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  1. 1. Satvir Daroch
  2. 2. ◦ Around 230 county courts most in major towns.◦ Main types of case  Contract and tort  Recovery of land  Partnerships, trusts and inheritance up to £30,000◦ Also have jurisdiction over divorce, bankruptcy, and Race Relations Act 1976◦ Can try small claims, fast track and multi track cases.◦ Around 2 million cases start in the County Court each year but only a small number make it to trial.
  3. 3. ◦ Most cases are settled out of court so cases need not continue.◦ Normally open court and public can attend. Except Children’s Act 1989 cases.◦ More formal so legal representation is used and winner can claim this from loser.◦ Usually Circuit Judges hear these cases but D. Judges can be used for lower value cases.◦ In very limited cases, a jury of 8 can be used.