Trend Report: Interior Design for 2011 and beyond


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Interior Trends for 2011 and beyond: A consumer report and 4 Themes for inspiration

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Trend Report: Interior Design for 2011 and beyond

  1. 1. Interior Trends for 2011 and beyond:A consumer report and 4 Themes for inspirationLaura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Photo: Graphic Design by Matt W. Moore
  2. 2. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessTrend Report: Interiors trends for 2011[An analysis and critique of forecasts for Interior Design in 2011 and beyond]Contents PageIntroduction 3Interior Design + Trends 4A successful forecast? 5Design THEMES for 2011 and beyond 6 T h e m e 1 : S o b e r L u x u r y 8 T h e m e 2 : M i x e d u p 10 T h e m e 3 : H o m e l i f e 12 T h e m e 4 : U t i l i t y R e v i v a l 14INFLUENCES 16What in store for the future?Appendix and credits 19 Page 2Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  3. 3. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessIntroductionTaking an objective view of trends, let alone design, is almost impossible, but anoverview of current and future themes could be a starting point?This was the overriding attitude I wanted to keep in mind throughout the analysesand evaluations contained within this Trend Report.Avoiding the overuse of flighty adjectives bandied about when describing designaesthetics, this report aims to give you real ideas, examples and a rounded view oftrend developments within the interior design industry, focusing on decorativeelements and influences from a wider creative environment.The references, evidence and opinions throughout this document have come fromvisits to UK and European trade shows, design industry seminars and discussions,interviews with designers and artists, marketers, exporters and retail buyers,consultants and public bodies. A list of these is contained in the Appendix. Tektura Ltd, Selected wallcoverings, Detail photos Interiors 2011, NEC Birmingham Page 3Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  4. 4. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessInterior Design + TrendsIt is commonly observed that the evolution of design trends in Interiors, impact at aslower pace to Fashion; and fashion seems to be where many developmentswithin interiors originate.Measured from seed to saturation point; identifying and predicting a trend’ssuccess is the forecasters job.Forecasting how an industry will develop; where designers should be looking forideas and what should be referenced, requires a analytical eye, a professionalbusiness approach and creative mind.Certainly making an impact were the efforts of Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt, Europe’slargest textile fair for home and contract interiors. A team of trend forecasters andpublishers, came together around a ‘Trendtable’ to develop and present keythemes developing within interior furnishings and fabrics. The exhibit and seminarseries aims were to made the manufacturer, supplier and designer think better andsmarter. Reference points are global, wide-reaching and socio-economic. Trends are gathered from an analysis of consumer behaviour patterns, influences and even political movements, with equal influence from developments in technology education and innovation.Reconnect - trend exhibit at Heimtextil, Frankfurt 2011 Page 4Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  5. 5. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessA successful forecast?The Trends exhibition ‘Reconnect’ at Heimtextil this year, was led by LSN:Globaland online consumer news network, a division of Future Laboratory; presented andcurated surprising themes, slick graphics and contemporary attention to details,the overall ‘show’ making even simple fabrics used look cutting-edge. Styling wasthe key, pungent ropes were used to segregate areas of display, linked the themestogether.LSN:Global co-ordination included producting printed materials and visual/videopresentations, led by Caroline Till and Kate Franklin of Running throughout presented concepts, were what Till identified as Macro Trends; those themes that continue through season to season, not simply in design, but through global economics, retail and consumer behaviour. Macro Trends for 2011 and beyond are drivers for seasonal trends; sustainability, promotion of green credentials and reductionism. These can be seen in each theme that follows.ʻReconnectʼ - Trend exhibit - ropes act as divisionsbetween trend theme displays Page 5Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  6. 6. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessDesign THEMES for 2011 and beyondThere are a number of emerging themes in interiors, that can be summed up intoconceptual themes;1 : S o b e r l u x u r y - a return to the original, luxury items should implementsustainability, making use of existing ideas but in a technologically up-to-date way.2 : M i x e d u p - a culture club of technology and craft, a mix of modernexoticism, Orientalism and folklore references. Colour, vibrancy and a clash ofcultural references. Synthetic materials are mixed with re-used plastics.3 : H o m e l i f e - a focus on habitat leads to design that encourages the user tocreate their own interior design; the homemaker becomes their own architect.Products are simple solutions to modern living.4 : U t i l i t y r e v i v a l - similar to sober luxury, this theme references honestyand simplicity in design, use of materials are influenced by the effect of globaldisasters on human behaviour, there is a revived concern for sustainability andnature.ʻReconnectʼ Trend Exhibit, Heimtextil - themes are separated into distinct interior displays. Page 6Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  7. 7. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessReconnect, Trends Exhibit, Heimtextil, Frankfurt 2011 Page 7Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  8. 8. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessTheme 1: Sober Luxury[Good design that doesn’t show off]Description: craftsmanship and timelessness, a classic contemporary approachthat promotes longevity, ‘form follows emotion and function’.This is a warm minimalism. It is a reinterpretation of a high contemporary theme.Iconic + ironic: products are a combination of materials and colour tones.COLOURA neutral natural base palette of soft grey, off-whites, off-set by accents includingmilky raspberry, moss green, soft mink and dusty mint green. A lilac can be addedalong with a deep chocolate brown.TEXTUREThe luxury aspect concerns elements of refracted brocade, wood and ivory,remade classics. Precious materials that dont show off, used in a minimal way.Classic lace is still used, with a contemporary interpretation of ornamentsdemonstrating an expensive kitsch for nouveau rich.Natural, wood grain, soft and smoothed, combined with leather and suedes.Influenced by craftmakers, we see Tromp l’Oile Knits, Tweeds, Brushstrokes asprints. Herringbone and Dogtooth, oversized weaves.PRODUCTNew English ceramics; are solid but refined, traditional items given a new edgyfinish.Lighthouse lamp by Bouroullec brothers for Established and Sons, made frommouth-blown Venetian glass, marble and aluminum.A vintage beaded chair from 1970s, the decade of the moment for fashion. Page 8Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  9. 9. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessCaroline Till of Future Laboratory referenced the ‘Ash’ Kitchen Chair by JonHarrison, made with Beech wood and Corian.This feels like a reinterpretation of modern 20th century design. Ash Chair by Jon HarrisonPLACE1. Ilse Crawford - welsh blankets upholster herrestaurant seating design for ‘The Olde Bell Inn’,near Henley on Thames.2. Rabih Hage - a copper bath shines in abathroome at ‘Rough Luxe’ Hotel, London. 1 2 Page 9Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  10. 10. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessTheme 2: Mixed up[The transcendence of cultures]Here we witness a mix up of elements of design, art, music, film from SouthAmerica, the indigenous populations of far away exotic lands, American Indian,Maori. Upon a closer look - you see a calculated element, the influence ofelectronic or Op art.This is ‘Glocal’ [Global yet Local].It reflects the diversity and global activities of local life, the hyper-local blogger isthe local media outlet. Also influencing the design is the Kitsch and unexpected.Although this trend will have roots in the past, details are effected by innovativeconcepts of Futurism and Bionics; dynamic, elastic design. A concept’s identityshould exist to show it’s authenticity, diverse patterns and warmness of colour.A celebration of freedom and optimism: the consumer becomes an experimentalinvestor.COLOURIntense colour, street influence, entertainment aspect.Neon installations are highlights, Room decor has a 1970’s influence.Rich violet, peacock, fashion colours, matt and shine, touch of gold, blue indigobedding. Caribbean blue, rubber beige Identity shows authenticity, diversepatterns, warm ethnic colours.TEXTURE and PRINTIkat prints and weaves are popular again. Colour blocking - vibrant, exotic florals.American Indian feathers, Bazaars, from Turkmenistan, embroidered ikats, recycled Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Boboissaris made into rugs.This is a ‘modern ethnic’ design, indonesian, reinterpreted graphical patchwork,knit and crotchet, Fashion by Medham Kirchhoff a/w 10.Bright dyed lace, laser cut patterns continue to develop in fabrics; pattens arehistorically based, telling a folkloric story, but with a future twist, executed bydigital design technologies. Page 10Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  11. 11. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessPRODUCTRodrigo Almedia’s Chairs encased in rope in wild colour combinations are specialpieces.Nick Cave, US textile artist’s costume based pieces are crazy embellished art-works.This theme is about having a mix andmatch attitude, using recycled wastematerials to produce new products,materials, fabrics, wall-coverings.Claire-anne O’Brian, Textile designerand RCA graduate, creates playfulsculptural textile furniture, hand-knitting over sized 3D forms. John Cave - Textile artistJean Paul Gaultier for RocheBobois, a menagerie of style,influcenced by 1930’s travelluggage, kitsch chinoiserie.PLACEMedia: Telenovelas of Brazil aresaid to be the New Bollywood.Kitsch and romantic.The flower market barcelona byWilly Mueller Architects is an industrial commercial space, treated with a moderncolourful approach. Page 11Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  12. 12. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessTheme: Homelife[Become the architect of your own home, invent your own interior]Home is your playground. A disjointed family life means the home needs to be ahaven, a restful, multi-functionary place, where the new family unit can interact andsustainably coexist as individuals.Items tell a story about a persons interests.Sustainability, a key important trend, perhaps not yet fully engaged by the industryto the degree that the trend implies. It could still be Work in progress?Access to this can be through embracing the rural world, wilderness, holisticretreats, willow weaving, milling, foraging. A new eco-luxury.COLOURHere colours reflect those found in nature:Terracotta, burnished orange, Yellow ochre, Clay greys and browns. Offset byporcelain cream and dark bronze.TEXTURENatural linens, wool, felt, woven andimperfect organic patterns. Woolsand furs.Raw wood grain, unfinished.Oil, sea water and salt as treatments.Ceramics are basic, robustly madehome accessories that showirregularity and imperfection. Nina Tolstrup - open source crater palette chair Page 12Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  13. 13. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessPRODUCTItems are interactive, nature-based anddemonstrate craft.Jorjawilkinson’s cushions and prints arecolourful, storybook patterns displayingcrafts-woman-ship.Waste woods become side tables, Israelidesign ‘Studio Ubiquo’ recyclesdiscarded hardwood pieces to createnew furniture. Jorjawilkinson Designs - hand screen printed cushions PLACE‘555 Kubic’ by - ‘How would it be if your house wasdreaming?’ This is a digital intervention of architecture, a public art and mediashow by an organization that brings art and urban communications together.See the video at 555 Kubic - by Urban Screen Page 13Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  14. 14. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessTheme 4: Utility Revival[Temporary structures, re-used and collected vintage. Buying fewer, butbetter]This theme is a reaction to a global information overload, and a concern for theenvironment. Retailers and businesses are seen to be swopping aggressivemarketing for simpler, more understated approach - an antidote to consumershaving too much choice. This trend can be easilytaken into the home, home-office or commercialinterior.Results are modular flexible design solutions.Consumers are embracing reductionism.Stripping back to utilitarianism; Hiking and fishingare in fashion. Masterpiece Rucksack - japanese luxury utility apparelCOLOURNeutral. lemon yellow. monochromatic. Wellington boot green colour. Landrovergreen. Clay mud and moss green and Denim Blue. TEXTUREWood flannel. Over-scale knit weaving. Felts, flannels. Denim, dark and strong.Stitch and binding is in the details.Close-weave fabrics, mixed materials, synthetic and natural mixes that offer betterdurability. Netting and ribbing, parachute silks, Quilting.Walls are bare, if not sparsely decorated. Page 14Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  15. 15. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessPRODUCTFashion and accessories produce good examples of this trend; Master PieceBags, japanese design.Dipped rubber - bag by Oscar Diaz, combines simple canvas straps with rubber tomake a strong shopping carrier.Lighting; the Bell light by Sebastian Herkner, a talented young product designer.PLACEA pop-up Hotel and Conference facility - ‘Motel out of the Blue’, by Maartje Drosand Francois Lombarts. A temporary interior, using construction materials likescaffolding to create beds and furniture, part of a symposium debating InstantUrbanism and Hospitality in Amsterdam.Grand Cafe Usine, Eindhoven by BearandBunny design agency, a brilliantindustrial conversion, is located in former Phillips lightbulb factory. Grand Cafe Usine by BearandBunny Page 15Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  16. 16. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessINFLUENCESCollaborations again.Along with the running theme of sustainability, there is a need to demonstrate thevalue of involving the designer in a collaboration, in terms of finish, detail andlongevity.Whereas in the past, ‘Star-chitects’ or high-profile designers have been involvedwith brands at a stage in order to polish up an existing product line, or addedkudos to a brand’s image, we now see involvement from the beginnings of aproject.Luxury items are continuing as a ‘macro’ trend, though now having easy access,with value for money for your purchase are added to the deal. A products effecton the environment, or the development of ‘luxe’ elements that consumer is willingto pay for, are considerations for product developers.Textiles reflect this in wool blend applications, using silk, alpaca, cashmere, linenmixes. The value of investment is demonstrated in finishes that elongate the life ofthe garment.In furniture, we see designers striving to produce ‘future-ready’ product, collectorspieces of the 22nd century.Anne Marie Commandeur offered Patricia Urquiola’s ‘Silver Lake’ Chair for Moroso,and the successful partnershipbetween Italian designer PaolaNavone and Porcelain producerReichenbach, as examples ofsuch future-classic products.The ‘Taste’ collection; a bluecolour has been applied tosculpted edges in a softpainterly way, onto dishes thatseem to reference antiquesilverware in shape. Taste Blue collection by Paola Navone for Reichenbach Page 16Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  17. 17. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessThe importance of valued luxury is possibly a signal that businesses as well asconsumers want value for investment, but also, a sign that a designersinvolvement from seeding through to merchandising, will help produce a betterrounded product?As for interiors, fully embracing a collaborative collective effort with a designer, thisis yet to happen.Commandeur believes a drop in quality over recent times needs to be addressedby the fabric, furniture or lighting producer. 1Competition can no longer be fought out through price, but through generation ofa story and customer experience through manufacture, materials, design.Critical success is to be achieved by identifying your product as a ‘nice to have’ or‘must have’ items, those design purchases that are not necessarily ‘needed’ but arepowerful and emotionally stirring, and tailoring your communications and brandingaround this. 2What in store for the future?The economic challenges of 2009-2010are abating to reveal a renewed optimismin design; and by adding value toconcepts, products and communications,businesses are seeing an uptake inactivity.“Success is to be found by creating anew profile that shows innovation anddaring creativity.” Anne Marie Commandeur. 3A strong advocate of collaborations andcollections, Commandeur feels it is anexciting time for consumers and an openminded and externally looking approachshould be adopted by businesses tostimulate growth. Iris Van Herpen, Autumn Winter 2010 collection, intricate leather is cut and shaped to form futuristic supple fashion. 1 ,3 Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlinstituut, Amsterdam (Seminar at Heimtextil 2011, Frankfurt)2 Peter Cross - Yellowdoor Agency (Seminar at Interiors 2011, Birmingham) Page 17Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  18. 18. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessDesign businesses that acknowledge the challenges to be faced, can learn fromsuccessful brands that are aware that the universal shopper or client has gonethrough fundamental changes.Peter Cross of Yellowdoor agency, a retail development consultancy working withbrands such as Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, says that the retail consumer’s mindset isdifferent as a result of global, economic and digital changes. She will shop on theHigh Street, the Farmers Market, the designer Boutique, the online Specialist andIndependent label.To conclude, the design industry needs to address how their products reach out totheir new consumers, providing them with a sense of empowerment throughpurchase, value and story. Himmeli Light by Paul Loebach is based on traditional nordic straw decorations. 44 ʻNY Local by Designboomʼ May 2009 Page 18Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  19. 19. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessAppendix and creditsSeminars attended:Heimtextil 2011, FrankfurtCaroline Till and Kate Franklin, Future Laboratory - LSN Globalwww.thefuturelaboratory.comMayouri Sengchanh - Exalis GmbH, Carlin Internationalwww.carlin-international.comAnne Marie Commandeur - Stijlinstituut, Amsterdamwww.stijlinstituut.nlGottfried Pank, Mode...Information GmbHwww.modeinfo.comJennifer Castoldi, Trendeasewww.trendease.comMilou Ketwww.milouket.comInteriors 2011Peter Cross, YellowDoor Agencywww.yellow-door.comInterviews:Angela Patterson, Marketing Director - Tektura WallcoveringsJustyna Zadykowicz, Export Manager - Vescom B.V.Georgia Wilkinson - Jorjawilkinson designsPatternLab - Aalto University, Textile Design Department initiativewww.patternlab.fiCreditsPhoto Creditspage 3 - Tektura Wallcoverings, EcoFeeling, Shadows on the Wall, Detail shots from BCU student, Tektura and MixPublications Stand, Interiors 2011, NEC Birmingham from CW Photographypage 4 - Reconnect Trend Exhibit,, Heimtextil 2011, Laura Pollardpage 5 - Reconnect Trend Exhibit, Heimtextil 2011, Laura Pollardpage 7 - Reconnect Trend Exhibit, Heimtextil 2011, Laura Pollardpage 9 - Ash Chair, Jon Harrison, photo Jon Sneddonpage 9 - Ilse Crawford, The Olde Bell Inn, 10 - Rough Luxe Hotel, 11 - John Cave, Textile Artist, 11 - Jean Paul Gaultier Roche Bobois Wardrobe, 12 - Nina Tolstrup, Crater Palette Chair, Photo: Stine Raaruppage 13 - Jorjawilkinson Designs, Cushions, Photo: Georgia Wilkinsonpage 13 - 555Kubic by urban screen, 14 - Masterpiece Rucksack, 15 - Grand Cafe Usine, Bear and Bunny, www.bearandbunny.compage 16 - Taste Blue by Reichenbach, www.tabulatua.compage 17 - Iris Van Herpen, www.ftape.compage 18 Himmeli Light, Paul Loebach, New York Local by Designboom, May 09, Page 19Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web:
  20. 20. Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative BusinessTheme 1: Sober LuxuryColours: RAL reference system, Predictions from Reconnect, HeimtextilTexture: Knot Garden, colour Peat, Melyn Tregwynt, Photo: Melyn Tregwynt Contact: Schaffer Residence, Architect John Lautner, Photographer: unknownPlace: The Olde Bell Inn, near Henley on Thames. Design by Ilse Crawford, Photo: Rope details, photo from Heimtextil, Photographer: L PollardProduct: Lighthouse Lamp, Bouroullec for Established and Sons, Photo: BouroullecProduct: Vix Plate, from Lepidoptera Range, by the New English, Photo: The New English. Contact: Paul 2: Mixed UpColours: RAL reference system, Predictions from Reconnect, HeimtextilTexture: ‘Crystals and Lasers’ graphic design by Matt W. Moore – MWM Graphics Contact: http://mwmgraphics.comTexture: ‘Luce’ fabric in Hot Pink, Madeline Weinrib Atelier. Photo and Contact: www.madelineweinrib.comTexture: Autumn Winter 2010 collection by Meadham Kirchhoff Photo: www.fashioneditoratlarge.blogspot.comContact: http://www.meadhamkirchhoff.comProduct: Knitted Stool, Claire-ann O’Brian Photo and Contact: www.claireanneobrien.comProduct: ‘Oxum’ Chair, Rodrigo Almeida, Photo: Marcos Cimardi Contact: www.rodrigoalmeidadesign.comPlace: Flower Market, Barcelona, Willy Mueller Architects, Photo: Contact: www.willy-muller.comTheme 3: HomelifeColours: RAL reference system, Predictions from Reconnect, HeimtextilTexture: ‘Wilderness’ at ‘Reconnect’ Heimtextil 2011, Frankfurt, Photo: Laura Pollard, Contact: www.laurakatri.comTexture: ‘Sobriety’ at ‘Reconnect’ Heimtextil 2011, Frankfurt, Photo: Laura Pollard, Contact: www.laurakatri.comProduct: ‘Plumen’ by Hulger, Photo: Tom Mannion, Contact: ‘Vaeterverk’ Teapot by Maaike Roozenburg for Moooi, Photo: unknown Contact: www.moooi.comProduct: ‘Stump’ Stool by Ubiquo Studio, Photo: Sahar Tamir Contact: MT masking tape, Kamoi Kakoshi Co Ltd, Photo: Laura Pollard, Contact: 4: Utility RevivalColours: RAL reference system, Predictions from Reconnect, HeimtextilTexture: Vescom upholstery fabrics, Vescom BV, Photo: Laura Pollard, Contact: www.vescom.comProduct: ‘Bell’ pendent lights, Sebastian Herkner, Photo and Contact: www.sebastianherkner.comProduct: Parachute Jacket, Christopher Raeburn, Photo and Contact: ‘Silver Lake’ Chair, Patricia Uriquiola for Moroso, Photo and Contact: www.moroso.itProduct: ‘Wireframe’ shopping Bag, Oscar Diaz, Photo and Contact: www.oscar-diaz.netPlace: ‘Out of the Blue’ Motel, Maartje Dros and Francois Lombarts, Photo and Contact: unknown. Page 20Laura Katriina PollardConsultancy for Creative Business Email: Phone: +44 (0)7803607637 Web: