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Customer feedbacks

  1. 1. Innovative BatteryX Linh T. Le & Louis TingTechnology Entrepreneurship Prof Chuck Eesley, Stanford University
  2. 2.  Description of the prototype • R&D Ideas: How it works? • Technical Approach: Why it is better? • Business Approach: Why people buy it? Feedbacks on Technical Approach Feedbacks on Business Approach
  3. 3. Simon et al., Nature Materials, 2008
  4. 4.  Supercapacitor a.k.a BatteryX Attributes • Integration with Flexible Electronics • Higher Specific Power • Rapid Charge/Discharge times with million cycles • Stable at extreme temperature Silver Current Collectors Hermetic Concept Flexible Seal First Gen BatteryX Kapton Graphene Electrolyte Electrodes
  5. 5.  Market: • Replace thin film battery market with technical value added performance • Different product line to target home-used rechargeable battery Cost & Revenue: • IP License, Material cost and Manufacturing cost • Pricing model for BatteryX from competitors
  6. 6.  Competitors • Competitive landscape assessment with 3-4 startups in similar applications Customers • Customized design for specific customer’s needs (R&D lab, startups, etc.) • Marketing to reach home-use customers
  7. 7.  Limitation • Define theoretical limit of first gen BatteryX and potential to replace battery Demonstration Integrate-ability with flexible electronics • Use in LED circuitry, provide OLED display, etc. Other Potentials Application: • Battery for car and potential use in energy storage with solar module, etc.
  8. 8.  Market Size: • Evaluate the market size for thin film battery • Extrapolate the market for projected best performance Cost Structure: • Assess cost difference for lab scale and industrial scale manufacturing Price Strategy: • Adopt different pricing models for better comparison
  9. 9.  Revenue Stream: • Re-Licensing for non-exclusive application might not be a “good idea” • Distinguish sale from different products