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Cnvrgd hosted calculate


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Cnvrgd hosted calculate

  1. 1. Hosted / Public Cloud Sachin Waingankar Head – Technical Presales Marketing
  2. 2. Public / Hosted Cloud • Public / Hosted cloud is a term used to describe the common cloud computing model whereby a service provider makes resources like software or data storage available over the internet. • The most recognisable model of cloud computing to many consumers is the public cloud / hosted cloud model, under which cloud services are provided in a virtualised environment, constructed using pooled shared physical resources, and accessible over a public network such as the internet. Public clouds, however, provide services to multiple clients using the same shared infrastructure
  3. 3. Features & Benefits • Ultimate scalability; cloud resources are available on demand from the public clouds’ vast pools of resource so that the applications that run on them can respond seamlessly to fluctuations in activity • Cost effective; public clouds bring together greater levels of resource and so can benefit from the largest economies of scale. The centralised operation and management of the underlying resources is shared across all of the subsequent cloud services whilst components, such as servers, require less bespoke configuration. Some mass market propositions can even be free to the client, relying on advertising for their revenue. • Utility style costing; public cloud services often employ a pay-as-you-go charging model whereby the consumer will be able to access the resource they need, when they need it, and then only pay for what they use; therefore avoiding wasted capacity • Reliability; the sheer number of servers and networks involved in creating a public cloud and the redundancy configurations mean that should one physical component fail, the cloud service would still run unaffected on the remaining components. In some cases, where clouds draw resource from multiple data centres, an entire data centre could go offline and individual cloud services would suffer no ill effect. There is, in other words, no single point of failure which would make a public cloud service vulnerable • Flexibility; there are a myriad of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services available on the market which follow the public cloud model and that are ready to be accessed as a service from any internet enabled device. These services can fulfil most computing requirements and can deliver their benefits to private and enterprise clients alike. Businesses can even integrate their public cloud services with private clouds, where they need to perform sensitive business functions, to create hybrid clouds • Location independence; the availability of public cloud services through an internet connection ensures that the services are available wherever the client is located. This provides invaluable opportunities to enterprise such as remote access to IT infrastructure (in case of emergencies etc) or online document collaboration from multiple locations.
  4. 4. Who prefers Public Cloud • Customer who do not wish to invest in purchasing new servers or setup new datacenter / server rooms. • Customers require Servers / Infrastructure across Geographical locations • Customers looking at cutting cost by OPEX / Rental Model. • Customers looking at higher Returns On Investment (ROI) with lower risks. • Customers requiring servers for projects of shorter duration. • To satisfy an immediate requirement of servers / infrastructure deployment.
  5. 5. Our Hosted Cloud • We have deployed our Hosted / Public Cloud across 6 Locations in third party datacenters, example : Equinix in the U.S. • USA – 2 Locations Canada – 1 Location Belgium – 1 Location UK – 1 Location Singapore – 1 Location India – 2 Locations – upcoming • These Tier-III datacenters are fully compliant with typical norms, example : ISO27001
  6. 6. Customer Requirement • Customer might give you requirement, something like this • Dual Core ( 2 Dedicated Core) 100% CPU priority 500 GB HDD 2 IP Address 16 GB DDR 3 RAM Windows 2008 Standard R2
  7. 7. How Do I Calculate • You can refer my last document, referring to different Hosted Cloud Plans we offer, now to address current requirement. Lets calculate : • Silver Plan : Rs. 14,995/- (for 4 vcpu + 8gb ram + 1TB Storage + Network suite-1instance + 500GB Internet bandwidth) • Additional 8 GB RAM (his requirement is 16 GB RAM total) : Rs. 6,000/- • Add cost of windows 2008R2 - OS : Rs. 115 X 16 GB RAM = Rs. 1,840 • Additional IP Address : Rs. 200 • Total : Rs. 23,035/- plus taxes (Price to Quote) Any utilization above the specified items will be calculated on actuals, asper plan and cost mentioned in document.
  8. 8. CNVRGD HOSTING PLAN - GOLD CNVRGD HOSTING PLAN (U.S. Datacenter) - GOLD PACKAGE Gold Package - Price Per Month Rs. 29,995 Compute - 12 vCPU + 24 GB RAM Storage (Redundant with backup) - 2TB Network Suite (VLAN, Firewall/VPN) - 3 instances Internet Bandwidth Bundle - 1 TB Transfer per month Additional Items Price Internet Bandwidth (Price per GB Transferred) Rs. 4 Storage (Per GB Per Month) Rs. 4 Compute - 2vCPU + 4 GB RAM (Per Month) Rs. 2,400 Network Suite (VLAN, Firewall/VPN) per instance per month Rs. 600 Windows Server 2008R2/2012 R2 (Per GB RAM per Month) Rs. 115 Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL (Per Month) Rs. 435 Terms & Conditions Above Prices are excluding taxes Payment :- 100% Advance, 3 Months Advance while signing up, future payments would be monthly advance Support :- Support provided through our 24X7 Online NOC
  9. 9. CNVRGD HOSTING PLAN - SILVER CNVRGD HOSTING PLAN (U.S. Datacenter) - SILVER PACKAGE Silver Package - Price Per Month Rs. 14,995 Compute - 4 vCPU + 8 GB RAM Storage (Redundant with backup) - 1TB Network Suite (VLAN, Firewall/VPN) - 1 instances Internet Bandwidth Bundle - 500 GB Transfer per month Additional Items Price Internet Bandwidth (Price per GB Transferred) Rs. 5 Storage (Per GB Per Month) Rs. 5 Compute - 2vCPU + 4 GB RAM (Per Month) Rs. 3,000 Network Suite (VLAN, Firewall/VPN) per instance per month Rs. 600 Windows Server 2008R2/2012 R2 (Per GB RAM per Month) Rs. 115 Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL (Per Month) Rs. 435 Terms & Conditions Above prices are excluding taxes Payment :- 100% Advance, 3 Months Advance while signing up first time after 1st Quarter Monthly Advance. Support :- Support provided through our 24X7 Online NOC
  10. 10. Key Benefits • High Availability - provided through our Robust , Redundant Architecture of multiple nodes. • High Performance - is provided with the help of Flash chips used as caching mechanism for VM reads and writes. • Highly Secure –AES 256 bit encryption option on the storage • Greater Reach – Implement your IT on our cloud based on Geography or fulfill your compliances for setting up cross regional Disaster Recovery site. • Backup – Our hosted Cloud provides you inbuilt snapshot backup for the subscribed VMs. • Free Network Suite – Free Firewall services, Site to Site VPN Services, OpenVPN Services depending on the package • Single Pane Management – Manage your resources spread across the world through our Single Management Pane . • Easy to Use and Deploy
  11. 11. Thank You……