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Stop the aging process,free radicals


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Stop the aging process,free radicals

  1. 1. v1.0
  2. 2. v1.0
  3. 3. Entrepreneur magazine’s 2009 trends issue names anti-aging as a lucrative opportunity in a down economy. (Published December 2008) v1.0
  4. 4. “Practical Immortality” “Studies suggest that our DNA accounts for only about 30 percent of how long we live. The rest is up to us. Thanks to cutting edge scientific research and incredible advances, practical immortality may now be within our grasp.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN NY Times Best Selling Author v1.0
  5. 5. The Key: Slowing the Rate of Aging “… We need to slow the rate of aging to avoid the frailty that would make longevity less desirable.” Dr. Mehmet Oz Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery, Columbia University Times Best-Selling Author Health Expert “Oprah Winfrey Show” v1.0
  6. 6. Scientists agree that aging and most deadly diseases are the direct result of cellular deterioration due to destructive molecules called free-radicals. •  Free-radical damage that causes aging is called Oxidative Stress •  This is literally the same process that causes rust. In a sense, aging is your body’s way of rusting from the inside out. •  Oxidative Stress leads to over two- hundred known diseases including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s, etc. v1.0
  7. 7. Free radical damage increases predictably as you age In a peer reviewed, published human medical study, the amount of free radical toxins (TBARS) in the blood was measured in control subjects of all ages, many of whom were taking antioxidant supplements. v1.0
  8. 8. Antioxidant supplements and antioxidant rich foods are promoted heavily v1.0
  9. 9. But do consumable antioxidants really fight the free radicals that cause aging? •  External antioxidants (supplements) can only neutralize free radicals on a one to one basis. v1.0
  10. 10. To neutralize these destructive free radicals, our cells produce special antioxidant enzymes. •  Antioxidant enzymes are "catalytic," which means they are not used up when they fight free radicals. •  SOD (superoxide dismutase) and CAT (catalase) can neutralize thousands of free radicals. v1.0
  11. 11. Breakthrough Science •  Dr. Joseph McCord, Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado. •  Dr. McCord was four times nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his scientific discoveries related to the process of aging. v1.0
  12. 12. Why is Protandim® so effective? •  Protandim® contains a unique combination of phytochemicals that signal the body’s genes to produce its own antioxidant enzymes. •  This natural process produces enzymes thousands of time more than any conventional sources of antioxidants from food or supplements. U.S. Patent No. 7,241,461 & 7,384,655 v1.0
  13. 13. Protandim reduced the rate of cell aging to the level of a 20 year old! •  After only 30 days, Protandim® virtually eliminated age-related increase in oxidative stress among all test subjects, reducing the progressive trend of cell aging to the level of a 20 year old. v1.0
  14. 14. •  A ground-breaking study proves Protandim® produces a 300% increase in glutathione. •  Glutathione is a key antioxidant and anti-aging factor. v1.0
  15. 15. True Science - Summary •  40% Decrease in Oxidative Stress •  30% Increase in SOD •  54% Increase in CAT •  300% Increase in Glutathione v1.0
  16. 16. Additionally, over 20 scientific studies of Protandim® are underway at leading institutions, involving the most serious health conditions. These institutions include: •  Ohio State University •  University of Michigan •  University of Minnesota •  University of Kentucky •  Virginia Commonwealth •  Louisiana State University •  Vanderbilt University •  Denver Health Medical Center •  University of Florida •  University of Colorado v1.0
  17. 17. And yes, Protandim is patented. •  First patent issued on 7/10/07, U.S. Patent No. 7,241,461, “Compositions for alleviating inflammation and oxidative stress in a mammal” •  Second patent issued on 6/10/08, U.S. Patent No. 7,384,655, “Preparation of compositions to alleviate inflammation and oxidative stress in a mammal” v1.0
  18. 18. New Product Development Anti-Aging Cream •  Utilize proven benefits of Protandim® formula •  Fight free radical damage to the skin •  Reduce fine line and deep line wrinkles •  Improve skin smoothness and pigmentation •  Increase skin moisturization •  Dermatologist tested v1.0
  19. 19. Timing. Potential. Freedom. v1.0
  20. 20. When the Economy is Good, Network Marketing is Good. When the Economy is Down, Network Marketing is Phenomenal v1.0
  21. 21. Timing Stabilization Momentum v1.0
  22. 22. Enrollment Options: 1. Starter Kit $50 (0 PV) 2. Basic Pack $500 (425 PV) 3. Professional Pack $1000 (850 PV) Autoship: 100PV 200PV 240PV 300PV v1.0
  23. 23. Compensation: 5 ways to get paid 1. Fast Start Training Bonus (Paid weekly) Be rewarded for enrolling new customers and business partners. FSTB is 30% or 40% immediate bonus paid on the first month’s order(s) of your new enrollee Month 1 You 40% Bonus Paid Enroll Susan v1.0
  24. 24. Compensation: 5 ways to get paid 2. Fast Start Bonus Pool (Paid monthly) When you personally enroll five new people on Autoship in any given month, you qualify for one share in the 5% pool of fast start revenues for that month. 5% Fast Start Bonus Pool (paid monthly) v1.0
  25. 25. Compensation: 5 ways to get paid 3. Unilevel Royalty Bonus (Paid monthly) Earn a royalty on product volume within your organization. You will be paid monthly on nine levels of dynamically compressed product sales. v1.0
  26. 26. Compensation: 5 ways to get paid 4. Matching Bonus (Paid monthly) Earn a 30% Generational Match -- 10% on the Unilevel checks of all those you personally enroll, plus 5% on four more generations. You 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% v1.0
  27. 27. Compensation: 5 ways to get paid 5. Platinum Bonus (Paid monthly) Become a Platinum executive and participate in a bonus pool entitling you to share up to 4% of global sales for the entire company every month. Pro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 v1.0
  28. 28. How do I become a platinum member? $100,000 $100,000 ÷ 100 pv = 1000 people $100,000 ÷ 200 pv = 500 people $100,000 ÷ 425 pv = 236 people $100,000 ÷ 850 pv = 118 people v1.0
  29. 29. Pre-Launch Plan Phase 1 Enroll 10 people Sift and Sort to identify 3 Business Builders Phase 2 Assist your 3 business builders to each enroll their 10 people: 3 x 10 = 30 people Sift and Sort to identify 9 Business Builders Phase 3 Assist the 9 business builders to each enroll their 10 people: 9 x 10 = 90 people 130 people Platinum = 118 people v1.0
  30. 30. Take Action •  Get your PlayBook •  Go to Page 3 •  Complete the Day One Checklist with your Enroller v1.0