. Our leading brands offer consumers the best in enjoyment, quality, and value And convenience. *Vision* Delighting the consumers with trusted brands of exceptional quality and Value making lives a truly fun experience. I. Company Snapshots UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION (URC) is among the Philippines pioneers inthe food manufacturing business having been operating in the country for over 40 years. URC isengaged in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a wide range of consumer food productssuch as snacks, confectionery, biscuits and crackers, instant coffee, instant noodles, tomatosauces, and pasta among others. For over 40 years now, URC has consistently ranked among theTOP 50 in the countrys TOP 1000 corporations. Our known brands such as JACK n JILL
  3. 3. (Chippy, Chiz Curls, Piattos, Nova), PAYLESS, NISSINS, CLOUD NINE, MAXX, GREATTASTE, NIPS, MAGIC FLAKES, and HUNTS continuously dominate the market. AWARDS IABC cites URC Exec in CEO Excel Award 2005 Payless Instant Noodles Receives Best Family Instant Noodles Award Photo shows 3rd District Representative Mathias Defensor, Councilor Dante de Guzman,Huwarang Ina Arnold Clavio is the new “kabalikat” of farmers in new Uno Feeds commercial II. Marketing Goals Blend 45 celebrates 45 years of pioneering innovations-When it comes to coffee, no otherbrand has been able to successfully entice and excite the Pinoy palate than Universal RobinaCorporation’s (URC) Blend 45. Built on a heritage of innovation, quality, affordability, andtaste over 45 years, Blend 45 has a long and fruitful story to tell. In fact, Blend 45’s success storystarts with John Gokongwei, Jr. himself, the founder and Chairman Emeritus of URC, and thevery first brand manager of Blend 45. The first locally manufactured coffee in the country, Blend45 has since captured the hearts and tastes of Pinoys who fell in love with this trailblazingproduct that has gone on to become a well-loved favorite. III. INTERNAL SITUATION ANALYSIS Current Target Market
  4. 4. • “Health conscious” people. • Demographics (10-45, M/F, social class ABCD, single/married) • Lifestyle (people on the go and on a diet, health conscious, diabetic, athletes and etc.) • People who leaves in an urban places. • Generation Y who wants healthy-living needs to stay healthy in both mind and body. Positioning • Branded Consumer Foods Group - Domestic o Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is the leading branded convenience food andbeverage company in the Philippines. Touted as the country’s first “Philippine multinational” asit has the widest geographical footprint among local food manufacturers, URC has blazed thetrail for the branded foods industry. o URC is also a trendsetter in the beverage industry with its coffee and ready-to-drinkproducts. It grew the local non-carbonated beverage market with the successful launch andcontinuing promotion of C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea. Branded Consumer Foods Group - International o Looking ahead to “a world without borders,” URC has expanded steadily outside thecountry. At present, URC maintains manufacturing facilities in China, Thailand, Malaysia,Vietnam and Indonesia and has a strong foothold in the countries it presently operates in. URCproducts, under the “Jack ’n Jill” megabrand, are widely available in most trade channels inThailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong.
  5. 5. o “ACES,” a brand bought by URC from Aces food Network Pte Ltd in 2005, continues tobe a leader in the instant cereal beverage and oatmeal markets in China. The purchase of thebrand is a strategic move for URC as it allows improved distribution in key geographic marketsand provides a strong, well-regarded brand that will be a platform for future growth in China. Products – Promotion Program Analysis • Music videos, commercials, and booths SWOT Analysis  Strengths • Broad Product Portfolio • Market Leadership: Philippines • Cost advantage • Asset leverage • Effective communication • High R&D • Innovation • Online growth  Weaknesses
  6. 6. [*]Operational Performance[*]Trade Receivables[*]No online presence[*]Not innovative[*]Not diversified[*]Poor supply chain[*]Weak management team[*]Weak real estate  Opportunities•Growing Snacks Market•Market Outlook: Chocolate Confectioneries• Acquisitions• Asset leverage• Financial markets (raise money through debt, etc.)• Emerging markets and expansion abroad• Innovation
  7. 7. • Online  Threats • Changing Consumer Preferences • Stringent Governmental Regulations • Competition • Cheaper technology • Economic slowdown • External changes (government, politics, taxes, etc.) • Exchange rate fluctuations • Lower cost competitors or imports Scope of the Report - Provides all the crucial information on Universal Robina Corporation required for businessand competitor intelligence needs - Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting Universal RobinaCorporation in the form of a SWOT analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of leadingproduct revenue streams of Universal Robina Corporation
  8. 8. -Data is supplemented with details on Universal Robina Corporation history, key executives,business description, locations and subsidiaries as well as a list of products and services and thelatest available statement from Universal Robina Corporation Reasons to Purchase - Support sales activities by understanding your customers’ businesses better - Qualify prospective partners and suppliers - Keep fully up to date on your competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects - Obtain the most up to date company information available IV. External Situation Analysis Customer/Buyer Universal Robina Corporation is the leading snack food supplier to supermarkets in thePhilippines. Its products can be found in virtually every household across the country. URC isthe leading branded convenience food and beverage company in the Philippines. It has a strongfoothold in the countries it presently operates in the Asean region including Thailand, Malaysia,Indonesia, China, HongKong, Singapore and Vietnam. Environmental Factors An identifiable element in the physical, cultural, demographic, economic, political,regulatory, or technological environment that affects the survival, operations, and growth of theorganization of URC. It also depends with the goods and services for different classes of peopleso they have many options to choose from.Environmental factors affect sales.
  9. 9. V. Competitive Review/ Competitors Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is a jack-of-all-foods. The Philippine company offersbakery, beverages, biscuits, candy, chocolate, noodles, and tomato products.Advantages thancompetitors: URC has wider field of food production and yet with its affordable price. They havelots of varieties and options to choose from. They tend to be peoples commonly used productswith extra points because of their great goods and services. URC is much more maka "masa" indifferent economic classes. Top Competitors for Universal Robina Corporation Del Monte Corporation San Miguel Corporation Del Monte Pacific Limited