Horizon pictures, the pursuit


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The Pitch

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Horizon pictures, the pursuit

  1. 1. THE PITCHBy Charlie Nolan and Sam Picariello
  2. 2. HORIZON
  4. 4. KEY CHARACTERSSCOTT SPRING - An adolescent school-boy, who gets himself into asituation when he steals an object of great value from the well-knownand connected gang he used to belong to in his London suburb.Scott’s family has recently been evicted from their home and are indesperate need of money. The object is a key piece in allowing Scottto a fortune and a resolution to his problems.JAVIER MENDEZ - The grown-man who operates the gang, employingadolescent and impressionable teenagers to run his illegal and immoralerrands for a share in his fortune. The object has great value to Mendezand it becomes his prerogative to get it back.DAMIEN JOHNSON - One of the more recognised and useful membersof the gang, Damien is part of the duo who will hunt down Scott andretrieve their boss’ item.GREG HEDGER – Damien’s right-hand-man and equally as skilledmember of the gang, he will prove difficult to outrun.
  5. 5. BRIEF OUTLINE OF FILMBEGINNING- Scott leaves his gang and steals the key to a warehousefilled with stashed away money from drug-laundering and variousrobberies etc. The audience don’t know this at this point in the story,the object remains a concealed mystery as he is chased throughoutthe streets. He finds safety and plans his journeys.MIDDLE- The gang are after him and follow him in every direction hegoes, a race against the clock forms as the gang begin to get closerand have some encounters with him where he gets away each time.Tension builds as Scott becomes closer to his fortune, but the gang getcloser and closer to him.END- Reaches the warehouse and finds it to be already occupied bythugs from a different background, who seem to have found thefortune first. Scott cuts his ties with his pursuers and convinces them tojoin him and take down the thugs together and split the money.
  6. 6. TITLE SEQUENCEOur sequence will be a continuity sequence, setting the scene for therest of our film and introducing some of the key characters
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE PROFILEThis is Dave Dave is 16, and enjoys action-thrillers. Dave often watches crimewatch and enjoys the film Taken. He regularly uses twitter and facebook and could see the film advertised here. His favourite pastime is listening to music and seeing his friends. Dave would like the film because all of his favourite films have elements that are explored in our film. He also could relate to the characters what with them being a similar age to him.
  8. 8. INFLUENTIAL SEQUENCES AND FILMSSome sequences that have influenced our film are as follows-CASINO ROYALE- The chase scene in the opening of the film, thisinfluenced massively our chase scene opening.TAKEN- The consistent pursuit theme is something that is eminent in ourfilm throughout the plot of our film.ADULTHOOD/KIDULTHOOD- We took the young gang theme from thesefilms and also some of the setting will resemble that of these films.
  9. 9. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK- Is our storyline exciting enough? Could it become boring?- Are our characters credible enough?- Do we have a large enough target audience?