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Compare Required Elements for NY State and NYC


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Required Elements are bite size bits of information that a parking ticket warrior is required to enter on a parking ticket to establish a case against a driver. If a required element is omitted, misdescribed, or illegible, the driver is entitled to a dismissal of the parking ticket upon application.

Required Elements are parking ticket gold!

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Compare Required Elements for NY State and NYC

  1. 1. NY-NYC Required Elements Plate Designation Plate Type (as shown by the registration plates) Expiration Date Make or Model Body Type A description of the charged violation, including but not limited to a reference to the applicable traffic rule or provision of the NY VTL Information of days and hours the traffic rule is in effect, unless always in effect The meter number for a meter violation (where appropriate) The date, time, and particular place of occurrence of the charged violation Registration Plate Number Type of Registration State of Registration Date of Expiration A Description of the Vehicle A General Statement of the Violation Alleged, including a reference to 4-08 of the Rules of NYC or the NY State VTL, or the Administrative Code, or any other law or rule Days/Hours rule is in effect, unless the rule is in effect every day, and or 24 hours a day The date, time, and particular place of occurrence, and if meter violation, the meter number