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Arka solutions final presentation


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Arka solutions final presentation

  1. Total CustomersContacted: 86 RIT NSF ICORPS Dec 14 2011 1
  2. Initial Business ConceptGlobal lighting industry - $100B LED lighting - $6B, CAGR>40% Enhanced cooling allows LED Replacement • Higher lumen output Lamps • Higher light quality ~500 million sockets • Better reliability * $15/lamp = ~$750M RIT NSF ICORPS Dec 14 2011 2
  3. Principal Investigator Mentor Dr. Satish Kandlikar Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan Gleason Professor President, NNCrystal Corp. Mech. Engg., RIT Entrepreneurial co-Lead Entrepreneurial co-Lead Ankit Kalani Kirthana KripashMS Engineering (Candidate) RIT MBA (Candidate), RIT Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  4. Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  5. Customers Channels Key Partners “We are willing to wait 5 to 7 years for the price to fall “If you bring us a before we adopt modular thermal this technology on system that provides a wide scale. ” better cooling at lower cost, we would definitely want to explore this technology. Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  6. Other Components Arka provides replacement lamps Arka Lights •LEDarray, Lampcomponents Luminaire •LED luminaires Manufacturers and Fixtures Distributor Contractor Project/Owner
  7. Customers Distribution and Supply : The customer is • We lack inunwilling to buy the product Lamp/Luminaire productionat current prices : The final consumer • OEMs were interested inis highly dependent on incorporating our enhancedGatekeepers (suppliers) for thermal module in theirguidance in product choice product We had to pivot! Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  8. Arka Lights Arka provides Thermal Modules OEMs • LED luminaires and Fixtures Other DistributorComponents Contractor Project/Owner • Institutions, Home Owners, Distributors
  9. Customers Environment Key Partners We would like to enter into a partnership toHeat Exchanger develop heat Manufacturer pipe based products.
  10. • Our competencies lay primarily in the heat pipe industry• The most encouragement came from a heat exchanger manufacturer who is looking to expand his product line.• Our Business Model iterated; we will now focus on heat pipe based solutions in diverse applications. Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  11. Commercial PAR 38 Arka Prototype 52 °C (max) 37 °C (max)• Arka prototype runs 15 C cooler, allowing more LED placement per lamp• Prototype delivers 100 % more lumens for the same form factor• ~30% lower cost/unit for similar lumen output• The weight of Par38 is 65 percent lower, and the manufacturing cost is $4.50 (current module costs about $2.20) RIT NSF ICORPS Dec 14 2011 12
  12. Design ArkaSources and Heat Exchanger Technical Lights Manufacturer Experts Division? Partnership? Market Market …
  13. • Negotiations with Heat Exchanger Manufacturer (HEM) ongoing.• Arka provides::IP, heat transfer expertise, design• HEM provides: Manufacturing, distribution and sales channels• Arka will be proactive in exploring other market opportunities. – Additional revenue/cost models will be explored using the methodology of this class Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  14. • The Process: – Iterations occur organically when you respond to market and consumer needs. – Explore unconventional opportunities, be OPEN, and be aware that potential partners may be sitting next to you in a plane. I probably met my future prototyping partner on my way to Stanford.• The Market: – Understand your customers, channels and partners – It’s about money – customer’s, partner’s and yours – respect that without forgetting your core values. Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  15. • Most Valuable Game Changers – Your Students! – Recognize the innovative potential of your student – Guide them to pursue commercialization: from their mom’s gardening business to successful technological products – Motivate your students – Be ENABLERS. You can shine on your own, but you can “nucleate” many more stars.• Most Valuable Assets – Your Ideas and Your Drive – Dream of Possibilities – And then make them HAPPEN – you will know how by simply GETTING STARTED Kandlikar and RIT Team – NSF I-Corps
  16. JointVenture Firm
  17. – Show innovativeness– Integration of Student education on commercialization– Hope to get NSF implementation grant for RIT curriculum– Hope to be NSF face on commercialization initiative– Create a start-up and be successful (really start a heat pipe company)
  18. • What I hoped to learn. – To be involved in a grant based project from start to finish – Understanding the needs and requirement of product development ( from research lab to an actual product)• What I learnt. – What entrepreneurship really means – How to talk and listen to ‘actual’ customers – Understanding requirements for a start-up not just product development – Presentation improvement skills – Planning and working to meet deadlines – Being flexible and responsive to feedback
  19. • What I hoped to learn: – How to understand and facilitate the technology commercialization process – How to work with technical teams – Student and University based technology commercialization and resources – If academic training in entrepreneurship translates in the real world.• What I learnt: – Working with a idea at the nascent stage while incorporating customer feedback allows room for easier growth and modification – Concepts and Theories do not convert easily to product features. Prototyping from paper to product takes time, effort and an ability to improvise.
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