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  1. 1. What three items are the police allowed to What does PACE stand for? vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal request to be remover during a stop and search? Which form of ADR involves a third party What does ACAS stand for? AD who is allowed to make a legally binding AD R decision? R System System PT Where do pre-trial hearings take place? PT What is the hearing called where it is decided in which court a triable either way offence takes place? Which division of the High Court hears cases What are the 3 divisions of the High Court? CD involving Contract and Tort? CD Name 3 of the 4 main options of sentencing. A fine can be used to almost any offence apart S S from what? Under no circumstances will a magistrate hear A triable either way offence can be heard in CC what type of offence? CC which court? What section of PACE covers stop and What year was PACE introduced? vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal search? What is it called when a contract is drawn Give three advantages of using ADR as an AD between parties stating that arbitration will be AD alternative to the courts. R used in a dispute and not the courts? R System System In the magistrate’s court, who decides on the In the crown court who decides on the PT verdict and sentencing? PT verdict? What is the limit of claim that a county court What type of judge hears small claims? CD can hear? CD There are 10 types of community sentence, What is the maximum fine which can be S name 4 of them. S imposed on a 18-20 year old? If a defendant pleads not guilty to a triable In criminal trials the burden of proof lies with CC either way offence what will the magistrate CC whom? have to conduct? What three things must the Police officer state In which case was a man found not guilty of vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal when carrying out a search? assaulting a police officer as he did not give his name and station? Give three disadvantages of using Arbitration What is a third party called who can only get AD as an alternative to the courts. AD parties to negotiate and talk to one another? R R System System If a magistrates declines jurisdiction for the Which act governs magistrates? PT case, where will it be heared? PT What track would hear a personal injury claim Give three problems with the civil courts CD of £4500? CD process. What is the maximum amount of hours in When someone loses the liberty, what type of S unpaid work which a defendant can be S sentence will they have received? sentenced to? Appeals from the High court will normally be What are the 3 different types of criminal CC heard in which court? CC offence? Under what law are police allowed to search Under what act are Police allowed to search vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal for controlled drugs? in anticipation of violence for prohibited articles? Who is a third party who is allowed to advise Arbitration is governed by which act? AD parties but not ultimately make a decision? AD R R System System What is the maximum fine a magistrate can What is the maximum prison sentence a PT give out? PT magistrate can give? Between what value of claims is the fast track What track would hear a complex case of to CD used for? CD the value of £12500 A judge must give a mandatory life sentence How many years is deemed as a life sentence S for repeat rape, repeat gbh and what other S in cases revolving around sexual, racial or offence? religious motives? Where does the first hearing for all trials take The function of the jury in the Crown Court is CC place? CC to what?
  2. 2. In 1996 what % of people who were stopped What is covered under section 24 of PACE? vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal and search were later arrested? 12, 16, 18 or 20? In what year was the arbitration act formed? What does ADR stand for? AD AD R R System System PT Give 4 conditions which could be imposed if bail was granted. PT What is the acquittal rate in the crown court according to the Vennard study: 25% 57% 71%? Who made recommendation to reform the Which track limits trials to one day? CD civil justice system? CD Where an offender does not go to prison Give 2 advantages of using custodial S unless he commits a further offence is known S sentences. as a what? Appeals in the crown court will be heard by a What are the 3 arms of state? CC judge and how many magistrates? CC A citizens arrest can be carried out under What type of offences can an ordinary citizen vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal what section of PACE? arrest under? Which form of ADR is legally binding? Which is the quickest and simplest way of AD AD resolving a dispute? R R System System What is the acquittal rate in the Magistrates Who decide whether or not to prosecute a PT court according to the Vennard study: 20%, PT defendant? 30%, 40%? Which division of the High Court hears cases In which court will a small claim be heard? CD relating to Wills, Probate and trusts? CD Give 2 disadvantages of using a prison What sentence is commonly issued for first S sentence to punish offenders. S time offender who has committed a minor crime? What percentage of the judiciary are female? Judges are said to be ‘Old, upper class, white CC CC and ………..’? What is the maximum amount of time a What is the maximum amount of time a vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal person can be detained for, for a non- person can be detained for, for and indictable indictable offence? offence, with superintendent permission? When using arbitration the parties can choose What is and arbitrators decision called? AD the arbitrator and what other 3 things? AD R R System System Are magistrates said to be biased towards the If found guilty who is more likely to order a PT prosecution or the defense? PT more lenient sentence? The fast track hears cases of what amounts? The multi-track is used to hear cases over CD CD what amount? Which sentence statistically has the lowest re- Give 3 out of the 5 aims of sentencing. S offending rates, but is ultimately down to the S type of offender receiving them? What is the minimum amount of time it takes What is a barristers 1 year on the job training CC to become a fully trained barrister? CC called? What is the maximum amount of time a Give three rights of a defendant whilst in vPP vPP The English Legal The English Legal person can be detained for, for and indictable custody. offence, with magistrates permission? Which report encourages the use of ADR as Mediation, conciliation and negotiation are AD an alternative to courts? AD only suitable if the parties are willing R R to…………………? System System What act governs bail? Give 3 reasons why Police could deny bail. PT PT What value of personal injury claims can be In the fast track the claim should take CD claimed in the small claims court? CD approximately how many weeks to reach trial? What is the maximum prison sentence that a Which type of discharge is where no penalty S magistrate can give? S is imposed? What does LPC stand from when training to What does BVC stand for when training to CC become a solicitor? CC become a barrister?
  3. 3. Outer coat, jacket and gloves Police and Criminal Evidence Act vPP vPP Arbitration Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration AD AD Service R R Answers Answers Magistrates Court Mode of Trial PT PT Queens Bench Division Queens Bench, Family, Chancery CD CD Discharge, Fine, Community, Custodial Murder S S Indictable Both Magistrate and County Court CC CC S1 1984 vPP vPP Scott and Avery Clause Cheaper, Quicker, In private, less formal. AD AD R R Answers Answers Magistrate Jury PT PT £50000 District CD CD Supervision, Unpaid work, activity, programme, mental health treatment, alcohol £5000 S treatment, drug rehab, residence, curfew, S prohibited activity, exclusion. Mode of Trial Prosecution CC CC Name, station and reason for search Osman v DPP vPP vPP Legal aid not available, arbitration fees are Mediation AD expensive, Limited rights of appeal, Delays AD R can occur R Answers Answers Crown Court Magistrate Court Act 1980 PT PT Fast Track Cost, Delays, Complexity, Pressure to settle, CD CD Lack of enforcement. 300 hours Custodial sentence S S Court of Appeal Summary, Triable Either way, Indictable CC CC Misuse of Drugs act 1971 Criminal Justice and Public Order act 1994 vPP vPP Conciliation Arbitration act AD AD R R Answers Answers £5000 12 months PT PT £5000 - £15000 Multi-Track CD CD Murder 30 years S S Magistrates Court Decide verdict CC CC
  4. 4. 12% Arrest vPP vPP 1996 Alternative dispute resolution AD AD R R Answers Answers Report to Police station, curfew, residence at 57% PT names address, surrender passport, surety. PT Lord Woolf Fast Track CD CD Suspended sentence Protects the public, reflect policy of being S S touch on crime 2 Legislature, Executive, Judiciary CC CC S24A Indictable vPP vPP Arbitration Negotiation AD AD R R Answers Answers 30% Crown Prosecution Service PT PT Chancery Division County Court CD CD Overcrowded, expensive, no rehab, majority Discharge S re-offend S 15% Male CC CC 36 hours 48 hours vPP vPP Date, time and place Award AD AD R R Answers Answers Prosecution Magistrate PT PT £5000-£15000 £15000 CD CD Fine Retribution, Rehabilitation, Deterrence, S S Protection of Public, Reparation. 5 years Pupilage CC CC 96 hours Tape record interview, Telephone call, vPP vPP someone informed, legal advisor, appropriate adult if 17 or under. Woolf reforms Co-operate AD AD R R Answers Answers Bail act 1976 Fail to surrender, commit offence whilst on PT PT bail, interfere with witnesses, for own protection. £1000 30 weeks CD CD 12 months Unconditional discharge S S Legal Practice Course Bar Vocational Course CC CC