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Heitman Analytics Presentation


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Heitman Analytics Presentation

  1. 1. TIMELY Compiled weekly and available any time you need it CHOOSE YOUR REPORT Available as a summary report or in a detailed loan database VOLUME DATA ACROSS ALL PRODUCTS A whole new way to view product detail Interactive Volume Report I used to search high and low for this data. Now it’s delivered to me weekly.
  2. 2. All Rates Daily Reporting BROAD VIEW A full comparison of discount and premium pricing VAST COVERAGE Detailed pricing for all major products in all major markets for each state CUSTOM REPORTS Design your report to align with your current pricing strategies How do I know what the industry is charging for this type of loan? I just ask.
  3. 3. Mortgage Reporting and Research EXPERIENCE 25 years of building trusted relationships across North America PROVIDING SOLUTIONS TO LENDER CHALLENGES Our reports are customized to your specific needs ACCURATE INFORMATION Every price, every number, every movement is held up to the highest standards of quality control Any market. Any market variable. Any time I need it.
  4. 4. Risk-Based Adjustors Report ACCESSIBLE Compiled weekly and available on your schedule COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Behind-the-scenes look at how top lenders are formulating their risk strategies THOROUGH Detailed breakdown of all risk-based adjustments for all the top lenders I do specialized work in the risk management area. I’ve got specialized reporting.
  5. 5. Contact Us to Learn More Leopold T. Monaco Managing Director – Sales [email_address] 800.727.7346 GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS 2233 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97405 800.727.7346 “ For more than 25 years, we have stayed close to the data and the people that provide it .” -Sharon Heitman, Founder & CEO