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Website research health


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Website research health

  1. 1. Faded images in banner showing A colourful title which stands out to the viewer relaxation and no stress. and we are immediately attracted to it. Green background to represent health and nature. A Navigation soothing colour bar for easy to reinforce navigation relaxation. for the visitorThere are links atthe side set outneatly for easyaccess around thewebsite. Image of a tree to reinforce natural Information about health. a healthy lifestyle. Clear text, perhaps could stand out more but fairly easy to read. There is a link to subscribe to the newsletter and it is written in red and bold to attract visitors. This website is extremely simple as few colours are used and it This website is for an older age group as it is fairly simple is fairly plain. For our website, we would like it to look more and not many bright colours are used. The website exciting and perhaps use more photographs and less irrelevant contains a lot of information on the home page and little text. use of photographs. To attract more viewers, more photographs could be used.
  2. 2. The banner and navigation bar is present on every page for easy access to various links. Although it is not the home page, this is the Although not by much, this page is slightly more first page we see and it follows the same theme to the rest of the interesting than the home page as less text is website, with the same colours throughout. included and a few more colours are presented. As on the home page, there is another picture of a tree so represent health and living aImages are health lifestyle. Itplaced also follows theunderneath the theme of green andlinks to show red.what the link isabout. This isan interestingidea and usefulfor the visitor. The background is a pale green again, following the theme of the rest of the website and reinforcing relaxation and health. Links are shown across the bottom of the page clearly to access these useful pages, for example, a ‘contact us’ page or ‘news’.
  3. 3. There are red tabs There are two slogans at the top of the at the top for the website, written in different sizes and useful links, such as colours. This could be because it is a healthy diet, important to eat well to be well. There is a search bar at the top which will be useful of the website (easy for visitors for our health to see) for access around the website. I also website. think it is interesting that the tab that is open presently (the home page in this example) has a Latest news from the white tab with red Food Standards Agency writing, opposite to is in the column at the the other tabs not in side for visitors use. interested and they can also read more news by clicking on ‘More news’ A blog and photograph of Andrew Wadge is also inThe background is the right hand column fora warm yellow, visitors to find out moreperhaps to about science and therepresent FSA.radiance in ahealthy life. Itfades from thetop to the bottomfrom light yellowto a stronger,warmer yellow to There are links foradd effect. telling friends about the website or accessing it through different ways, such as alerts. The FSA logo and link to In a cream box, there are the FSA. several links for easy navigation around the website for the visitor. The main headings are written in red to separate the website into sections for easier access around the Small links for about the website, a contact page etc website. are at the bottom, although it is too small to catch the visitors attention straight away. It is placed at the bottom as this is where viewers scroll and see last. The home page is attractive as not much information is used and it is laid out neatly for easy navigation for the visitor. The use of colours is important as, subconsciously, the yellows and reds are warm colours making us feel attracted to the website and want to improve our health.
  4. 4. Paragraph to introduce the FSA logo. Green to represent health/ page about natural goodness. Health issues tab in health issues. white to show which tab is in use. To search throughout the websiteSeveral linksto healthissues.Easilyaccessibleand clearlypresented. Q&A’s from professionals. Ask questions or read questions and answers from other viewers on food and medical conditions. The background is the same colour as the homepage as the website follows the same theme throughout the website. Several sections on different areas related to health and Some space is left empty, perhaps so the visitor does how to improve certain areas of your life to help live a not get uninterested, and only relevant information is better one. included, as well as photographs to attract the visitor of the website. I find that when photographs are used next to links, the visitor can become more attracted to the website as they help to illustrate the link. However, if too many photographs are used, the website may look too busy and may not be easy to access all pages.