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Brand prism of Whats app


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Published in: Business
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Brand prism of Whats app

  1. 1. BRAND PRISM Presented By, Aravind Uppala 122 Dasari Pradeep 126 Sangam Lalsiva Raju 138 Rajesh Mishra 151 Ankit Narula
  2. 2. WHATS APP BRAND PRISM  Physique- Logo signifies the chat Name signifies – knowing the latest news, doing at the moment Real time messaging  Personality- Innovative , Extend the self (comfort), SMS alternative  Culture- Innovative, Expressive, Building the network
  3. 3. Contd.,  Reflected User- Smartphone user, tech savvy , youth  Self-Image- Stay connected all the time being economical  Relationship- Friendship